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  • Page 2 Note on DualDiscs WARNING A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which mates DVD recorded material on one side with digital audio material on To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the the other side. However, since the audio ventilation opening of the apparatus with material side does not conform to the newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Guide to parts and controls ..... 4 Additional Information Troubleshooting .........25 Getting Started Messages ..........31 Hooking up the system securely ..9 Precautions ...........33 Setting the clock ........11 Specifications ........34 Operations Playing a CD/MP3 disc .....12 Listening to the radio .......13 Before using the USB device with this system ..........15 Transferring music from a disc to a...
  • Page 4: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls This manual mainly explains operations using the remote, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on the unit having the same or similar names. Main Unit...
  • Page 5   / (on/standby) button + (select folder) button Press to turn on or off the system. (page 12, 19, 20) Press to select a folder.   Remote sensor  (stop) button  Press to stop playback or transferring. FUNCTION button ...
  • Page 6    (select folder) button (USB) port Connect an optional USB device. (page 12, 19, 20) Press to select a folder.   PHONES jack REC TO USB button (page 17) Connect the headphones. Press to transfer music from a disc to the ...
  • Page 7 Remote  REPEAT/FM MODE button (page 12, 13, 19) Press to listen to a disc, a USB device, a single track or file repeatedly. Press to select the FM reception mode (monaural or stereo).  TUNER/BAND button Press to select the TUNER function. Press to select FM or AM reception mode.
  • Page 8   + (select folder) button USB button Press to select the USB function. (page 12, 19, 20) Press to select a folder.   CD button Press to select the CD function. VOLUME +/ button Press to adjust the volume. ...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started Hooking up the system securely  FM lead antenna (Extend it horizontally.)  Speaker cord (Red/)  AM loop antenna  Speaker cord (Black/)  To wall outlet  To left speaker  To right speaker  Continued...
  • Page 10: Attaching The Speaker Pads

     Antennas Attaching the speaker pads Find a location and an orientation that provide good reception, and then set up Attach the supplied speaker pads to the the antennas. bottom of the front speakers to prevent Keep the antennas away from the speaker slipping.
  • Page 11: Setting The Clock

    Inserting batteries Setting the clock Slide and remove the battery Use buttons on the remote to set the compartment lid, and insert the two clock. supplied R6 (size AA) batteries,  side first, matching the polarities shown Turn on the system. below.
  • Page 12: Operations

    Other operations Operations Press Pause playback  (or  on the Playing a CD/MP3 disc unit). To resume play, press the button again. . Stop playback Select the CD function. Select a folder +/ repeatedly. Press CD (or FUNCTION on an MP3 repeatedly).
  • Page 13: Listening To The Radio

    Notes on playing MP discs Listening to the radio  Do not save other types of files or unnecessary folders on a disc that has MP3 files. Select “TUNER FM” or “TUNER  Folders that have no MP3 files are skipped. AM.
  • Page 14: Presetting A Radio Station

    Presetting a radio station To call up a preset radio station, press TUNING MODE repeatedly until “PRESET” appears, and then Use buttons on the remote to preset stations. press +/ repeatedly to select the desired preset number. Tune in the desired station. Press TUNER MEMORY to select the tuner memory mode.
  • Page 15: Before Using The Usb Device With This System

    255 (including the “ROOT” and “MUSIC” folders, and For customers in Latin America: excluding empty folders). <> These numbers may vary depending on the For customers in other countries/regions: file and folder structure. Do not save other <>...
  • Page 16: Transferring Music From A Disc To A Usb Device

    Press / repeatedly to select Transferring music a memory number. Proceed to step 6 if only one memory from a disc to a USB can be selected. device To cancel this operation, press . Press ENTER. You can connect an optional USB device to the (USB) port on the unit and Note on selecting the playback...
  • Page 17 Select the CD function. Start transferring. Press CD (or FUNCTION Press ENTER. repeatedly). Transferring starts. When using CD SYNC Place a disc. When the transfer is completed, access to the USB device and the CD Set the USB device to stand by player stop automatically.
  • Page 18 Notes Press / repeatedly to select  When transferring music from a CD, the “ERASE, ” and then press ENTER. tracks are transferred as 128 kbps MP3 files. “TRACK ERASE” or “FOLDER When transferring music from an MP3 disc, ERASE” appears in the display. MP3 files are transferred with the same bit To cancel the erase operation, press .
  • Page 19: Playing A File Of The Usb Device

