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Philips TV Video Accessories Software Upgrade Instructions page 3

Tv software upgrade with portable memory
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Software History
Following issues were solved.
• TV turns OFF and ON by itself randomly when viewing TV and AV
Following issues were solved.
No picture, no sound & no back light but LED is turned ON when the TV wake up from
standby mode.
Translation errors in Spanish and France TV menu
Rephrase the help texts for the Retail and Home mode in the TV menu
Following issues were solved.
Digital Natural Motion feature is turned ON but it shows OFF in the TV menu.
Picture expanded vertically in digital channel.
Incorrect clock information update
Jiggled image with the SD signal source (480i/480p) in AV1, AV2 and PC mode.
Following issues were solved.
No video after Play Station 2 console
Picture expanded vertically with the HDMI source, 1080p 60Hz, 16:9 widescreen format.
Picture a little bit blur (Scaling artifacts) in PC mode,
Picture format changing too frequently during movie playback
Intermittent picture flicker on white background at high contrast level (only applicable for
52" models)
Intermittent picture lost when poor video signal is connected through AV1 or AV2 inputs.
system reset.
1080p 60Hz input.



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