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  • Page 1 SLA5520 User manual...
  • Page 2 Need help? User Manual See the user manual that came with your Wireless Music Adapter. Online help: For downloads and frequently asked questions Contact line: USA............1-888-PHILIPS (744-5477) Information to the Consumer Disposal of your old product Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Saving Favorite Music Items Advanced Configuration Configuration Menu Structure Managing Network Profiles Managing Multiple Key Indexes Updating the Radio List Advanced Configuration Using Philips Wireless Music Adapter PC Utility Default Profile Settings Uploading New Software to the SLA5520 Troubleshooting Glossary Extra information Guarantee...
  • Page 4: Important Information

    Please install and connect the product in the order described in this manual only. This assures best installation results with the least technical hassles. • Please read this guide carefully before using your SLA5520 and keep it for future reference. •...
  • Page 5: Statements

    Example: Warning: Changes or modifications made to this equipment not expressly approved by Philips may void the FCC authorization to operate this equipment. IMPORTANT NOTE: FCC Radiation Exposure Statement: This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.
  • Page 6: What's In The Box

    What’s in the box Please check whether the following items are present in the box of the Wireless Music Adapter. They are provided to help you set up and use your SLA5520. SLA5520 Wireless Music Adapter Remote control including batteries (2x AAA) Power adapter (110V or 200-240V) including cable adapter and power cable Stereo RCA to 1/8”...
  • Page 7: System Requirements

    • Wireless Base station (BS) Commonly this is called a wireless router. • PC with connection to base station • SLA5520 connects wirelessly to BS Peer-to-peer (Ad Hoc) • No Wireless Base station (BS) • PC with wireless card •...
  • Page 8: Functional Overview

    HOME HOME Displays the top level menu. Turns on the SLA5520 when the SLA5520 is switched in Standby mode. (UP) Scrolls up through the current menu list (hold the button down to scroll faster) In Edit mode: enter or change characters by scrolling up through the ASCII character table.
  • Page 9 (LEFT) Moves up one level up in the menu hierarchy on the LCD display. Example: if artist is displayed, pressing Left returns you to the PC Files menu. In Edit mode: Moves the cursor to the left, one character at the time. (RIGHT) Selects the current highlighted menu item Example: If the currently displayed item is an album, pressing Right will display a...
  • Page 10 Displays the top level of the Settings menu. 18 JUMP TO Activates Jump To function (character based keys (0-9) will be activated). 17 PLAY LIST Displays the Dynamic Playlist that is stored on the SLA5520. The list may contain up to 20 items...
  • Page 11: Navigating The Menu

    Navigating the menu The SLA5520 has a built-in LCD screen. Together with the remote control device, it enables easy operation. LCD Menu Structure The menu displayed on the Wireless Music Adapter LCD screen is organized as a hierarchy, enabling you to access the: •...
  • Page 12 Press 3 to move up the menu Press 4 to move down the menu Press 1 to cancel a menu item (move left) Press HOME (1) to activate the Philips SLA5520 menu Press SETTINGS (X) to go to the Configuration menu...
  • Page 13: Preparing Your Pc

    • you want to upload new software for your Wireless Music Adapter Installing Philips Media Manager Place the Philips Media Manager CD in your CD or DVD drive and install the Philips Media Manager software. The CD starts automatically. If it does not, double-click ‘My Computer’, then the CD-ROM drive icon and finally ‘Setup.exe’...
  • Page 14: Installing The Philips Wireless Music Adapter Pc Utility

    Adding files to the Media Manager Only the files that you see in the Media Manager will be accessible from your SLA5520 and only the files that are supported by your SLA5520 will be available for your audio system. 1 Click ‘Music’.
  • Page 15 MAC Address Control on the Wireless Network If you are using MAC Address Control on your wireless network, you will need to know the MAC address of your Wireless Music Adapter. The MAC address is a unique number that identifies your device on the network. It consists of a series of numbers and letters in the following format: xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx The MAC address for your Wireless Music Adapter...
  • Page 16 Using Windows XP Service Pack 2 These instructions guide you through configuring your wireless network settings, for the following scenario: • If you do not have a wireless basestation (also known as router or access point) and your PC has a wireless adapter installed. Windows XP Windows XP service pack 2...
  • Page 17 Improving the start up time for the SLA5520 to Computer network (adhoc mode) You might experience a long wait while the SLA5520 is 'searching for UPnP servers'. You can reduce this time by running the supplied AutoIP Network Utility. •...
  • Page 18: Installing Your Sla5520

