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LG K4 2017 User Manual

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Table of Contents
MFL69870701 (1.0)


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for LG K4 2017

  • Page 1 USER GUIDE LG-M160 MFL69870701 (1.0)
  • Page 2 ENGLISH About this user guide Thank you for choosing this LG product. Please carefully read this user guide before using the device for the first time to ensure safe and proper use. • Always use genuine LG accessories. The supplied items are designed only for this device and may not be compatible with other devices.
  • Page 3 Instructional notices WARNING: Situations that could cause injury to the user and third parties. CAUTION: Situations that may cause minor injury or damage to the device. NOTE: Notices or additional information. About this user guide...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Guidelines for safe and efficient use Custom-designed Basic Functions Features Product components and accessories quick share Parts overview QuickMemo+ Turning on or off the power Do not disturb Installing the SIM card and Ringtone ID battery Charging the battery Optimizing battery life Inserting the memory card Removing the memory card Touch screen Home screen...
  • Page 5 Phone Sound & notification Messaging Display Camera General Gallery File Manager Weather Music Clock Calculator Appendix Tasks Voice Recorder LG Language Settings FM Radio LG Bridge Downloads 100 Phone software update Cell Broadcast 102 FAQ E-mail 105 Anti-Theft Guide Contacts 106 More information LG SmartWorld Calendar LG Backup RemoteCall Service...
  • Page 6: Read Before Use

    The first booting time may be longer than usual. Read before use • To purchase optional items, contact the LG Customer Information Centre for available dealers. • The appearance and specifications of the device are subject to change without notice. • Do not use LG products for other purposes than those originally intended. Using non-certified apps or software may damage the device and this is not covered by warranty.
  • Page 7: Exposure To Radio Frequency Energy

    The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. Tests for SAR are conducted using standardised methods with the device transmitting at its highest certified power level in all used frequency bands. • While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various LG device models, they are all designed to meet the relevant guidelines for exposure to radio waves. • The SAR limit recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is 2 W/kg averaged over 10 g of tissue.
  • Page 8 Information about the RF exposure from FCC In August 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, with its action in Report and Order FCC 96-326, adopted an updated safety standard for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC regulated transmitters. Those guidelines are consistent with the safety standard previously set by both international and U.S. standards. The design of this device complies with FCC guidelines and these international standards. Part 15.19 statement This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 9: Product Care And Maintenance

    Product care and maintenance • Always use genuine LG batteries, chargers and accessories approved for use with this particular device model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the device and may be dangerous.
  • Page 10 • Switch off the device in any area where you are required to by special regulations. For example, do not use your device in hospitals as it may affect sensitive medical equipment. • Do not handle the device with wet hands while it is being charged. It may cause an electric shock and can seriously damage your device. •...
  • Page 11: Electronics Devices

    Efficient device operation Electronics devices All devices may receive interference, which could affect performance. • Do not use your mobile phone near medical equipment without requesting permission. Please consult your doctor to determine if operation of your phone may interfere with the operation of your medical device. •...
  • Page 12: Avoid Damage To Your Hearing

    Avoid damage to your hearing To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Damage to your hearing can occur if you are exposed to loud sound for long periods of time. We therefore recommend that you do not turn on or off the handset close to your ear.
  • Page 13: Emergency Calls

    You do not need to completely discharge the battery before recharging. Unlike other battery systems, there is no memory effect that could compromise the battery’ s performance. • Use only LG batteries and chargers. LG chargers are designed to maximise the battery life. • Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery.
  • Page 14 Make sure to protect your personal information to prevent data leakage or misuse of sensitive information. • Always back up important data while using the device. LG is not responsible for any data loss. • Make sure to back up all data and reset the device when disposing of the device to prevent any misuse of sensitive information.
  • Page 15: Custom-Designed Features

    Custom-designed Features...
  • Page 16: Quick Share

    quick share You can share a photo or video to the app you want immediately after taking them. , then take a photo or record a video. Drag the quick share icon that appears after taking a picture or recording a video, and select an app to share it. Alternatively, tap and hold the Preview icon that appears after taking a picture or recording a video, and drag it to the quick share icon.
  • Page 17: Quickmemo

