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Before replacing accessories or additional parts, which move during
operation, switch off the appliance and disconnect from the power
Always disconnect the appliance from the supply if it is left unattended
and before assembling, disassembling or cleaning.
Do not place the power cord over sharp edges or hot surfaces.
To prevent injury, a damaged power cord must be replaced by the
manufacturer or his customer service or a similarly qualified person.
Only our customer service may repair the appliance.
, Safety instructions for this appliance
Risk of injury
Electric shock risk
If the power is interrupted, the appliance remains switched on and
restarts when the power is restored. Switch off the appliance
Never immerse the base unit in liquids and do not clean in the
dishwasher. Do not use a steam cleaner!
Do not immerse the appliance in liquid above the joint between the
high-speed hand blender and base unit.
Do not use the appliance with damp hands.
Risk of scalding!
Caution when processing hot liquids.
Liquids may splash during processing.
Before using the high-speed hand blender in a cooking pot, take the
pot off the hotplate.
Risk of injury from rotating drive!
Never grip the rotating tools.
Do not attach or remove tools until the appliance is at a standstill –
when switched off, the appliance continues running briefly.
Protect long hair or loose items of clothing to prevent them from
becoming caught in the rotating tools.
Do not operate the appliance at no-load. Operate the appliance with
original accessories only. Insert tools of one type only (e.g. kneading
Recommendation: Never switch on the appliance for longer as you
need to processing the ingredients.
The blender jug is not suitable for use in the microwave.


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