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Acer Aspire L series User Manual

Aspire l series personal computer
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Aspire L series
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 Aspire L series User's Guide...
  • Page 2 Serial number: ___________________________________ Purchase date: ___________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________ Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Inc. Other companies' product names or trademarks are used herein for identification purposes only and belong to their respective companies.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    System tour Front panel Rear panel System features Performance Multimedia Connectivity System peripherals Wireless keyboard with built-in pointing device Remote control Setting up your computer Necessary to know before setup Selecting a location Opening the package Connecting peripherals Starting your computer Shutting down your computer ®...
  • Page 4 Remark: All images are for reference purposes only. Actual configuration may vary.
  • Page 5: System Tour

    System tour Your computer consists of the following: Front panel Item Optical drive eject button Power button 4 USB 2.0 ports Rear panel Item PS/2 mouse port S-video out 6-pin IEEE 1394 port S/PDIF out Line-in jack Antenna-in Item Slot-loading optical drive Front-access cover 4-pin IEEE 1394 port Item...
  • Page 6: System Features

    System features Performance • AMD Athlon64 (FX) socket-939 processor • DDR-SDRAM PC3200, expandable to a maximum of 4 GB • Power management functionality • Slot-loading DVD/CD writer • High-capacity SATA HDD • Supports USB 2.0 high-performance peripherals Multimedia • Stereo-surround audio system via onboard audio controller •...
  • Page 7: System Peripherals

    System peripherals The Aspire L series computer consists of the system itself and system peripherals, like input devices or a set of speakers (optional). This section provides a brief description of basic system peripherals. Wireless keyboard with built-in pointing device The wireless keyboard provides all the functionality of a standard keyboard and includes a built-in pointing device.
  • Page 8: Setting Up Your Computer

    Setting up your computer The Aspire L series is a versatile and powerful system, supporting an AMD CPU. The computer uses a state-of-the-art bus architecture, which improves system efficiency and helps the system support varied multimedia and software applications. Your Aspire L series has standard I/O (input/output) interfaces such as a parallel port, PS/2 ports, USB ports, IEEE 1394 ports, microphone, stereo line-in and line-out jacks.
  • Page 9: Connecting Peripherals

    Ensure that all items are present and in good condition. If any of the following items are missing or appear damaged, contact your dealer immediately: • Aspire L series system • Wireless keyboard with built-in pointing device • Remote control •...
  • Page 10: Using Microsoft ® Windows ® Xp Media Center Edition

    ® Using Microsoft Media Center Edition Getting started There are two ways to open Windows Use your mouse to open the Start menu by clicking on the start icon in the bottom left hand of your Windows desktop. Then select Media Center from the Start menu or from your list of programs.
  • Page 11 Navigate to select the name of the recording you wish to watch, then press Play. Play DVDs Your Acer Media Center Edition PC has all the functionality of a conventional DVD player. My Pictures Using My Pictures you can create a slide show to view your favorite photos or burn a disk of your holiday snaps to send to your relatives.
  • Page 12: Help And Support

    Help and support Answers to many of your questions can be found in the help section. To open the Help section: Start up Media Center and then select Settings (by pressing More on your remote or right-clicking the mouse) Select the Help option, then choose what kind of help you need. Setting up your computer...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following are possible situations that may arise during the use of your computer, and each is followed by simple answers and solutions. Q: I pressed the power switch but the system did not boot up. A: Check the LED located around the power switch. If the LED is not lit, no power is being applied to the system.
  • Page 14 Q: No sound comes out of the speakers. A: Check the following: • The volume may be muted. Look for the Volume icon on the taskbar. If it is crossed-out, click on the icon and deselect the mute option. You can also press the volume control/mute knob on your USB keyboard to toggle the mute function.
  • Page 15: Taking Care Of Your Computer

    Taking care of your computer Please read the instructions listed in this section. Following these instructions will help you maximize the durability of your computer. Important tips • Do not place other equipement on top of the computer. • Do not block system ventilation. •...
  • Page 16: Cleaning And Servicing

    If the computer is not operating normally. Asking for technical assistance For technical assistance, contact your local dealer or distributor. You may also access the Acer Web site ( for information on how and where to contact the service centers available in your area.
  • Page 17: Declaration Of Conformity For Eu Countries

    Declaration of conformity for EU countries Acer hereby declares that this personal computer is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Notice: Shielded cables All connections to other computing devices must be made using shielded cables to maintain compliance with FCC regulations.
  • Page 18 This product should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat register, or in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided. This product should be operated from the type of power indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power available, consult your dealer or local power company.
  • Page 19: Lithium Battery Statement

    Avoid using a telephone line (other than the cordless type) during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. Regarding the standards of workstation regulations, do not place the model in the visual field of the user, because of the glossy front of the case. Lithium battery statement CAUTION Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
  • Page 20: Laser Compliance Statement

    Laser compliance statement The CD or DVD drive used with this computer is a laser product. The CD or DVD drive's classification label (content shown below) is located on the drive. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT CAUTION: INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION WHEN OPEN. AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM.
  • Page 21: Declaration Of Conformity For Ce Marking

    EN61000-4-8: 1993/A1: 2001 AS/NZS 61000.4.8: 2002 EN61000-4-11: 1994/A1: 2001 AS/NZS 61000.4.11: 1999 Standard EN61000-3-2: 2000 AS/NZS 61000.3.2: 2003 Acer Inc. 8F, 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd. Hsichih, Taipei Hsien 221 Taipei, Taiwan Personal computer Aspire series Description Electrostatic discharge...
  • Page 22 (CTR21) for pan-European single terminal connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). We, Acer Inc., hereby declare that the equipment bearing the trade name and model number specified above was tested conforming to the applicable rules under the most accurate measurement standards...

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