    QuickMemo+ QuickMemo+ overview You can make creative notes by using a variety options on this advanced feature of notepad, such as image management and screenshots, which are not supported by the conventional notepad. Creating a note QuickMemo+. to create a note. •...
  • Page 18: Managing Folders

    Writing notes on a screenshot While viewing the screen you want to capture, drag the status bar downwards and then tap Capture+. • The screenshot appears as the notepad background theme. Memo tools appear at the top of the screen. Take notes on the captured screen.
  • Page 19: Do Not Disturb

    Do not disturb You can limit or mute notifications to avoid disturbances for a specific period of time. Settings Sound & notification Do not disturb and then drag to activate it. Tap Sounds and vibrations and select the mode you want: •...
  • Page 20: Basic Functions

    Basic Functions...
  • Page 21: Product Components And Accessories

    Always use genuine LG Electronics accessories. Using accessories made by other manufacturers may affect your device's call performance or cause malfunctions. This may not be covered by LG's repair service. • If any of these basic items are missing, contact the dealer from which you purchased your device.
  • Page 22: Parts Overview

    Parts overview Microphone Earpiece Front Camera Lens Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor Volume Keys Charger/USB Port Headset Jack Rear Camera Lens Flash Power/Lock Key Speaker Microphone Basic Functions...
  • Page 23 • Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor - Proximity sensor: The proximity sensor turns off the screen and disables touch functionality when the device is in close proximity to the human body. It turns the screen back on and enables touch functionality when the device is outside a specific range. - Ambient light sensor: The ambient light sensor analyses the ambient light intensity when the auto-brightness control mode is turned on.
  • Page 24: Turning On Or Off The Power

    Turning on or off the power Turning on the power When the power is turned off, press and hold the Power/Lock Key. • When the device is turned on for the first time, initial configuration takes place. The first booting time for the smart phone may be longer than usual. Turning off the power Press and hold the Power/Lock key, then select Power off.
  • Page 25: Installing The Sim Card And Battery

    Installing the SIM card and battery Insert the SIM card provided by the device service provider, and the included battery. • Do not insert a memory card into the SIM card slot. If a memory card happens to be lodged in the SIM card slot, take the device to a LG Service Centre to remove the memory card. • Only the Nano SIM cards work with the device. To remove the back cover, hold the device firmly in one hand. With your other hand, lift off the back cover with your thumbnail as shown in the figure.
  • Page 26 Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot as shown in the figure. Make sure the gold contact area on the card is facing downward. Insert the battery. Basic Functions...
  • Page 27: Charging The Battery

    A computer can also be used to charge the battery by connecting the device to it using the USB cable. • Use only LG-approved chargers, batteries and cables. If you use unapproved chargers, batteries or cables, it may cause battery charging delay. Or this can cause the battery to explode or damage the device, which are not covered by the warranty.
  • Page 28: Optimizing Battery Life

    Optimizing battery life Extend your battery’ s power by turning off features that you do not need to run constantly in the background. You can monitor how applications and system resources consume battery power. Extending your device battery life • Turn off radio communications when you are not using.
  • Page 29: Inserting The Memory Card

    Inserting the memory card The device supports up to a 32GB microSD. Some memory cards may not be compatible with your device, depending on the memory card manufacturer and type. • Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with the device. If you use an incompatible card, it may damage the device or the memory card, or corrupt the data stored in it. Remove the back cover.
  • Page 30: Removing The Memory Card

