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Philips 32PFS5362 User Manual Page 45

5362 series full hd smart led-tv.
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1 - Press  Home > Utilities >  Smart TV .
2 - On the start page, select an App icon and
press OK.
In an App, press  BACK to go back 1 step or page.
Close an App
To close an App and return to the Smart TV start
page, press  Smart TV .
Reload an App page
If an App page did not load properly,
press  OPTIONS and select Reload to reload
the page.
To zoom in on an App page . . .
1 - Press  OPTIONS and select Zoom page.
2 - Use the slider bar to set the zoom level.
3 - Return to normal view by resetting the slider bar.
View security info
You can check the security level of an App page.
On an App page, press  OPTIONS and
select Security info. If a lock  is shown next to the
loading animation on the bottom of the screen while
loading a page, the transfer is secured.
Feedback on an App
Select the App and press
'like' or 'don't like' button and send a suggestion or
remark to us. You can also report an App malfunction.
Manage your Apps
In the list of Apps on the Smart TV start page you can
. . .
• Remove an App
To remove an App from the list, select the App icon
and press
Remove . The App is still available in
the App gallery.
• Move an App
To reposition an App in the list, select the App icon,
Move and use the arrow keys to reposition
the App. Press OK to confirm the position.
• Manage an App
To manage an App from the list, select the App icon
and press
Manage .
App gallery
Open the App gallery in Smart TV to browse the
Apps, the collection of tailored websites for TV.
Find the App for YouTube videos, a national
newspaper, an online photo album, etc. There are
Apps to rent a video from an online video store and
Apps for watching programmes you missed. If the
App gallery does not hold what you are looking for,
Feedback to select a
try the World Wide Web and surf the Internet on TV.
Rental video Apps
With the video store Apps in Smart TV, you can rent
your favourite movie from an online rental video
store. You can pay securely with your credit card.
Rent a movie
1 - Open a Video store App in your list of Apps or
select a recommended video on the Smart TV start
2 - Select a movie.
3 - Make the online payment.
4 - Start watching. You can use the  (Play)
and  (Pause) keys.
Most Video stores ask you to create a login account.
Streaming video
With this TV, you can watch rental movies sent as a
streaming video format. You can almost instantly
watch the movie. You might need a USB Hard Drive to
store some video buffer. If you have a USB Hard
Drive connected, you can also download rental
movies from video stores that offer movie
downloading only. You can pause or restart a
downloaded rental movie. Consult the video store
regarding the rental duration of rental movies.
Internet traffic
Streaming or downloading many videos may exceed
your monthly Internet traffic limit.
Online TV
With the Online TV App on the Smart TV start page*,
you can watch TV programmes you missed or watch
programmes whenever it suits you best.
Open Online TV
To open the Online TV App . . .
1 - Press  Smart TV .
2 - On the start page, select the  Online TV icon
and press OK.
3 - Select a programme on the page and
press OK to start watching. You can use
the  (Play) and  (Pause) keys.
List per broadcaster
To view the Online TV programmes ordered by
broadcaster, press
Select a broadcaster and press OK.
* If available in your region.
All broadcasters .


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