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Bose 151 Service Manual

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1-4.5" (11.4 cm) full-range,
environmental driver
Nominal Impedance:
4 Ohms
IEC Power Rating:
Min: 10 Watts Per Channel
Max: 40 Watts Per Channel
200 Bose Corporation
Black or white high-impact molded
Speaker Dimensions:
6.1"H x 9.1"W x 5.9" D
(15.4 H x 23.0 W x 15.0 D cm)
Shipping Weight
4.0 lbs. (1.8 kg) Per Speaker
Service Manual



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  • Page 1 Model 151™ and 111™ ENVIRONMENTAL SPEAKER SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Transducer: Cabinet: 1-4.5" (11.4 cm) full-range, Black or white high-impact molded environmental driver polypropylene Nominal Impedance: Speaker Dimensions: 4 Ohms 6.1"H x 9.1"W x 5.9" D (15.4 H x 23.0 W x 15.0 D cm)
  • Page 2 NOTES: In each test procedure, it is necessary to remove the grille to access the driver. Refer to the Grille Removal procedure. Polarities are not marked on the input terminals of the 151™ speaker. The red terminal is the positive (+) terminal and the black terminal is the negative (-) terminal. See Figure 1.
  • Page 3 S p e a k e r Red (+) Black (-) Figure 1. Test Connections 151™ Speaker 3. Air Leak Test A. Using the 6 Vrms signal,set the oscillator frequency to 10 Hz. Block the ports. For at least 3 seconds, listen for air leaks around the driver and baffle. If there is a "whooshing"...
  • Page 4 Disassembly/Assembly Procedures NOTE: Refer to Figure 2 for an exploded view of the speaker assembly. Certain parts will be referred to in these procedures. The item number which corresponds to the part will be enclosed in parentheses-i.e.-grille (1). 1. Grille Removal NOTE: The grille is made entirely of metal.
  • Page 5 5. Baffle Removal A. Remove 6 screws (4) that hold the baffle (6) in place. (Removing the driver is not necessary). Stick your fingers in the baffle ports and pull the baffle carefully away from the enclosure. It may take quite a bit of force to accomplish this task. 6.
  • Page 6 Figure 2. Speaker Assembly Exploded View...
  • Page 7 Figure 3. Packaging Exploded View...
  • Page 8 151™ Speaker Assembly Parts List (Figure 2) Item Description Part Number Qty. See Note Number Speaker Assy. Grille -Metal, Black 179129-1 Grille -Metal, Arctic White 179129-2 Nameplate-Logo, Black 171292-1 Nameplate-Logo, White 171292-2 Driver 257948-001 Screw- 173556-12 TAPP,8-11x3/4,PAN,XRC/SQ Gasket-Driver, 4.5" 128407...
  • Page 9 151™ Packaging Parts List (Figure 3) Item Description Part Number Qty. See Note Number Carton Owner's Manual 171297 Card-Warranty, Universal 149225 Polybag (Literature Kit) 103351 List-Warranty Service 122766 Envelope-Warranty Registration 123001 All Products Brochure 141478 Express Music Catalog 145891 Packing-Filler, Foam...
  • Page 10 SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Bose Corporation The Mountain Framingham, Massachusetts USA 01701 P/N 173445 6/93: REV.01 FOR TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PARTS ORDERING, CALL 800-233-4008...

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