    Do not remove the memory card while the device is transferring or accessing information. This may cause data to be lost or corrupted, or may damage the memory card or the device. LG is not responsible for losses that result from the abuse or improper use of memory cards, including the loss of data.
  • Page 31 Tapping and holding Tap and hold for several seconds to run a hidden function. Double-tapping Tap twice quickly to zoom in or out on a photo or map. Swiping Tap and hold an item, such as an app or widget, then swipe it to another location.
  • Page 32 Flicking Gently tap and hold on the screen, then flick left or right to quickly move to another panel. Pinching and spreading Pinch two fingers to zoom out such as on a photo or map. To zoom in, spread your fingers apart. •...
  • Page 33 • A touch screen failure may occur if you use the device near a magnetic, metallic or conductive material. • If you use the device under bright lights, such as direct sunlight, the screen may not be visible, depending on your position. Use the device in a shady location or a location with an ambient light that is not too bright and bright enough to read books.
  • Page 34: Home Screen

    Home screen Home screen overview The Home screen is the starting point for accessing various functions and apps on your device. Tap on any screen to directly go to the Home screen. You can manage all apps and widgets on the Home screen. Swipe the screen left or right to view all installed apps at a glance. To search for an app, use Google search. Home screen layout You can view all apps and organise widgets and folders on the Home screen. Status bar Weather widget Google search widget...
  • Page 35: Home Touch Buttons

    • Google search widget: Perform a Google search by inputting spoken or written keywords. • Folder: Create folders to group apps by your preferences. • Page icon: View the total number of Home screen canvases and the currently displayed canvas which is highlighted. • Quick access area: Fix main apps at the bottom of the screen so that they can be accessed from any Home screen canvas.
  • Page 36: Status Icons

    Status icons When there is a notification for an unread message, calendar event or alarm, the status bar displays the corresponding notification icon. Check your device’ s status by viewing notification icons displayed on the status bar. • : No signal • : Data is being transmitted over the network •...
  • Page 37: Notifications Panel

    Notifications panel You can open the notifications panel by dragging the status bar downwards. Use quick access icons in the notifications panel to easily and quickly turn a function on or off. Drag left or right on the list of quick access icons to select the function icon you want.
  • Page 38 Switching the screen orientation You can set the screen orientation to automatically switch, according to the device’ s orientation. On the notification panel, tap Rotation from the quick access icon list. Alternatively, tap Settings Display and activate Auto-rotate screen. Editing the Home screen On the Home screen, tap and hold on an empty space, then start the desired function.
  • Page 39 Viewing the background theme You can view only the background image by hiding apps and widgets on the Home screen. Spread two fingers apart while holding down on the Home screen. • To return to the original screen which displays apps and widgets, pinch your fingers on the Home screen or tap . Moving apps on the Home screen On the Home screen, tap and hold an app, then drag it to another location.
  • Page 40: Creating Folders

    Using folders from the Home screen Creating folders On the Home screen, tap and hold an app, then drag it over another app. • A new folder is created and the apps are added to the folder. Editing folders On the Home screen, tap a folder and then run the desired function. • To edit the folder name and colour, tap the folder name. • To add or remove apps from the list of apps, tap •...
  • Page 41: Screen Lock

    Screen lock Screen lock overview Your device’ s screen turns off and locks itself if you press the Power/Lock Key. This also happens after the device is left idle for a specified period of time. If you press the Power/Lock Key when a screen lock is not set, the Home screen appears immediately. To ensure security and prevent unwanted access to your device, set a screen lock.
  • Page 42: Lock Screen Settings

    • If you enter an incorrect pattern more than a specified number of times consecutively, you can unlock the screen by using your backup PIN. Lock screen settings You can customise the following lock screen settings. Settings Display Lock screen. Customise settings: •...
  • Page 43: Turning On The Screen

    KnockON You can turn the screen on or off by double-tapping the screen. • This option is available only on the Home screen provided by LG. It may not function properly on a custom launcher or on the Home screen installed by the user. • When tapping the screen, use your fingertip. Do not use a fingernail. • To use the KnockON feature, make sure that the proximity/light sensor is not blocked by a sticker or any other foreign substance. Turning on the screen Double-tap the middle of the screen.
  • Page 44: Device Encryption

