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System Settings; Camera Settings; System Information - Sanyo NVM-4370 Instruction Manual

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3 System Settings

System setting can be used to view and adjust your device
current preferences.
Navigate from the "Settings" Menu.
3.1 Camera
View the camera input image.
3.2 Local
3.2.1 To set the system language settings.
3.2.2 To set the time zone settings.
3.2.3 If you check "Automatic daylight saving time", adjusts
clock for daylight saving automatically.
3.3 Brightness
3.3.1 Tap "+" or "-" to set the Backlight brightness.
3.3.2 Tap the left or right arrow to set the LCD power-save of
battery and AC power drive modes.

3.4 Camera Settings

3.4.1 Whether camera can input. Note:
3.4.2 Whether enable automatic display. If camera inputs,
display camera image on screen automatically.

3.5 System Information

3.5.1 You can view the OS version, GPS firmware version and
other system informations.
3.5.2 Tap "Calibration" to open the Calibration screen of the
touch panel. Tap the center of the target as it moves
around the screen.

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