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Siemens BV830EN.1B Instruction Manual

Vacuuming drawer.
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Vacuuming drawer
Instruction manual


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  • Page 1

    Vacuuming drawer BV830EN.1B Instruction manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Technical specifications ..... . . 14 Produktinfo Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at and in the online shop

  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Intended use 8Intended use (Important safety information Read these instructions carefully. Only then will you be I n t e n d e d u s e able to operate your appliance safely and correctly. Warning – Risk of burns! Retain the instruction manual and installation i n f o r m a t i o n I m p o r t a n t s a f e t y...

  • Page 5: Causes Of Damage

    Causes of damage ]Causes of damage 7Environmental protection Environmentally-friendly disposal Caution! C a u s e s o f d a m a g e t e c t i o n E n v i r o n m e n t a l p r o Check the appliance for damage before each use.

  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Getting to know your appliance *Getting to know your appliance In the vacuuming drawer, you can vacuum food in y o u r a p p l i a n c e G e t t i n g t o k n o w suitable bags and containers.

  • Page 7: Opening And Closing

    Operating the appliance Opening and closing 1Operating the appliance Press on the middle of the drawer to open or close it. Switch the appliance on and off The drawer will spring out gently when you open it. You p l i a n c e O p e r a t i n g t h e a p can then easily pull it out.

  • Page 8

    Operating the appliance Touch the » symbol to select a heat-sealing time. Tightly close the glass lid and hold it there. Touch the Start symbol to start the vacuum-sealing process. The vacuum-sealing process will now start. The vacuum-sealing level indicators will flash blue one after the other until the value you selected has been reached.

  • Page 9: Vacuuming In The Container

    Operating the appliance Cancelling the vacuuming process Cancelling the vacuuming process When air is being extracted from the bag, touch the When air is being extracted from the bag, touch the Stop symbol to cancel the process early. Stop symbol to cancel the process early. The appliance displays the vacuuming level until it is The appliance displays the vacuuming level until it is reached.

  • Page 10: Settings Table And Tips

    Settings table and tips Food should be vacuumed at most one day before it is JSettings table and tips cooked. This is the only way to prevent the escape of gases from the food (e.g. from vegetables) which inhibit the transfer of heat, or to prevent the texture of the food Vacuum for sous-vide cooking n d t i p s S e t t i n g s t a b l e a...

  • Page 11

    Settings table and tips Recommended settings When stored appropriately, vacuumed food remains Notes fresh for significantly longer. At higher vacuuming Only use fresh food. Check the quality of the food ■ levels, the quality, appearance and ingredients of the before vacuuming it. food are better preserved.

  • Page 12: Cleaning

    Cleaning Sealing bar DCleaning Remove the remaining film from the sealing bar. Never use abrasive cleaning agents to clean the sealing Only clean the appliance when it has been switched off. C l e a n i n g bar. Use a soft cloth. Ensure that the sealing bar in the vacuuming chamber The sealing baris not suitable for dishwashers.

  • Page 13: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Any repair work must only be carried out by Note: 3Trouble shooting qualified experts. Incorrect repairs to your appliance may present considerable risks for the user. Faults often have simple explanations. Before you call T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g our after-sales service, please read the information in the table below.

  • Page 14: Customer Service

    Customer service Fault Error Causes Possible remedy The vacuum in the plastic bag The bag is defective. Sharp parts of the food (for example Check the bag for damage. Use a differ- is not retained. bones) may poke holes in the bag. ent bag if it is damaged.

  • Page 16

    *9001274739* 9001274739 970419...

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