    Creating a Knock Code Settings Display Lock screen Select screen lock Knock Code. Tap the squares in a pattern of your choice to create a Knock Code and tap NEXT. Input the created Knock Code again for verification, then tap CONFIRM. Set a backup PIN to use when the Knock Code is forgotten. Unlocking the screen with a Knock Code Unlock the screen by inputting the Knock Code you have created. Input your knock Code on the touch screen when the screen is turned off. • It is also possible to enter a Knock Code when the screen is turned on. Device encryption Encrypting your device Data is encrypted before saving on the device to protect the data. It is possible to read, write and copy data even when device encryption is set.
  • Page 45: Memory Card Encryption

    • Encrypted files are accessible only from the device where the files were encrypted. • The encrypted memory card cannot be used on another LG device. To use the encrypted memory card on another mobile device, initialize the card. •...
  • Page 46: Taking Screenshots

    Taking screenshots You can take screenshots of the current screen you are viewing. Via a shortcut Press and hold the Power/Lock key and the Volume Down (-) key at the same time for at least two seconds. • Screenshots can be viewed from the Screenshots folder in the Gallery. Via Capture+ On the screen where you want to take a screenshot, drag the status bar downwards, then tap Capture+.
  • Page 47: Entering Text

    Entering text Using Smart keyboard You can use Smart keyboard to enter and edit text. With Smart keyboard, you can view text as you type without bothering to alternate between the screen and a conventional keyboard. This allows you to easily find and correct errors when typing. Moving the cursor With Smart keyboard, you can move the cursor to the exact position you want. When typing text, tap and hold on the space bar and then drag left or right until the cursor moves to the position you want in the text.
  • Page 48 Changing the QWERTY layout You can add, delete or rearrange keys on the bottom row of the keyboard. Settings General Language & keyboard LG Keyboard Keyboard height and layout QWERTY keyboard layout. Alternatively, tap on the keyboard and tap Keyboard height and layout QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Page 49 This function may not be supported for some languages. Customising the keyboard height You can customise the keyboard height to maximise hand comfort when typing. Settings General Language & keyboard LG Keyboard Keyboard height and layout Keyboard height. Alternatively, tap on the keyboard and tap Keyboard height and layout Keyboard height.
  • Page 50 Splitting the keyboard You can split the keyboard in half and place each piece on either side of the screen when the screen is in landscape mode. Settings General Language & keyboard LG Keyboard Keyboard height and layout Split keyboard. Alternatively, tap on the keyboard and tap Keyboard height and layout Split keyboard.
  • Page 51: Copy And Paste

    Changing the keyboard You can change the input language and the keyboard type for each language. Settings General Language & keyboard LG Keyboard Select languages. Select a language and customise the keyboard type. Copy and Paste You can cut or copy text from an app, and then paste the text into the same app.
  • Page 52 Clip Tray If you copy or cut an image or text, it is automatically saved to the clip tray and can be pasted to any space at any time. On the keyboard, tap and hold and select Alternatively, tap and hold the text input window, then select CLIP TRAY.
  • Page 53: Useful Apps

    Useful Apps...
  • Page 54: Installing And Uninstalling Apps

    Installing and uninstalling apps Installing apps Access an app store to search and download apps. • You can use SmartWorld, Play Store or the app store provided by your service provider. • Some app stores may require you to create an account and sign in. • Some apps may charge fees. • If you use mobile data, you may be charged for data usage, depending on your pricing plan.
  • Page 55: Uninstalled Apps

    Uninstalling by using the settings menu Settings General Apps, select an app, then tap Uninstall. Uninstalling apps from the Play Store To uninstall an app, access the Play Store from which you download the app and uninstall it. Uninstalled apps You can view the uninstalled apps on the Home screen. You can also reinstall apps which were uninstalled within 24 hours from now. Uninstalled apps. Activate the desired function: •...
  • Page 56: Phone

    Phone Voice call Make a phone call by using one of the available methods, such as manually entering a phone number or making a call from the contact list or the list of recent calls. Making a call from the keypad Dial.
  • Page 57: Rejecting A Call

