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Asus MW100 User Manual

Wireless smart plug
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Wireless Smart Plug
User Manual / 使用手冊
First Edition
December 2015



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  Summary of Contents for Asus MW100

  • Page 1 ASUS MW100 Wireless Smart Plug User Manual / 使用手冊 ET10651 15060-61503000 First Edition December 2015...
  • Page 2: Product Specifications

    NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice. Technical support This manual is a guide for setting up your device for the first time only. Actual product content and app screen may vary per firmware and updates. Please refer to the ASUS support site for more information:...
  • Page 3: Product Overview

    Power socket and power plug may vary in appearance, depending on models and your region. Power button with ON/OFF LED indicator Press this button to turn the ASUS MW100 on or off. The LED turns white when the ASUS MW100 is turned on.
  • Page 4 ZigBee button Press to connect with home gateway. Press and hold for 5 seconds to reset the device. NOTE: Ensure to reset your ASUS Smart Home device and delete the device from the companion app to remove it completely.
  • Page 5: System Requirements

    • Use soft, dry cloth to clean and avoid cleaning with water, alcohol or other chemicals. Installing ASUS SmartHome app • This device can be set up and operated though the companion app. Search for ASUS SmartHome and download the companion app through the Apple App Store or Google Play. • Ensure you have Internet connection before downloading. • Ensure your smartphone is connected to your router before setting Refer to a qualified...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    ASUS SmartHome APP. Launch the on the main page of Home Control to add devices for the home gateway. Tap Add Device to join your ASUS SmartHome device to the SmartHome Gateway. ZigBee button on your ASUS Smart Home device Press the to add the device.
  • Page 7: Additional Information

    NOTE: • Ensure the ASUS MW100 is plugged to a power source before connecting. Refer to the LED indicator to check the status of your device. • Ensure that your device is within 100 meters of your ASUS SmartHome Gateway, and there are no obstructions such as thick solid walls or other electronic devices that may cause interference. • The LED status indicator on your ASUS SmartHome Gateway will blink blue for sixty (60) seconds to indicate that devices can be added.
  • Page 8: Led 狀態指示燈

    產品規格 尺寸 87 x 51 x 53 mm 重量 無線連線 ZigBee PRO 操作範圍 100 公尺(無障礙物) 操作介面 ZigBee 鈕;電源按鈕 電源按鈕為白燈 LED 狀態指示燈 ZigBee 按鈕為藍燈 操作電壓 100 ~ 120VAC 過載電流保護 10 A 操作溫度 -10~40°C 操作濕度 0~90% 說明:規格若有變更恕不另行通知。 技術支援 此使用手冊為初次使用時的設定指南。實際產品內容與應用程式畫 面會因韌體與更新而不同。要獲得更多資訊,請造訪華碩支援網站:...
  • Page 9 產品功能介紹 電源插座 電源插座與插頭的外觀會因機型與銷售區域不同而有差 異。 具備 ON/OFF LED 指示燈電源按鈕 按下此按鈕以將華碩 MW100 通電或斷電。當華碩 MW100 開機時,LED 指示燈會亮起白燈。...
  • Page 10 ZigBee LED 狀態指示燈 LED 狀態指示燈的詳細說明請參考下表: 顏色 狀態 說明 裝置開機 亮起約 1 秒 按住 ZigBee 按鈕 藍燈恆亮 與智慧管家解除連線 約 5 秒 裝置辨識中 亮起約 5 秒 按下 ZigBee 按鈕與智 藍燈閃爍 與智慧管家連線 慧管家連線 ZigBee 按鈕 按下以與智慧管家連線。按住約 5 秒以重置裝置。 說明:請確認重置華碩智慧家庭裝置並將裝置從專屬應用 程式中完全刪除。...
  • Page 11 此裝置支援 100-120V,10A(最高 1200W)電子設備,請勿 使用此裝置連接冷氣、冰箱、烤箱或其他高耗電消費性電子設 備。 • 與此裝置連接之前,請先查看電子設備上的電源標籤。 • 請勿將此裝置連接延長線。 • 請勿嘗試自行修復此產品。 • 盡量避免接觸濕氣,包括潮濕的雙手以及直接碰觸液體。 • 請使用柔軟、乾燥的抹布擦拭,避免以水;酒精或其他化學物 質清潔。 安裝 ASUS SmartHome 應用程式 • 此裝置可以透過專屬應用程式設定與操作。請在 Apple App 商 店或 Google Play 商店搜尋並下載 ASUS SmartHome 應用程 式。 • 下載前請先確認您可以連線上網。 • 設定前請先確認您的智慧型手機已經與路由器連線。 最低系統需求請洽詢授權 經銷商或華碩網站 ASUS SmartHome...
  • Page 12 開始使用前 與 HG 100 連線 啟動 ASUS SmartHome APP。 點選智慧控制主頁的 圖示,為智慧管家新增裝置。 點選 新增裝置 以將您的華碩智慧家庭裝置新增至智慧管家。 按下華碩智慧家庭裝置上的 ZigBee 按鈕 以新增裝置。 說明:點選 Add Device(新增裝置)後,您可以按下華碩智慧家庭 裝置上的 ZigBee 按鈕 一次新增所有裝置。 所有裝置新增完成後,點選 完成。...
  • Page 13 說明: • 連線前請確認華碩 MW100 已經連接電源插座。請參考 LED 狀 態指示燈以檢視裝置狀態。 • 確認您的裝置與華碩智慧管家的距離在 100 公尺內,同時兩者 中間沒有像是厚牆或其他可能會造成干擾的電子裝置阻礙。 • 華碩智慧管家上的 LED 狀態指示燈將會閃爍藍燈約 60 秒,表 示可以新增此裝置。60 秒內可同時加入多個裝置,60 秒內若 成功加入智慧管家,該裝置燈暗。 • 請確認重置您的華碩智慧家庭裝置並從專屬應用程式中將此裝 置完全刪除。 其他資訊 • 此裝置預設為斷電。 • 此裝置每隔 10 分鐘便會向智慧管家更新量測電流量資料。您 可以透過專屬應用程式檢視資料。 • 當此裝置離線時,專屬應用程式將會顯示一個灰色圖示同時變 為無法設定。裝置將會每隔 10 分鐘更新一次。...
  • Page 14: Federal Communications Commission Interference Statement

