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Philips SOPHO IPC 100 User Manual

System and display phone
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The Advanced IP-PBX Communication Solution
System and Display phone
User Guide



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  • Page 1 The Advanced IP-PBX Communication Solution System and Display phone User Guide...
  • Page 2: Overview

    Before using Your Telephone… Thank you for purchasing the SOPHO IPC 100 system. The telephone described in this manual should only be connected to a SOPHO IPC 100 system by means of the installation cables that come with the equipment.
  • Page 3: For Your Convenience

    Idle=Off, Busy=lit. This is known as Busy Lamp Field (BLF) indication. When storing an outside telephone number, the Trunk Access Code (normally 9) must be added to the start of the number. Up to 36 digits can be stored.
  • Page 4 Applicable to IPC 100 display Phones only. Entering a Name into an Abbreviated Dialling Bin When entering a name, use the Dial Pad Keys on your telephone to enter letters as shown below. For example, press the “2” key once for “A”, twice for “B”, etc…...
  • Page 5: Placing An Outside Call

    Pressing CALL key after dialling an extension number is also possible. Your call will ring or voice-announce. If you hear ringing, wait for an answer. If you hear a beep, begin speaking. Dialling “1” changes voice/ring mode (where the destination is an IPC 100 Telephone). Telephone Number...
  • Page 6: Placing Calls Quickly

    Using One-Touch Keys <Outside/Intercom Calls> One-Touch / DSS Key The Telephone / Extension Number shall be pre-registered to a One-Touch / DSS Key (refer to Page 2). Trunk Access Code (Dial “0”) should be added as the first digit of the Telephone Number.
  • Page 7 <Camp On> For Intercom Call, when you hear ringing, wait for the called party to answer. For Trunk Queuing, when you hear Dial Tone, begin dialling the telephone number. <Callback> For Intercom Call, when your phone starts the ringing, lift handset and wait for the called party to answer.
  • Page 8: Repeat Dialling

    If your call doesn’t go through… Checking & Answering a Message Waiting Indication You can check who left a message waiting indication for you, and then answer. CHECK (On-Hook) Applicable to IPC 100 Display Telephones only. Cancelling a Message Waiting Indication (at originating extension) CALL Clearing All Message Waiting Indications (at any extension) CALL...
  • Page 9: Answering An Outside Call

    Answering Calls Answering an Outside Call Ringing Extension (Ringing) Confirm status of the MIC Key if you want to answer Handsfree [MIC On = Light On, MIC Off = Light Off]. (IPC 100 Display Phones Only) Answering an Intercom Call Voice Mode Extension (Voice)
  • Page 10: Hold / Transferring Calls

    Hold / Transferring Calls Placing a Call on Hold / Retrieving a Held Call Hold HOLD (Talking) When an Intercom call is placed on hold, the call is held as “Exclusive Hold” on your phone. While your outside call is on System Hold, other extension users can take the call off Hold. Placing a Call on Exclusive Hold Hold Exclusive Hold Key...
  • Page 11: Do Not Disturb (Dnd)

    DND : Trunk & Intercom Incoming Call DND : Transferred (CFW) Call DND : Cancel Condition Extension Number No Answer Dual Ring Cancel Cancel CFW Type FWD All Calls FWD Outside Calls only FWD Intercom Calls only Telephone Number HOLD...
  • Page 12 CE Notice (European Union) Hereby, “Philips Business Communications”, declares that this system terminal for the SOPHO IPC 100 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. For a copy of the declaration of conformity please visit or contact us at the address mentioned in this manual.
  • Page 13: For Countries In The European Union

    Product disposal information For countries in the European Union For countries in the European Union In order to facilitate separate disposal and environmentally sound recycling, Philips Business Communications has made arrangements for local collection and recycling in all member states of the European Union.