    Rejecting a call To reject an incoming call, drag to the outside of the circle on the incoming call screen. • To send a rejection message, drag to the outside of the circle. • To add or edit a rejection message, tap Settings Networks Call Decline and reject calls Decline with message.
  • Page 58 Making a three-way calling You can make a call to another contact during a call. During a call, tap Add call. Enter a phone number and tap • The two calls are displayed on the screen at the same time, and the first call is put on hold.
  • Page 59: Messaging

    Messaging Sending a message You can create and send messages to your selected contacts or all of your contacts using the Messaging app. • Sending messages abroad may incur additional charges. Consult with your service provider for more information. Specify a recipient and create a message. • To attach files, tap • To access optional menu items, tap . Tap Send to send the message.
  • Page 60: Camera

    Camera Starting the camera You can take a photo or record a video to keep the memorable moments. • Before taking a photo, wipe the camera lens with a microfibre cloth. If your finger touches the camera lens, you may get blurry photos. • If the battery level is lower than 5%, charge the battery before using the camera.
  • Page 61 Switching between cameras You can switch between the front and rear cameras to suit your shooting environment. On the camera screen, tap or drag the screen either up or down or left or right to switch between the front and rear cameras. Taking selfies •...
  • Page 62: Taking A Photo

    Taking a photo Tap the subject to focus the camera on. to take a photo. Alternatively, press a volume key. • When the screen is turned off or locked, start the camera by pressing the Volume Down (-) key twice. To activate this function, tap Settings General and turn on Shortcut keys. Recording a video Tap the subject to focus the camera on.
  • Page 63 Set the timer to automatically take photos after a specified period of time. Take photos with voice commands. (Available choices: Cheese, Smile, Whisky, Kimchi or LG) Display guide grids so that you can take photos or record videos based on the horizontal and vertical reference lines. Set the locations where you want to save photos and videos. These options appear when an external memory card is inserted.
  • Page 64: Taking Selfies

    Taking selfies You can use the front camera to view your face on the screen and take selfies. • When using the front camera, you can change in camera options how Customising camera options selfies are taken. See for details. Gesture shot You can take selfies by using gestures. Show your palm to the front camera and then clench your fist.
  • Page 65 Interval shot You can take continuous selfies. While using the front camera, tap and hold . You can also show your palm to the camera, then clench your fist twice quickly. • Four photos are taken at three second interval. Auto shot You can use the face detection feature to take selfies easily and conveniently.
  • Page 66: Gallery

    Gallery Gallery overview You can view and manage photos and videos saved on your device. • Saved photos and videos are displayed by the folder. Tap a folder and select a file. • View the selected file in full-screen mode. • Swipe left or right on the displayed photo or video screen to view the previous or next file. • Some file formats may not be supported, depending on the installed software. • Some files may not be opened due to encoding. • Files that exceed the size limit may cause an error. Viewing photos Access additional options.
  • Page 67: Editing Photos

    Editing photos While viewing a photo, tap Use a variety of effects and tools to edit the photo. to apply changes. Tap SAVE to save changes. • The changes are overwritten to the original file. • To save the edited photo as another file, tap Save copy.
  • Page 68: File Manager

    Deleting files You can delete files by using one of the following options: • Tap and hold a file from the file list, then tap Delete. • from the file list, then select files. Sharing files You can share files by using one of the following options: •...
  • Page 69: Music

    Music You can play and manage music files saved on your device. LG Music. Select a category. Select a music file. Switch to the playlist. Back to the previous screen. Access additional options. Add or delete favourites. Search for music files. Play in random order. Select a repeat mode. Open the music library. Adjust the sound volume. Tap to play the next file /...
  • Page 70: Clock

    Clock Alarm You can set an alarm to trigger it at a specified time. Clock Alarm. to add a new alarm. Configure the alarm settings and tap SAVE. • If you select a previously set alarm, you can edit the alarm. • To delete an alarm, tap at the top of the screen.
  • Page 71: Calculator

