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If Det(A) = 0 (determinant) the system will be singular (self
contradictory or indefinite). This is stated as "Self contradic-
tory" or the solution will given in terms of one ore more of
the unknowns (indefinite). Example:
{x,y,z} = {x,2*x-l,x-4}
The value of x is arbitrary so there is an infinite number of
If the system is underdetermined (too few equations), the so-
lution will b e given in the idefinite form. If the system is over-
determined (too many equations) the solution will be given
in the indefinite form if the equations are lineary dependent
or as "Self contradictory" if they are lineary independent.
The solution algorithm is the Gauss elimination. If PartAns
Y(es) is selected, the different stages in the process will be
given as matrices on the stack which may be viewed by using
the MATW option (LIBRARY). The coefficient matrix and
the right side vector are assembled in one matrix (B is the
rightmost column).
^- L
2. Linear algebra


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