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Mode Switch - Asus Cerberus User Manual

Multi-color backlit gaming keyboard
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To use the Rapid Fire mode:
1. Press [FN] + [End] and wait for the Win Lock key
red, indicating that the Rapid Fire mode is enabled.
2. Press a key or keys that you want to have repeating keystroke, and the
Win Lock LED flashes red.
3. Press [FN] + [ESC] once to end.
4. Press [FN] + [Q] to enable/disable the Rapid Fire mode.

Mode Switch

Gaming Profile
Normal Profile
NOTE: To switch profiles, press [FN] + [Caps Lock]. The backlight flashes
twice to indicate the profile mode switch.
Backlit setting
You can on-the-fly set the backlighting color of the keyboard to 343 color
There are several options for setting the backlight color:
• Press [FN] + [1]~[7] for pre-set colors.
• Press [FN] + [8]~[9], and use the [R], [G], or [B] keys to set up your
preferred color.
ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard
E11609_Cerberus_Gaming_Keyboard_UM_V3.indd 7
With 343-color backlight
The Macro, Swap and Rapid fire functions are enabled.
With mint color backlight
The Macro, Swap and Rapid fire functions are disabled.
to light up and turn
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