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Fujitsu UTZ-BX025A Owner's Manual

Energy recovery ventilators
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Advertisement 1 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時51分
Model No.
N° de modèle
Modello N.
Modelo N.°
Nº do modelo
Installation manual is attached separately.
Le manuel d'installation est joint séparément.
Installationsanleitung ist gesondert beigelegt.
Il manuale di installazione è allegato separatamente.
El Manual de instalación se adjunta por separado.
O manual de instalação é fornecido em separado.
Energy Recovery Ventilators
Ventilateurs d'échange de
Ventiladores de intercambio
Ventiladores de permutação de
Owner's Manual
Manuel l'utilisateur
Lüftungsgerät mit
Ventilatori a scambio
Manuale d'istruzione
Manual del propietario
Manual do proprietário


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Manuale d’istruzione Model No. N° de modèle Ventiladores de intercambio Modell-Nr. Modello N. calorífico Modelo N.° Manual del propietario Nº do modelo UTZ-BX025A Ventiladores de permutação de UTZ-BX035A calor UTZ-BX050A Manual do proprietário UTZ-BX080A UTZ-BD100A(50Hz) UTZ-BE100A(60Hz) Installation manual is attached separately.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents 1 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Thank you very much for having purchased our “Energy Recovery Ventilator”. We hope you read through this owner’s manual with care so that you can use the unit correctly. After reading it, please keep it so you can read it whenever necessary. CONTENTS Cautions on Safety..............2-3 Features ..................4...
  • Page 3: Cautions On Safety 2 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Cautions on Safety Never Fail to Observe This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Page 4 3 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Cautions on Safety Never Fail to Observe Cautions for Operation CAUTION ■ It is strictly prohibited to place a ■ Combustion apparatus should not be ■ Do not wash Energy Recovery container of combustible gas or liquid placed allowing a direct exposure to Ventilators with water.
  • Page 5: Features 4 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Features Main Features Energy saving ventilation Thanks to efficient recovery of thermal energy lost during Ventilation (load incurred by outside air), you can save an air- conditioning fee. Facility saving Thanks to a drastic reduction of load incurred by outside air, you can make air-conditioners more compact in parallel with the recovery of thermal energy.
  • Page 6: Name Of Each Part 5 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Name of Each Part [Model No.] UTZ-BX025A UTZ-BX035A UTZ-BX050A Unit: mm Inspection Cover Model No. UTZ-BX025A OA (Outside Air) Electrical Equipment Box UTZ-BX035A UTZ-BX050A UTZ-BX080A 1322 UTZ-BD100A/ 1322 1134 (Exhaust UTZ-BE100A Air) (Supply Air) Note: Dimensions of Ceiling Suspension Fixtures are not included.
  • Page 7: Specific Caution Items 6 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Specific Caution Items Checking Location of Installation This Energy Recovery Ventilators have been designed especially for use in offices, conference rooms, etc. Please check to ensure that neither the main unit nor the inlet-outlet grill are installed in any of the following locations. Locations exposed to high temperatures or Locations with high humidity.
  • Page 8: Model Installation 7 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Model Installation Supply Air Duct Outside Intake Duct Ceiling Suspension Bolt Pipe Hood (Supply Air) (Room Air) Room Intake Duct (Exhaust Air) Note that when installing a unit Room Intake Opening (Outside Air) (Supply/Exhaust Air Grill) body upside down, its printed Inside Supply Opening Heat Insulation...
  • Page 9: After-Sales Service 8 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 After-sales Service ■ Request for Spot Checks To ensure safe, correct usage, we suggest that you consider a maintenance contract. For details, inquire at the store where you bought your unit, or at the agent which installed it. ■...
  • Page 10: Specifications 9 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Specifications Model No. UTZ-BX025A Item Power Source 220–240V~50Hz/220V~60Hz Ventilation Mode Energy Recovery Ventilation Normal Ventilation Notch (Extra high) High (Extra high) High Input (W) 104-119/128 99-114/118 79-90/78 103-119/128 98-114/118 79-90/77 250/250 250/250 170/135 250/250 250/250 170/135...
  • Page 11 10 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時56分 Model No. UTZ-BX080A Item Power Source 220–240V~50Hz/220V~60Hz Ventilation Mode Energy Recovery Ventilation Normal Ventilation Notch (Extra high) High (Extra high) High Input (W) 316-347/424 309-329/391 302-327/347 309-337/417 300-325/387 297-316/346 800/800 800/800 650/575 800/800 800/800 650/575 Air Volume (m External Static Pressure (Pa) 140/190 110/100...
  • Page 12 2 ページ 2009年2月5日 木曜日 午後2時51分 1116, Suenaga, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki 213-8502, Japan 9379366007 Printed in Japan...

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