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Yamaha YAS-107 Owner's Manual

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Front Surround System
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 English Front Surround System Français Español Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Explanation of Graphical Symbols The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within C A UT I ON an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be DO NOT OPEN of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
  • Page 3 SIMPLIFIED EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY AMERICA. Hereby, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH declares that the radio equipment type [YAS-107] is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:
  • Page 4: Precautions

    • When setting up the unit, make sure that the AC outlet you are using is easily • Yamaha cannot be held responsible for injury to you or accessible. If some trouble or malfunction occurs, immediately turn off the power damage of the products caused by improper use or switch and disconnect the plug from the AC outlet.
  • Page 5 AC outlet. Then, request an inspection from the • Do not disassemble a battery. If the contents of the battery get on your hands or in dealer where you purchased the unit or from qualified Yamaha service personnel. your eyes, it can cause blindness or chemical burns.
  • Page 6 Immediately request an inspection from the dealer not plugged in sufficiently can cause dust to accumulate on the plug, causing a fire where you purchased the unit or from qualified Yamaha service personnel. or burns.
  • Page 7 AC outlet and request an inspection from the dealer where you purchased the unit or from qualified Yamaha service personnel. • Keep small parts out of the reach of infants. Your children may accidentally swallow...
  • Page 8 Notice Handling • Do not place vinyl, plastic, or rubber products on this unit. Failure to observe this Indicates points that you must observe in order to may cause discoloration or deformation in the panel of this unit. • If the ambient temperature changes drastically (such as during unit transportation prevent product failure, damage or malfunction and or under rapid heating or cooling) and there is a chance condensation may have data loss, as well as to protect the environment.
  • Page 9 Information About disposal • Be sure to discard used batteries in accordance with local regulations. Indicates information of note regarding this Information for users on collection and disposal of old equipment and used product. batteries: Functions and data included in the unit These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and batteries should not be mixed with general household waste.
  • Page 10 ® The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Yamaha Corporation is under license. • This manual uses the following signal words for the important information: WARNING Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ... 2 Listening to the sound from a Bluetooth device .......... 30 PRECAUTIONS ..........4 Settings ............33 Supplied items ..........12 Configuring the HDMI control function....33 Features ............15 Configuring HDMI audio output ....... 33 Frequently asked questions......
  • Page 12: Supplied Items

    Supplied items Make sure you have received all of the following items. The unit Remote control Power cable Optical digital audio cable Spacers × 2 A CR2025 Lithium battery has Use when mounting the unit on a wall already been inserted into the remote control.
  • Page 13: Preparing The Remote Control

    Preparing the remote control Operating range of the remote control Remove the battery’s insulating strip before attempting to use the Operate the remote control within the range as shown below. When remote control. the unit is mounted on a wall, point the remote control at the remote control sensor on the top panel (p.
  • Page 14: Replacing The Battery In The Remote Control

    Replacing the battery in the remote control Press and hold the release tab in the direction indicated by and slide the battery holder out in the direction indicated by Battery holder Release tab CR2025 Lithium battery...
  • Page 15: Features

    Features This front surround system allows you to enjoy dynamic sound with videos played on your home TV. • 3D surround playback Surround sound can be heard not only from horizontal directions, but also from varying heights when DTS Virtual:X is used (p. 26). •...
  • Page 16: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions The following section covers popular functions and frequently asked questions about the unit. Can I use the TV’s remote control to operate the unit? Can the brightness of the indicators be adjusted? Yes. When the unit is connected to a TV via HDMI cable, the Yes.
  • Page 17: Part Names And Functions

    Part names and functions The unit (front panel/top panel) (mute) Mute the audio output. Touch again to unmute (p. 28). (volume +/-) Adjust the volume (p. 28). (power) Turn on or off the unit (p. 25). NOTE • The unit may automatically turn off when the auto power standby function is enabled (p.
  • Page 18: The Unit (Rear Panel)

    The unit (rear panel) SUBWOOFER ANALOG UPDATE OUT(ARC) AC IN ONLY 9 AC IN jack c TV input jack Connect the power cable of this unit (p. 24). For connecting to a TV with an optical digital audio cable (p. 22). 0 UPDATE ONLY jack d HDMI IN jack Use to update this unit’s firmware.
  • Page 19: Installation

    Installation The unit can be installed on a TV stand or mounted on a wall. Installing the unit on a TV stand, etc. Mounting the unit on a wall Position the unit with the touch panel facing up. Refer to “Mount the unit on a wall” (p. 20) for instructions on mounting the unit on a wall so that the touch panel faces forward.
  • Page 20 Doing so may cause the unit to fall. or more 13 to 15 mm (1/2" to 5/8") • Check that the unit is fixed securely after the installation. Yamaha will bear no responsibility for any accidents caused by improper installations.
  • Page 21 Peel off the backing paper from the spacers and attach the adhesive face to the unit as illustrated below. Spacers Hang the unit on the screws. Mounting holes on bottom of the unit Touch panel...
  • Page 22: Connections

    Connections Connecting a TV and set-top box For the cable connection, follow the procedure below. : Video signals HDMI cable (optional) : Audio signals HDMI INPUT The digital audio/video signals from the set- OPTICAL OUTPUT top box or BD/DVD player are input to this unit.
  • Page 23 Connecting a game console via the analog jack Connect an external device, such as a game console or TV that does NOTE not have an optical digital audio output, to the ANALOG input jack of Audio Return Channel (ARC) supported TV the unit.
  • Page 24: Connecting The Power Cable