    • To restart a calculation, touch and hold the DEL button. Tasks You can register tasks to your device to easily manage schedules. LG Tasks. to add a task. Enter task details and then tap SAVE. Useful Apps...
  • Page 72: Voice Recorder

    Voice Recorder You can record and save your voice or others’ voices from important events. Recorded voice files can be played back or shared. Tools Voice Recorder. • To pause recording, tap to end recording. • The file is saved automatically and the pre-listen screen appears. to play the recorded voice. •...
  • Page 73: Cell Broadcast

    If you use mobile data, you may be charged for data usage fee depending on your pricing plan. Consult with your service provider for more information. Registering email accounts When you use the email app for the first time, register your email account. LG E-mail. Select an email service provider. Enter your email address and password and then tap NEXT to register your account •...
  • Page 74: Contacts

    To access optional menu items, tap . to send the email. Contacts Contacts overview You can save and manage contacts. LG Contacts. Adding contacts Adding new contacts On the contact list screen, tap Enter contact details and tap SAVE. Useful Apps...
  • Page 75: Importing Contacts

    Importing contacts You can import contacts from another storage device. On the contact list screen, tap More Manage contacts Import. Select the source and target locations of the contact you want to import, and then tap OK. Select contacts and tap IMPORT. Adding contacts to the speed dial list On the contact list screen, tap Speed dial.
  • Page 76: Lg Smartworld

    On the contact list screen, tap Groups New group. Enter a new group name. Tap Add members, select contacts, then tap ADD. Tap SAVE to save the new group. LG SmartWorld You can download a variety of games, audio content, apps and fonts provided by LG Electronics. Customise your device to suit your preferences by using Home themes, keyboard themes and fonts. •...
  • Page 77: Calendar

    Downloading SmartWorld app If SmartWorld app is not installed, follow these steps to download it. Settings General About phone Update Center App Updates. From the list, select SmartWorld and tap Download. Calendar Calendar overview You can use the calendar to manage events and tasks. Adding events Calendar.
  • Page 78: Lg Backup

    LG Backup You can back up, restore and move the data saved on your device. Management LG Backup. Alternatively, tap Settings General Backup & reset LG Backup. Follow the on-screen instructions to select whether to back up data in the preset backup folder on the device or to copy data to other devices.
  • Page 79: Remotecall Service

    RemoteCall Service Your device can be remotely diagnosed for resolving issues. First, make a phone call to the LG Customer Service Centre as follows: • To use this function, first you must agree to usage of the function. • If you use mobile data, you may be charged for data usage depending on your pricing plan.
  • Page 80: Play Music

    Gmail Register your Google email account to your device to check or send email. Maps Find your location or the location of a place on the map. View geographical information. YouTube Search and play videos. Upload videos on YouTube to share them with people around the world. Drive Upload, save, open, share and organise files from your device. Files accessible from apps can be accessed from anywhere, including online and offline environments.
  • Page 81: Phone Settings

    Phone Settings...
  • Page 82: Settings

    Settings You can customise the device settings in accordance with your preferences. Settings. • and enter a keyword in the search box to access a setting item. • to change the view mode. This user guide assumes that you are using the Tab view.
  • Page 83 Wi-Fi network settings On the settings screen, tap Networks Wi-Fi. • Switch to mobile data: If the mobile data connection function is activated but the device cannot connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection, the device automatically connects to the Internet via the mobile data connection. • : Customise Wi-Fi network settings. Wi-Fi Direct You can connect your device to other devices that support Wi-Fi Direct to share data directly with them.
  • Page 84: Sending Data Via Bluetooth

    Bluetooth You can connect your device to nearby devices that support Bluetooth to exchange data with them. Connect your device to a Bluetooth headset and a keyboard. This makes it easier to control the device. Pairing with another device On the settings screen, tap Networks Bluetooth. Drag to activate it. • Available devices appear automatically. • To refresh the device list, tap SEARCH. •...
  • Page 85: Mobile Data