    1 Insert batteries and make sure it is correctly positioned as indicated by the engraved symbols. 2 Connect the 1.8” plug of the cable to the audio socket on the SLA5520. Connect the other end to the AUX input of your audio system amplifier (2x RCA).
  • Page 19: Configuration

    Configuration Introduction The SLA5520 has a Configuration Wizard that guides you through the process of configuring network profiles for your SLA5520. The Configuration Wizard is used when you want to: • Install the SLA5520 for the first time. • Make later changes to a network profile setting.
  • Page 20: Configuration Wizard Menu

    Configuration Wizard Menu Configuration Wizard The Wizard starts automatically on installation or reset. Otherwise, press the SYSTEM button on the remote control at any time and scroll down to Configuration Wizard. This option only appears if Profile Load Profile Management has been turned On under Profile 1 Profile 2 Advanced Settings.
  • Page 21: Changing Network Settings

    Starting the Configuration Wizard The Configuration Wizard will start automatically the first time you connect your SLA5520 to the power. To start the Configuration Wizard at a later time: 1 Press SETTINGS (X) on the remote control to display the Settings menu.
  • Page 22 The Configuration Wizard will then display the home menu. Note: If the message No Network or another error message appears, the SLA5520 was unable to connect to an available wireless network. Please see ‘Troubleshooting’.
  • Page 23: Operation

    Also, each new user you add will have to register an email address. 1 Check whether the PC on which you are running Philips Media Manager has Internet access by opening a website on the Internet with your Internet browser program (e.g.
  • Page 24 PC. Menu items are displayed on the SLA5520’s LCD screen and you navigate through the menu using the remote control. Note: If the ‘Internet Radio’ menu is not presented in your selected language, select ‘Manual Update’.
  • Page 25: Listening To Music Files

    See ‘Updating the Radio List’ for details. Listening to Music Files The SLA5520 allows you to listen to music files stored on your PC through your audio system. Music files include WMA-DMR, WMA and MP3 files and WAV files.
  • Page 26 Playback of DRM protected songs Your SLA5500 is able to playback DRM10 protected songs. However DRM prohibits use of the Philips Media Manager. It is strongly recommended to use Windows Media Connect. This requires Windows XP, Service Pack 2. How to connect the SLA5500 to Windows Media Connect is described below.
  • Page 27 7 Browse to your DRM protected songs. • See chapter ‘Playing music files’ on how to start playing DRM protected songs. Viewing Song Information The SLA5520 LCD screen displays various information during playback, such as music file details, playback modes and network status. Example Display...
  • Page 28: Saving Favorite Music Items

    You can save up to 20 of your favorite items (albums, songs etc) to a favorite Playlist stored locally on the SLA5520. To add an item currently playing to the favorite Playlist: 1 Press HOME (X) to display the Philips SLA5520 menu. 2 Press 4 (X) until ‘Favorites’ is highlighted. Press 2. Press (UN)MARK (4).
  • Page 29 Playing Favorite Items 1 Press HOME (X) to display the Philips SLA5520 menu. 2 Press 4 (X) until ‘Favorites’ is highlighted. Press 2. 3 To play the entire Playlist, press ;/2. 4 To play a specific item from the Dynamic Playlist, press 3 or 4 until the item you want is highlighted.
  • Page 30: Advanced Configuration

    Advanced cConfiguration Introduction The Configuration functions on the SLA5520 are arranged in a hierarchical menu, similar to the way in which files are organized in subdirectories on a PC. Menu items are displayed on the Wireless Music Adapter’s LCD screen and you navigate through the menu using the remote control.
  • Page 31 Setting Explanation Device Name Name of the SLA5520 device. Example: My SLA5520 Software Version Version of the SLA5520 software in use. Bootloader version Version of the SLA5520 bootloader software in use. Hardware version Version of the SLA5520 hardware in use.
  • Page 32: Managing Network Profiles