    Other operations Playing a file of the Press USB device Pause playback  (or  on the unit). To resume play, press the button again*. You can listen to music stored in the USB . Stop playback device. The audio formats that can be played Select a folder +/...
  • Page 20: Creating Your Own Program (program Play)

    Note on Repeat Play Creating your own “REP” indicates that all audio files on a USB device are repeated until you stop playback. program Note on shuffle play mode (Program Play) When you turn off the system, the selected shuffle play mode (“SHUF” or “ SHUF”) is cleared and the play mode returns to normal Use buttons on the remote to create your...
  • Page 21: Using Optional Audio Components

    Program the selected track or Using optional audio file. components Press ENTER to enter the selected track or file. Prepare the sound source. “ . ” appears when the total Connect additional audio component program time exceeds 100 minutes to the PC IN jack on the unit using an for a CD or when you select an MP3 audio analog cord (not supplied).
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Sound

    Adjusting the sound Changing the display Press Press Generate a DSGX on the unit. Change DISPLAY repeatedly more dynamic information on when the system is sound the display* turned on. (Dynamic Change DISPLAY repeatedly Sound Display mode when the system is Generator (See below.) turned off.
  • Page 23: Using The Timers

    Notes on the display information Using the timers  Characters that cannot be displayed appear as “_”.  The following are not displayed: The system offers two timer functions. If  total playing time for an MP3 disc and you use both timers, the Sleep Timer has USB device priority.
  • Page 24 To check the setting Set the play timer. Press CLOCK/TIMER SELECT, press Press / repeatedly to select / repeatedly until “PLAY SEL” “PLAY SET,” and then press ENTER. appears, and then press ENTER. “ON TIME” appears, and the hour indication flashes. To cancel the timer Repeat the same procedure as above until Set the time to start playback.
  • Page 25: Additional Information

     Remove any obstacles between the the system. If the issue persists, contact remote and the remote sensor on the your nearest Sony dealer. unit, and position the unit away from fluorescent lights.  Point the remote at the system’s sensor.
  • Page 26 CD/MP3 player USB device The sound skips, or the disc will not You cannot start transferring to a play. USB device.  Wipe the disc clean, and replace it.  The following problems may have occurred.  Move the system to a location away ...
  • Page 27 USB device may deal with this problem. If the problem be broken. Refer to the USB device persists, contact your nearest Sony operation manual for how to deal with dealer. this problem. If the problem persists, contact your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 28 Thus, we recommend following these There is no sound. guidelines.  The USB device is not connected  Total folders on USB device: 100 or correctly. Turn off the system and less reconnect the USB device, then turn on the system and check if “USB ...
  • Page 29 USB cable to avoid picking up noise.  The file is a video file.  Consult your nearest Sony dealer if the  The data is not stored in MP3/WMA/ supplied AM antenna has come off the AAC format.
  • Page 30 To improve tuner reception To reset the system to factory settings Turn off the CD player/USB device power If the system still does not operate by using the system’s power management properly, reset the system to factory function. By default, the CD player/USB settings.
  • Page 31: Messages

    FOLDER FULL Messages The number of folders on the USB device has reached the maximum. One of the following messages may FULL appear or flash in the front panel display You tried to program more than 25 tracks during operation. or files (steps).
  • Page 32 NoDEVICE READING No USB device is connected or the  The system is reading information connected USB device has been stopped. of the disc. Some buttons are not available. OVER  The system is recognizing the USB You have reached the end of the disc device.
  • Page 33: Precautions

    Notes on discs Precautions  Before playing, wipe the disc with a cleaning cloth from the centre out to the edge. Discs that this system CAN play  Do not clean discs with solvents, such  Audio CD as benzine, thinner, or commercially ...
  • Page 34: Specifications

     If the system is brought directly Specifications from a cold to a warm location or is placed in a very damp room, moisture may condense on the lens inside the Main unit CD player, and cause the system to malfunction.
  • Page 35 CD player section Front Speaker (SS-EC59) System: Speaker system: Compact disc and digital audio 2-way 2-driver speaker system, Bass system reflex Laser Diode Properties Speaker unit: Emission Duration: Continuous Woofer: 130 mm, cone type Laser Output*: Less than 44.6µW Tweeter: 40 mm, horn type * This output is the value Rated impedance: 6 Ω...

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