    Mobile data You can turn on or off mobile data. You can also manage mobile data usage. Turning on mobile data On the settings screen, tap Networks Mobile data. Drag to activate it. Customising mobile data settings On the settings screen, tap Networks Mobile data. Customise the following settings: Mobile data: Set to use data connections on mobile networks.
  • Page 86: Usb Tethering

    This option uses mobile data and may incur data usage fees, depending on your pricing plan. Consult with your service provider for more information. • When connecting to a computer, download the USB driver from and install it on the computer. • You cannot send or receive files between your device and a computer while USB tethering is turned on. Turn off USB tethering to send or receive files. •...
  • Page 87: Bluetooth Tethering

    • This option uses mobile data and may incur data usage fees, depending on your pricing plan. Consult with your service provider for more information. • More information is available at this web site: Bluetooth tethering A Bluetooth-connected device can connect to the internet by using your device’ s mobile data. On the settings screen, tap Networks Tethering Bluetooth tethering and then drag to activate it.
  • Page 88: Mobile Networks

    Mobile networks You can customise mobile data settings. On the settings screen, tap Networks More Mobile networks. Customise the following settings: • Mobile data: Turn mobile data on or off. • Data roaming: Browse the web, use emails, multimedia messages and other data services overseas. • Network mode: Select a network type. • Access Point Names: View or change the access point for using mobile data services.
  • Page 89 Configuring VPN settings Tap a VPN from the VPNS list. Enter the VPN user account details and tap CONNECT. • To save the account details, select the Save account information checkbox. Printing You can connect your device to a Bluetooth printer and print photos or documents saved on the device. On the settings screen, tap Networks More Printing. •...
  • Page 90: Sound & Notification

    Sound & notification You can customise sound, vibrate and notification settings. On the settings screen, tap Sound & notification and customise the following settings: • Sound profile: Change the sound mode to Sound, Vibrate only, or Silent. • Volume: Adjust the sound volume for various items. Ringtone: Select a ringtone for incoming calls. Add or delete ringtones.
  • Page 91: Display

    Display You can customise detailed settings for each screen type. On the settings screen, tap Display and customise the following settings: • Home screen: Customise settings for the Home screen. See Home screen settings for details. Lock screen settings • Lock screen: Customise lock screen settings. See for details. • Home touch button combination: Set the Home touch buttons displayed at the bottom of all screens. Set which buttons are displayed, their position on the bar and what they look like.
  • Page 92: General

    On the settings screen, tap General Language & keyboard. Customise the following settings: • Language: Select a language to apply for the device. • Current keyboard: View the keyboard type currently in use. Select a keyboard to use when entering text. • LG Keyboard: Customise LG keyboard settings. • Google voice typing: Configure the options for text dictation by Google. • Text-to-speech output: Configure the settings for text-to-speech output. • Pointer speed: Adjust the pointer speed of a mouse or trackpad.
  • Page 93 • Camera: Save location information when taking photos or recording videos. • Google Location History: Configure the Google location history settings. Accounts & sync You can add or manage accounts, including a Google account. You can also sync particular apps or user information automatically. On the settings screen, tap General Accounts & sync. Customise the following settings: •...
  • Page 94 • Vision Screen colour adjustment: Adjust the display colour. • Vision Grayscale: Switch the screen to grayscale mode. • Vision End calls with the Power key: End a call by pressing the Power/Lock Key. • Hearing Captions: Turn on the subtitle service when playing videos for the hearing impaired. •...
  • Page 95: Shortcut Keys

    Shortcut keys You can use the volume keys to directly launch apps when the screen is turned off or locked. On the settings screen, tap General Shortcut keys. Drag to activate it. • Press the Volume Down (-) key twice to launch the Camera app when the screen is locked or turned off. Press the Volume Up (+) key twice to launch Capture+.
  • Page 96 • Unknown sources: Allow the installation of apps from non-Play Store apps. • Verify apps: Block the installation of harmful apps. Display a warning message when a harmful app is installed. • Credential protection: View the storage type where the security certificate will be saved. • Certificate management: Manage the security certificate saved on the device. •...
  • Page 97 Battery & power saving You can view the current battery information or turn on battery saver. On the settings screen, tap General Battery & power saving. Customise the following settings: • Battery usage: View the battery usage details. To view more details, select a specific item. •...
  • Page 98: About Phone

