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Electrolux EI24ID81S Use And Care Manual

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Finding Information ..........2 Important Safety Instructions......3 Thank you for choosing Electrolux, the new premium brand in home appliances. This Use Feature Overview ..........4 and Care Guide is part of our commitment Operating Instructions ........
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions WARNING • When loading items to be washed: When using your dishwasher, follow basic -Locate sharp items and knives so that precautions, including the following: they are not likely to damage the door seal or tub. For your Safety -Load sharp items and knives with •...
  • Page 4: Feature Overview

    Feature Overview H o w y o u r d i s h w a s h e r c l e a n s Your dishwasher cleans by spraying a mixture of hot water and detergent through the spray arms against soiled surfaces.
  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions E n e r g y U s e N o r m a l O p e r a t i n g S o u n d s The yellow energy guide label that came on your Your dishwasher uses energy effi...
  • Page 6 Operating Instructions W a s h C y c l e S e l e c t i o n s For lightly soiled and pre-rinsed dishes Cycle times are approximate and vary by options and silverware. Water usage ranges from selected.
  • Page 7 Operating Instructions E n e r g y O p t i o n S e l e c t i o n s Max Dry Hi-Temp MAX DRY is available on Auto, Heavy, Normal, When HI-TEMP option is selected, the dishwasher Upper and Stemware cycles The cycle time will heats water in the main wash to approximately increase when MAX DRY option is selected.
  • Page 8 Operating Instructions D i s p l a y o n f l o o r Opening the door while the appliance operates The display on fl oor indicates the following activities: If you open the door while a cycle is running or delay is counting down, the appliance stops.
  • Page 9 *In all Error Code instances, if Pressing the cancel button or turning power off at the breaker for 5 min. does not resolve the problem, contact the Electrolux Customer Care Center at 1-877-435-3287.
  • Page 10 Preparing & Loading Dishes NOTE Racks and Features in your dishwasher model may vary in appearance from illustrations in this manual. Dish Preparation Scrape away large pieces of food, bones, pits, toothpicks, etc. The continuously fi ltered wash fl uid will remove remaining food particles.
  • Page 11 Preparing & Loading Dishes Flex Wash The Flex Wash system gives you the ability to wash the inside areas of baby bottles, narrow glassware and other items. To turn this feature on turn these clips to have them pointing upward (B). To turn off just slide them back down toward the rack (A).
  • Page 12 Preparing & Loading Dishes Fold-down Tines Upper Rack The fold-down tines in the top and bottom racks The Stemware holder is used to securely makes it easy to load those extra large and hard- hold your wine glasses in place for the best to-fi...
  • Page 13: Preparing & Loading Dishes

    Preparing & Loading Dishes Fold-down Tines lower Rack The fold-down tines in the top and bottom racks makes it easy to load those extra large and hard- to-fi t items. The tines may be left up for normal use or folded down for more fl exible loading. 8 place settings standard loading pattern Bottom Rack Bottom Rack...
  • Page 14 Preparing & Loading Dishes Loading the Silverware Basket When covers are up, mix items in each section of the basket with some pointing up and some down CAUTION to avoid nesting. Water spray cannot reach nested items. TO AVOID CUT INJURY: Load sharp items (knives, skewers, etc.) pointing down.
  • Page 15: Dishwasher Dispenser & Detergents

    Dishwasher Dispenser & Detergents Filing the Detergent Dispenser How much Detergent to use The detergent dispenser has one covered cup. The amount of detergent to use depends on the The covered cup opens automatically to release water hardness. Water hardness is measured in detergent.
  • Page 16 Dishwasher Dispenser & Detergents Dosage of detergent Place a single detergent tablet or packet into the detergent dispenser compartment. Detergent Usage Chart Medium Hard Water Soft Water Hard Water Water Hardness (4-8 grains) (0-3 grains) (9-12 grains) Amount 8 teaspoons 6 teaspoons 4 teaspoons (teaspoons)
  • Page 17 Dishwasher Dispenser & Detergents Rinse Aid How to adjust the rinse aid dosage Rinse aid greatly improves drying, reduces water spots, fi lming, and lubricates wash arm bearing for The rinse aid dosage is shown in the Status proper rotation. With it water “sheets” off dishes Window.
  • Page 18: Care & Cleaning

    Care & Cleaning Outside Occasionally wipe with a mild nonabrasive detergent and water. Rinse and dry. Care of Drain Air Gap If a drain air gap was installed for your built-in dishwasher, check to make sure it is clean so the dishwasher will drain properly.
  • Page 19: Solutions To Common Problems

    Solutions to Common Problems Winterizing NOTE To achieve the best results from your dishwasher, A dishwasher left in an unheated place should be visit for general tips protected from freezing. Have a qualifi ed person regarding the performance and operation of your do the following.
  • Page 20 Solutions to Common Problems Glassware/Flatware Spotted or Cloudy • Aluminum utensils can leave gray/black marks when they rub against other items. Load • Check water hardness. For extremely hard Properly. water, it may be necessary to install a water • Certain high acid foods can cause discoloration softener.
  • Page 21 Solutions to Common Problems Vapor at Vent Dishwasher has an Odor • Water vapor escapes from the vent during the • Soiled dishes left in dishwasher too long can drying part of cycle. This is normal. create an odor. Use Rinse cycle. •...
  • Page 22: Warranty

    During the lifetime of the appliance, Electrolux will provide a replacement stainless tub or door liner that fails to contain water due to a defect in materials or workmanship if the appliance is installed, used, and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.
  • Page 23: French

    Pour votre sécurité Que toi pour choisir Electrolux, la nouvelle marque de la maeilleure qualite dans des appareils menag- ers. Ce & d’utilisation; Le guide de soin fait partie Veuillez lire tous ces conseils de sécurité...
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