    Managing Network Profiles If there have been changes to your wireless network configuration since you installed your SLA5520, or if you are experiencing problems when using the SLA5520, you may need to change the network profile settings using the Configuration Wizard.
  • Page 33: Managing Multiple Key Indexes

    By default, any changes you make to network settings will be applied to the active profile (i.e. the profile that is currently loaded on the SLA5520). If you wish to make changes to a different profile, you must first turn on profile management.
  • Page 34 4 Press 4 to highlight the desired profile. Press 2. 5 The message ‘Selected Profile N...Applying Settings’ will be displayed. After a few seconds, the SLA5520 will restart. The device is now ready to operate using the new profile. Note: This function can also be performed using the Philips Wireless Music Adapter PC Utility –...
  • Page 35: Updating The Radio List

    Updating the Radio List The Radio List is a database of Internet Radio stations stored on your SLA5520. Your SLA5520 Radio List comes preconfigured with some Internet Radio stations. You may choose to subscribe to an Internet Radio List Service from an Internet service provider to add more stations to the list.
  • Page 36 Updating the Radio List Manually You can perform a manual update of the Internet Radio List at any time. 1 First disable the automatic update (see ‘Disabling the Automatic Radio List Update’ above). 1 Press SETTINGS (X) to display the Settings menu.
  • Page 37: Advanced Configuration Using Philips Wireless Music Adapter Pc Utility

    Verify that a SLA5520 is available on the wireless network* • Upload new software to the SLA5520 as it becomes available* *) These tasks can ONLY be performed using the Philips Wireless Music Receiver PC Utility. Starting the Philips Wireless Music Adapter PC Utility The Philips Wireless Music Adapter PC Utility is a software tool for managing the configuration of your SLA5520 from your PC.
  • Page 38: Default Profile Settings

    (disabled) and an ‘Active Profile’ icon in the top right corner of the screen. Note: This task can also be done directly on the SLA5520 using the remote control – see ‘Viewing Network Status Settings’. Activating a Different Network Profile...
  • Page 39 7 Click the ‘Apply’ button to confirm the changes, or click the ‘Refresh’ button to discard the changes. 8 If you want to make this profile the active profile for the SLA5520, click the ‘Make Active’ button. Click the ‘Close’ button to return to the main window.
  • Page 40: Uploading New Software To The Sla5520

    Settings menu you can always check yourself if updates are available. If this is the case, this will be displayed on the LCD screen. If the SLA5520 is already fully updated, the LCD screen shows ‘Your product is up to date’.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    The Philips Media Manager library stores a link to a music file, not the file itself. If you move or delete the music file and do not delete it or reselect it in the Philips Media Manager Library, the SLA5520 will be unable to locate the file. Open Philips Media Manager and delete and/or add the track from the correct file location.
  • Page 42 Internet Radio stations. A lock icon is displayed instead of a Windows Media Connect has not yet detected the capabilities icon of the SLA5520. music note icon. • Online help: • Check your firewall settings: 'UPnP Framework' should be allowed to send and Not possible to browse Windows Media receive data.
  • Page 43 SLA5520 Error Code The SLA5520 LCD screen may display the following error code in the event of a problem. Error Code Explanation Update Please wait.The Internet Radio station list is updated automatically from the Internet on a regular basis or when you choose to do a manual update.
  • Page 44: Glossary

    A device that connects wirelessly to a PC and the Internet to allow music files and Internet radio to be played over an audio system. Philips Wireless Music Adapter PC Utility Wireless Music Adapter PC Utility Software that allows you to configure the...
  • Page 45 TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. TKIP utilizes a strong encrytption (security) method and incorporates Message Integrity Code (MIC) to provide protection against hackers. Wired Equivalent Privacy. An encryption method that provides security for 802.11 wireless network systems using a 64 or 128 bit key. Windows Media Audio.
  • Page 46: Extra Information

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall and Philips Media Manager When Windows Firewall notifies you about Philips Media Manager (which is called ‘LaunchAnywhere GUI’ or ‘Media Management for your Media Devices’), select ‘Unblock’.
  • Page 47: Guarantee

    Nome, indirizzo e firma del fornitore Nome, morada e assinature da loja 0682 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners. 2005 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.

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