Nokia 1680 Getting Started

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  • Page 2 OVERVIEW This guide provides you with everything you need to get started. If you need additional information on features and services, please select one of these helpful options: Refer to your User Manual, Visit and click the Support tab, or On your phone, select Menu >...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TablE Of COnTEnTs Introducing your Phone ..............4 Service Activation ................. 5 SIM Card and Battery ................6 Call Functions ..................8 Contacts ....................9 myFaves Setup ..................10 ® Emergency Dialing ................17 Caring for your Phone ................18 Tips for Safety ..................19 Having fun Turn to the Having Fun section of this booklet to learn what else your new phone can do.
  • Page 4: Introducing Your Phone

    InTROduCIng yOuR pHOnE sERVICE aCTIVaTIOn Nokia 1680 If you are a new T-Mobile customer and your service has not been activated, simply call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 from your landline phone and a T-Mobile Activations representative will assist you. You will need the following information when activating service:...
  • Page 5: Sim Card And Battery

    sIm CaRd and baTTERy 3. Open the SIM card slot cover and place the SIM card into the Your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card identifies you to the slot with the golden contacts wireless network. Your phone will not work without the SIM card. facing down.
  • Page 6: Call Functions

    Call funCTIOns COnTaCTs Add Contacts Using Your Phone To make a call, type the number and press the green Send key. 1. From the main screen, type the To answer a call, select Answer or press the green Send key. contact’s phone number.
  • Page 7 Subscribe to myFaves sETup To subscribe, go to myFaves ® is an optional calling plan. Benefits of signing up to myFaves: When you have subscribed to myFaves, you will see five circles on the main Unlimited nationwide calling to any five U.S. numbers, screen a few minutes after you power on any network (even landlines)* on your phone.
  • Page 8 Assign icon to myFaves ® Assign ringtone to myFaves ® 4. Scroll to Icon and select Change. 7. Scroll to Ringtone and select Change. 5. Select one of the following: 8. Select one of the following: Take a picture: Frame the subject and select Capture. Default: Select to use the default ringtone Move the circle to the desired location and select Crop.
  • Page 9 ® ® Edit myFaves Replace myFaves contacts Names, icons, and ringtones: You can change names, icons, and 1. From the main screen, scroll to the contact and press the ringtones at any time. Center Select key. 2. Select Options > Replace contact. Phone numbers: You can only change a contact’s phone number once per calendar month.
  • Page 10: Emergency Dialing

    ® EmERgEnCy dIalIng Move myFaves Contact to Another Circle 1. From the main screen, scroll to While all phones are equipped with 911 emergency calling, this the contact and press the Center phone may or may not permit its location to be approximated Select key.
  • Page 11: Caring For Your Phone

    CaRIng fOR yOuR pHOnE TIps fOR safETy MAKING IT LAST Check with your doctor if you have a pacemaker or hearing aid in order to ensure that your cell phone is safe to use with your device. If you Your phone is a complex electronic device; think of it as a mini- have questions about the interaction of cellular radio frequency and any computer.
  • Page 14 Table of Contents Text Messaging ..................2 Picture Messaging ................5 Video Messaging .................. 6 Instant Messaging (IM) ................. 8 myFaves .................... 10 ® Call myFaves Contact .............. 10 Send Text Message ..............10 Send Picture Message ............. 11 Send Audio Postcard ............... 12 Send Video Message ...............
  • Page 15: Text Messaging

    Text Messaging 4. Select Recently used, Call log, Contacts, or Contact groups. Your phone supports four text modes: 5. Select the desired contact. Traditional mode: This mode allows you to type letters by pressing 6. Type your message and the key until the correct letter displays. For example, to type the, select Send.
  • Page 16: Picture Messaging

    Picture Messaging Take and Send Pictures 1. From the main screen, select Menu > Camera. 2. Frame the subject and select Capture. 3. Select Send. 4. At To, select Add. You can also type the phone number if the contact is not in your phone book.
  • Page 17: Video Messaging

    Video Messaging Record and Send Videos 1. From the main screen, select Menu > Camera. 2. Select Options > Video. 3. Frame the subject and select Record and then select Stop when done. 4. Select Options > Send. 5. Select Messasge. 6.
  • Page 18: Instant Messaging (Im)

    Instant Messaging Access and Send Instant Messages James05 1. From the main screen, select Menu. 2. Select Instant Messaging. movie @ 7.15. don’t b late. 3. Select AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo! Messenger. 4. Type your username and password to sign in to your account to send IM messages to your contacts.
  • Page 19: Call Myfaves Contact

    Send Picture Message 1. From the main screen, scroll to the contact Call myFaves Contact ® and press the Center Select key. 2. Select Send picture. From the main screen, scroll to the contact and press the green Send key. 3.
  • Page 20: Send Audio Postcard

    Send Audio Postcard 3. Select one of the following: Record video: Frame your subject and select Record. 1. From the main screen, scroll to the contact Select Stop when done. Select Send. and press the Center Select key. Videos: Select the desired video. Scroll down to 2.
  • Page 21: Fun Downloads With T-Zones

    Fun Downloads with Browse t-zones free on your phone by going to the main screen and ® selecting t-zones or by going to Menu > t-zones > t-zones. At t-zones, you can download fun stuff for your phone like myFaves icons, ringtones, ®...
  • Page 22: Accessories For Your Phone

    Accessories for your Phone ADDITIonAl InForMATIon myFaves Elements: myFaves not available with all rate plans. myFaves Whether you are looking for a charger, a fashionable carrying case, or just want numbers may be changed only once per calendar month. myFaves plans not to browse for fun extras for your phone, T-Mobile is the place to shop for acces- available with all rate plans.