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NEC Aterm MR03LN Instruction Manual page 10

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Security notes on wireless LAN products
Wireless LAN has the advantage of a LAN connection without the
use of LAN cables if the device is placed within the reach of radio
waves. You can send and receive information between devices that
use radio waves such as a computer and the wireless LAN access
point (base unit). On the other hand, you may encounter the
following problems if you do not complete the settings related to
security because the radio waves reach beyond all obstacles such
as walls if within a certain range.
●Interception of information:
may intercept radio waves intentionally to discover your IDs,
passwords, credit card numbers, e-mails, etc.
●Unauthorized intrusion: Some malicious computer users may
access personal or office networks to gain personal or
confidential information and send out false data. Also, they may
intercept communication content, rewrite it, and then send it out.
Furthermore, they may send out computer viruses to destroy
data and systems.
Wireless LAN products already have security systems so there is a
low probability that any of the above problems will occur if you use
the product with these settings.
You should be fully aware of problems which may happen to you if
you do not do your security configuration. We recommend that you
use this product only after making the security setting you judge to
be necessary based on a proper understanding of the problems
which may occur if security settings are not configured.
We, NEC AccessTechnica, Ltd., do not take responsibility for any
damage caused by a security problem occurring because of a lack
of a security measure or an unavoidable issue with the wireless LAN
In addition, we recommend changing the encryption key and PIN
code of the wireless LAN access point (base unit) on a regular basis
to ensure safe use of the wireless LAN.
Some malicious computer users

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