    Using an external subwoofer Connecting the power cable The unit has dual built-in subwoofers; however you can connect an After all connections are complete, connect the supplied power cable external subwoofer when you want to enhance low frequency sound. to the AC IN jack on the unit and plug the power cable into an AC wall Connect a subwoofer quipped with built-in amplifier to the outlet.
  • Page 25: Operations

    Operations (power) key Remote control signal transmitter Turns on or off the unit. Transmits infrared signals. Turned on The indicator for the last input source selected glows. Turned off (Bluetooth standby function enabled, p. 32) Input keys Select an input source to be played back. HDMI ....Sound from a device connected to the HDMI IN jack TV ......TV audio or sound from a device connected to...
  • Page 26 SURROUND and STEREO keys Switch between surround and stereo (2-channel) playback. SURROUND key The unit switches between 3D surround playback and surround playback each time the SURROUND key is pressed. When 3D surround is selected, DTS Virtual:X makes it possible to hear sound not only from horizontal directions, but also from varying heights.
  • Page 27 DIMMER key CLEAR VOICE key Enable/disable the clear voice function. Change the brightness of the indicators. Each time the key is When this function is enabled, human voices such as lines in pressed, the brightness of the indicators changes as follows. movies and TV shows, or news and sport commentary, are Dim (default setting) →...
  • Page 28 SUBWOOFER (+/–) keys Adjust the volume of the subwoofer. Volume down (–) Volume up (+) MUTE key Mute the audio output. Press the key again to unmute. Flash (on mute) VOLUME (+/–) keys Adjust the volume of the unit. Volume down (–) Volume up (+) Decoder indicator The unit supports the following audio signals.
  • Page 29: Operating The Unit By Tv's Remote Control (Hdmi Control)

    Operating the unit by TV’s remote control (HDMI control) The HDMI control function (link function) coordinates operation of a TV and the unit so that the unit can be operated using the TV’s remote control. When a TV is connected to the unit with an HDMI cable (p. 22), the TV’s remote control can be used to perform the following operations. Coordinated functions via the TV remote control NOTE •...
  • Page 30: Listening To The Sound From A Bluetooth Device

    Listening to the sound Press the BLUETOOTH key on the unit’s remote control to select Bluetooth as the input source. from a Bluetooth The BLUETOOTH indicator on the unit flashes. device BLUETOOTH Flashes Audio from a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone or a digital music player, can be played over a wireless connection.
  • Page 31 Select “YAS-107 Yamaha” in the Bluetooth device list Terminating Bluetooth connection on the device. Bluetooth connection is terminated in the following cases. If a passkey (PIN) is required, enter the number “0000”. • The Bluetooth function is turned off on the compatible device.
  • Page 32 Using the Bluetooth standby function Using the HOME THEATER CONTROLLER The Bluetooth standby function allows you to turn on or off the unit automatically, linked with the operation of the Bluetooth device. When the free HOME THEATER CONTROLLER app is installed on a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or other device, various operations With the unit turned on, hold down the BLUETOOTH (basic operation of the unit, selection of a surround mode, adjustment...
  • Page 33: Settings

    Settings Configuring the HDMI control function Configuring HDMI audio output Follow the procedure below to enable or disable the unit’s HDMI Specify whether HDMI audio input signal will be played from the unit control function. This function is enabled by default. or the TV.
  • Page 34: Enabling/Disabling The Auto Power Standby Function

    Enabling/disabling the auto power Initializing the unit standby function Follow the procedure below to initialize the unit. Enabling the auto power standby function prevents the unit from Turn off the unit. remaining on when not in use. When the auto power standby function is enabled, the unit automatically turns off in any of the following Touch and hold on the unit until all...
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Refer to the table below when the unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instructions below do not help, turn off the unit, disconnect the power cable, and contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center.
  • Page 36 Problem Cause Remedy The unit does not function The internal microcomputer is frozen, due to an external Unplug the power cable from the AC wall outlet and plug it again. electric shock (such as lightning or excessive static correctly. electricity) or to a drop in the power supply voltage. The unit turns on by itself.
  • Page 37 Audio Problem Cause Remedy No sound. Another input source is selected. Select an appropriate input source (p. 25). The mute function is activated. Cancel the mute function (p. 28). The volume is too low. Turn up the volume (p. 28). The power cable of the unit is not connected properly.
  • Page 38: Remote Control

    Problem Cause Remedy No surround effect. Stereo playback is selected. Select surround playback or 3D surround playback (p. 26). The volume is too low. Turn up the volume (p. 28). The TV or playback device is set to output 2 channel Change the digital audio output setting on the TV or playback audio (such as PCM) only.
  • Page 39 Bluetooth Problem Cause Remedy The unit cannot be connected Bluetooth is not selected as the input source. Select Bluetooth as the input source (p. 30). to a Bluetooth device. The unit is connected to a different Bluetooth device. Unpair the Bluetooth device that is currently connected, and pair with the desired Bluetooth device.
  • Page 40: Specifications

    Specifications Item Specifications Item Specifications Maximum Output 20 dBm (100 mW) Maximum Rated Front L/R 30 W x 2 ch Amplifier Power (EIRP) Output Power Section Subwoofer 60 W Bluetooth class Bluetooth Class 2 Type Acoustic suspension type Bluetooth Range (line-of-sight) Approx.
  • Page 41 • To decode audio bitstream signals on this unit, set the input source device date. appropriately so that the device outputs the bitstream audio signals directly (does To obtain the latest manual, access the Yamaha website then download the manual not decode the bitstream signals on the device). Refer to documentation supplied file.
  • Page 42 For detailed guarantee information about this Yamaha product, and Pan-EEA* and Switzerland warranty service, please either visit the website address below (Printable file is available at our website) or contact the Yamaha representative office for your country. * EEA: European Economic Area

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