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Trouble Shooting - Siemens BV830EN.1B Instruction Manual

Vacuuming drawer.
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3Trouble shooting

Faults often have simple explanations. Before you call
T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g
our after-sales service, please read the information in
the table below.
The : symbol will appear
after a few seconds.
The : symbol will appear
after the pump has been run-
ning for 2 minutes.
The vacuum-sealing process
will not start. The
Start symbol does not appear
even though the lid is closed.
If you try to operate the appli-
ance several times in succes-
sion, the vacuum-sealing
process seems to run as nor-
mal but the bag is not heat-
The vacuum-sealing process
is taking longer and longer.
After the drying cycle has
ended, the appliance is dis-
playing the ¢ and :
The vacuum cannot be cre-
ated properly.
It is taking too long to create a
vacuum. Your selected vac-
uum-sealing level cannot be
The appliance is not detecting
the lid.
Any repair work must only be carried out by
qualified experts. Incorrect repairs to your appliance
may present considerable risks for the user.
The glass lid has not been closed prop-
The seal on the glass lid is not fitted
properly or is defective.
The seal on the glass lid has deformed.
The lid on the external vacuum-sealing
container has not been closed properly.
The external vacuum-sealing connection
is not positioned correctly on the vac-
uum-sealing chamber's air outlet.
As the temperature rises, liquids begin to
boil. At this point, the process of creating
a vacuum stops.
The door switch on the glass lid is miss-
ing or is not being detected by the appli-
The thermal switch on the heat-sealing
transformer has been triggered.
There is too much moisture in the pump
The pump system is extremely hot.
One drying cycle alone was not suffi-
Trouble shooting
Possible remedy
Open and close the glass lid again.
When doing so, lightly press on the glass
lid for the first few seconds.
Check the seal.
Gently press the seal to straighten it out.
Check the position of the vacuum-seal-
ing lid. Only use suitable vacuum-sealing
Check the position of the external vac-
uum-sealing connection.
Only vacuum-seal cold liquids.
If the vacuum-sealing chamber is wet,
wipe it dry.
Heat-seal the vacuum-sealing bag early if
large bubbles form.
Select a lower vacuum-sealing level.
Call the after-sales service.
Allow the appliance to cool for at least
10 minutes. Then try again.
Allow the appliance to cool for at least
2 minutes between vacuum-sealing
The appliance monitors the vacuum-
sealing as it progresses. If too much liq-
uid is retained in the pump oil, the
¢ symbol will appear. Initiate drying.
Allow the appliance to cool and then try
Wait until the : symbol is no longer lit
up. Then start another drying cycle.


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