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Overview; Operation - Siemens MQ964**GB Instruction Manual

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These operating instructions refer to various
models. An overview of the different models
can be found on the illustrated pages
(Fig. ).


Please fold out the illustrated pages.
Fig. 
1 Base unit
2 Power cord
3 Cable clamp
4 Handle
5 5-step switch + fast and continuous


For switching the appliance on and off
and adjusting theoperating speed.
0/off = switched off
1 = slowest speed
5 = fastest speed
M = Instantaneous switching (maximum
speed), press switch to left and hold in
When using accessories in the rear
aperture, the appliance can be operated
using instantaneous switching only.
6 Ejector button
For removing the tools.
7 Apertures for inserting the tools with lock
8 Slide for actuating the lock
When the slide is actuated, either the
apertures for inserting the tools (7) or the
rear aperture (11) is released (Fig. ).
Apertures for tools (7) are opened.
Rear aperture (11) is opened.
9 Release buttons
for removing accessories from the rear
aperture. Press both buttons
10 Stand with cord store
For placing the appliance when taking
a reak from work and for winding up the
power cord.
11 Rear aperture with catch
for inserting accessories, e.g. high-speed
hand blender
12 Stirrer
13 Kneading hook
some models
14 High-speed hand blender
15 Blender jug with lid
16 Universal cutter
With the universal cutter use the appliance at
full power to prepare honey spread (accor-
ding to the recipe). You can find the recipe in
the operating instructions of the universal
If an accessory is not supplied as standard,
it can be ordered from customer service.
High-speed hand blender:
stainless steel
Universal cutter:
When using the accessories, follow the
separate operating instructions for the
Before using the appliance for the first
time, clean base unit and tools.
Always unwind power cord completely.
Important information
When the rear aperture is open,
the appliance can be operated using
instantaneous switching only. Selector
switch 1–5 will not function. Move slide for
actuating the lock in switch position 0/off
Risk of injury from rotating drive!
Never grip the rotating tools.
Do not attach or remove tools until the
appliance is at a standstill – when
switched off, the appliance continues
running briefly.
Protect long hair or loose items of clothing
to prevent them from becoming caught in
the rotating tools.
Base unit with tools
An especially good result is achieved if the
tools are used for the following applications:
Stirrers for ...
... Sauces, egg whites, milk froth, cream,
mayonnaise, whipped cream and light
dough, e.g. cake mixture. Stirrers are not
suitable for processing heavy dough.
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