    Federal Communications Commission Interference Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 15: Rf Exposure Warning

    ASUS Recycling/Takeback Services ASUS recycling and takeback programs come from our commitment to the highest standards for protecting our environment. We believe in providing solutions for you to be able to responsibly recycle our products, batteries, other components as well as the packaging materials.
  • Page 16: Informations Concernant L'exposition Aux Fréquences Radio (Rf)

    Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure Information The radiated output power of the Wireless Device is below the Industry Canada (IC) radio frequency exposure limits. The Wireless Device should be used in such a manner such that the potential for human contact during normal operation is minimized. This device has also been evaluated and shown compliant with the IC RF Exposure limits under mobile exposure conditions.
  • Page 17 CE. Per maggiori informazioni fate riferimento alla dichiarazione di conformità CE. Компания ASUS заявляет, что это устройство соответствует основным требованиям и другим соответствующим условиям европейских директив. Подробную информацию, пожалуйста, смотрите в декларации соответствия.
  • Page 18 Eesti Käesolevaga kinnitab AsusTek Inc., et see seade vastab CE direktiivide oluliste nõuetele ja teistele asjakohastele sätetele. Vt üksikasju CE vastavusdeklaratsioonist. Suomi AsusTek Inc. vakuuttaa täten, että tämä laite on CE-direktiivien olennaisten vaatimusten ja muiden asiaan kuuluvien lisäysten mukainen. Katso lisätietoja CE-vaati mustenmukaisuusvakuutuksesta.
  • Page 19 Slovensky Spoločnosť AsusTek Inc. týmto prehlasuje, že toto zariadenie vyhovuje príslušným požiadavkám a ďalším súvisiacim ustanoveniam smerníc ES. Viac podrobností si pozrite v prehlásení o zhode ES. Slovenščina AsusTek Inc. tukaj izjavlja, da je ta naprava skladna s temeljnimi zahtevami in drugimi relevantnimi določili direktiv CE. Za več informacij glejte Izjavo CE o skladnosti.
  • Page 20: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    We, the undersigned, Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Address: 4F, No. 150, LI-TE Rd., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Authorized representative in Europe: ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Address, City: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN Country: GERMANY declare the following apparatus: Product name :...
  • Page 21: Declaration Of Conformity

    , CA 94539. Address: 800 Corporate Way, Fremont Phone/Fax No: (510)739-3777/(510)608-4555 hereby declares that the product Product Name : ASUS Home Gateway Model Number : HG100 Conforms to the following specifications: FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Unintentional Radiators Supplementary Information: This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.