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  • Page 1 USER MANUAL UBD-M9500 For further instructions, refer to the Web Manual. Web manual : Product name search : UBD-M9500...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    Safety Information Warning CAUTION This symbol indicates that high voltage is present inside. It is dangerous to make any kind of RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT OPEN. contact with any internal part of this product. CAUTION : TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC This symbol indicates that important SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER (OR BACK).
  • Page 3 • Do not install the product in an unstable location such as a shaky self, a slanted floor, or a location exposed to vibration. • Do not drop or strike the product. If the product is damaged, disconnect the power cord and contact a Samsung service center. English...
  • Page 4 Precautions • Reorienting or relocating the receiving antenna. • Increasing the separation between the equipment and receiver. ▷ Important Safety Instructions • Connecting the equipment to an outlet that is on a different circuit than the radio or TV. Read these operating instructions carefully before using the unit.
  • Page 5 2 Accessories Check for the supplied accessories shown below. DISC MENU POP UP /MENU Batteries (AA Size) (4301-000101) TOOLS Power Cable (3903-001117) User Manual Remote Control (AK68-02648A) (AK59-00180A) English...
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    3 Remote Control ✎ The TV volume, source, and on/off buttons inside the TV section on the remote only work with Samsung TVs. To use these buttons with another TV brand, enter the appropriate TV Control Code on the next page.
  • Page 7 ▶ TV Control Codes PIONEER 58, 59, 73, 74 Brand Codes RADIOLA 06, 56 SAMSUNG 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 RADIOMARELLI AIWA 45, 46 ANAM 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 BANG & OLUFSEN 57...
  • Page 8 Front/Right Side and Rear Panel Front and Right Side Panel POWER BUTTON OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON POWER INDICATOR Red: Power off Green: Power on Green blinking: Remote control or Front Key input, Software update. POWER DISPLAY DISC TRAY REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR Wi-Fi/BT ANTENNA 5V 0.5A Do not place any object near or in front of the antenna to ensure proper operation.
  • Page 9 Connections Connecting to a TV OPTICAL MAIN POWER MAIN ( DIGITAL (Only Audio) (Audio Only) AUDIO OUT HDMI OUT HDMI OUT Audio Video UHD TVs support only the HDMI OUT ❶ MAIN port. ✎ To view video in the HDMI 720p, 1080p, or 2160p output mode, you must use a high speed (category 2) HDMI ✎...
  • Page 10 ▶ Method 3: Connecting to an HDMI compatible that does not Soundbar / AV receiver support pass through OPTICAL MAIN MAIN ( POWER DIGITAL (Only Audio) (Audio Only) AUDIO OUT HDMI OUT HDMI OUT Audio Video Soundbar / AV receiver ▶...
  • Page 11 Connecting to a Mobile Device 1. On the Home screen, set Settings > Sound > Sound Mirroring to On. (Default : Off.) Pair the player with your mobile device. Mobile Device Audio AV receiver Connecting to a Network Router ▶ Wireless Network Wall connection Router ▶...
  • Page 12: The Initial Settings Procedure

    The Initial Settings Procedure Plug in the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, turn on your TV, and then turn on the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player by pressing the (Power) button on the remote. Follow the directions for the initial setup displayed on the screen. ▶...
  • Page 13: Playing Media Content

    Playing Media Content Playing a Commercial Disc Select HOME > Source > Disc. Source USB Storage Connection Guide Disc Source Disc App1 App2 App3 Internet Playing Media Contents Saved on a USB Memory Device Select HOME > Source > USB Storage. Source Disc Connection Guide...
  • Page 14: Additional Functions

    You can also download the latest firmware file Select HOME > Source > Connection from the Samsung website, copy the files from the Guide. PC to a USB memory stick, insert the stick into the right side USB port, and then select Update Now.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    • Weight and dimensions are approximate. • Dispose unwanted electronics through an approved recycler. To find the nearest recycling location, go to our website: or call, (877) 278 - 0799. Licenses • Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Audio and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 16: Supported Formats

    Supported Formats ▶ Disc types and contents your product can play Media Disc Type Details Ultra HD Ultra HD BD-ROM format. Blu-ray Disc Blu-ray Disc BD-ROM format VIDEO DVD-VIDEO DVD-VIDEO, recorded DVD+RW/DVD-RW(V)/DVD-R/+R that have DVD-RW, DVD-R been recorded and finalized, or a USB storage media containing DVD+RW, DVD+R MKV, MP4 contents.
  • Page 17 ▶ Supported Subtitle File Formats File Type Codec Support Range Extension File Name Extension For WMA 10 Pro supports up to .ttxt MPEG-4 Timed text M2 profile and 5.1 *.wma .smi SAMI channels. WMA lossless audio is SubRip .srt not supported. SubViewer .sub *.wav...
  • Page 18 ▶ Region Code Both products and discs are coded by region. These regional codes must match for a disc to play. If the codes do not match, the disc will not play. The region number for this product is displayed on the rear panel of the product. Disc Type Region Code Area...
  • Page 19 Transportation of the product to and from the service center is the responsibility of the purchaser. SAMSUNG will repair or replace this product, at our option and at no charge as stipulated herein, with new or reconditioned parts or products if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above. All replaced parts and products become the property of SAMSUNG and must be returned to SAMSUNG.
  • Page 20 OR VISIT US ONLINE AT WRITE Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 1-800-SAMSUNG IN THE US 85 Challenger Road (726-7864) Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 accessibility contact information in U.S.A. : © 2017 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. AK68-02648A-00 AK68-02648A-00...

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