    You can back up data saved on your device to another device or account. Reset the device, if necessary. On the settings screen, tap General Backup & reset. Customise the following settings: • LG Backup: Back up and restore all data saved on the device. See LG Backup for details. • Back up my data: Back up your app data, Wi-Fi password and other settings to the Google server.
  • Page 99: Appendix

  • Page 100: Lg Language Settings

    Settings General Language & keyboard Language, and select a language. LG Bridge LG Bridge overview LG Bridge is an app that helps you manage the photos, songs, videos and documents saved on your LG smartphone from your computer conveniently. You can back up contacts, photos and more to the computer or update the device software. • See LG Bridge help for details.
  • Page 101: Phone Software Update

    This feature allows you to conveniently update the firmware on your phone to a newer version from the Internet without needing to visit a service centre. This feature will only be available if and when LG makes a newer firmware version available for your device.
  • Page 102 This feature allows you to conveniently update your phone’ s software to a newer version via OTA, without connecting using a USB cable. This feature will only be available if and when LG makes a newer firmware version available for your device. First check the software version on your mobile phone: Settings General About phone Update Center Software Update Check now for update.
  • Page 103: Faq

    This chapter lists some problems you might encounter when using your phone. Some problems require you to call your service provider, but most are easy to fix yourself. Message Possible causes Possible corrective measures There is no SIM card in Make sure the SIM card is SIM card error the phone or it is inserted correctly inserted. incorrectly. Move toward a window or Signal is weak or you are into an open area. Check the outside the carrier network.
  • Page 104 Charging error Plug the charger into a different No voltage outlet. Charger defective Replace the charger. Wrong charger Use only original LG accessories. Number not The Fixed dialling number Check the Settings menu and allowed function is on. turn the function off. Delete some data, such as...
  • Page 105 Message Possible causes Possible corrective measures Files do not Check the supported file Unsupported file format open formats. If you use a protection tape The screen or case, make sure it has not does not turn covered the area around the Proximity sensor problem on when I proximity sensor.
  • Page 106: Anti-Theft Guide

    Anti-Theft Guide Set up your device to prevent other people from using it if it’ s been reset to factory settings without your permission. For example, if your device is lost, stolen, or wiped, only someone with your Google account or screen lock information can use the device. All you need to make sure your device is protected is: •...
  • Page 107: More Information

    In addition to the source code, all referred license terms, warranty disclaimers and copyright notices are available for download. LG Electronics will also provide open source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution (such as the cost of media, shipping, and handling) upon email request to .
  • Page 108: Declaration Of Conformity

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, LG Electronics declares that this LG-M160 product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at Contact office for compliance of this product LG Electronics European Shared Service Center B. V . Krijgsman 1, 1186 DM Amstelveen, The Netherlands...
  • Page 109 Supported Frequency Bands Tx Output power GSM 900 33 dBm GSM 1800 30.5 dBm WCDMA B1 23 dBm WCDMA B8 23.5 dBm LTE B1 23 dBm LTE B3 22 dBm LTE B7 23.5 dBm LTE B8 23 dBm LTE B20 23.5 dBm BT 2.4GHz 6 dBm...
  • Page 110: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance

    WEEE collection point. For the most up to date information for your country please see Disposal of waste batteries/accumulators 1. This symbol may be combined with chemical symbols for mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or lead (Pb) if the battery contains more than 0.0005% of mercury, 0.002% of cadmium or 0.004% of lead.
  • Page 111 General Inquiries <LG Customer Information Centre> UK: 0344-847-5454 or +44-344-847-5454 IE: 01-686-9454 or +353-1-686-9454 * Make sure the number is correct before making a call.

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