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Philips DVAA Series Installation Instructions Manual

Dvaa series disk array for dvr1 series digital video recorder.
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DVAA Series Disk Array
for DVR1 Series
Digital Video Recorder
Security & Imaging


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   Summary of Contents for Philips DVAA Series

  • Page 1

    DVAA Series Disk Array for DVR1 Series Digital Video Recorder Philips Communication, Security & Imaging...

  • Page 2

    To prevent fire and electronic shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture. The lightning flash with the arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert th e user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the products enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Installation... 3 Product Description...3 Unpacking...3 Installation Environment...3 Rear Panel Diagram...4 Connections...4 Power-Up ...5 Front Panel Indicators ...5 DVAA/DVR1 Installation ... 7 Connecting to the DVR1...7 Configuring the DVR1...7 DVR1 Archiving Limitations:...7 Adding Hard Drives ... 8 Opening The DVAA...8 Identifying The Components ...8 Mounting The Hard Drives ...9 Configuring Master/Slave ...9 Connecting Hard Drives...10...

  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation 1.1 Product Description The DVAA is a large, economical, hard drive based storage/archive device. It is available with 4 hard disk drives (model DVAA0412) or 8 hard disk drives (model DVAA0812). The DVAA0412 unit can later be repopulated with additional hard drives.

  • Page 5: Rear Panel Diagram

    1.4 Rear Panel Diagram Rear Panel Elements Cooling Fan: Do not obstruct. Power Connector, Voltage Selector and On/Off Switch IEEE-1394 Firewire Ports 1 and 2* 10/100 Ethernet Port* SCSI Ports 1 and 2 Dip Switches* RS-232 Port Alarm Out Relay Connection* 1.5 Connections NOTE: * The Ethernet, Aux dip switch, Alarm output and IEEE-1394 Firewire ports are...

  • Page 6: Power-up

    DB-9 Pin Configuration For RS-232 Port Not Connected Ground 1.6 Power-Up Select the correct voltage before supplying power to the unit. Use the voltage selector switch located on the rear panel of the unit, between the power connector and the On/Off Switch.

  • Page 7: Lcd Display

    Hard Drive Activity Indicators (Red Lights) The light blinks when the drive is being accessed (read or write). Ethernet Indicators Reserved for future use. LCD Display Once power-up is complete, the LCD will display the total disk storage capacity of the unit. Key Pad Reserved for future use.

  • Page 8: Dvaa/dvr1 Installation

    The Philips DVAA Disk Array is only compatible with the DVR1 series digital video recorder. 2.1 Connecting to the DVR1 1) Connect the SCSI cable from the DVR1 to the DVAA series disk array. 2) Apply Power to the DVAA and wait 20 seconds 3) Apply Power to the DVR1 2.2 Configuring the DVR1...

  • Page 9: Adding Hard Drives

    3. Before restoring archive data from the disk array (searching the disk array’s indexes), the DVR1 must stop recording. Adding Hard Drives This section is required if your unit was shipped without hard drives installed, or if the user needs to replace a faulty drive. Caution: Do not allow any metal object to contact the motherboard.

  • Page 10: Mounting The Hard Drives

    Motherboard Overview Power Supply Load Resistors Jumpers IDE Power Connectors Connectors 3.3 Mounting The Hard Drives First remove the hard drive support bracket. Orient the hard drive so that the IDE Power Connector is near the bottom of the chassis and facing the motherboard. Populate the drive array in order, starting from the left.

  • Page 11: Connecting Hard Drives

    3.5 Connecting Hard Drives Use an IDE cable to connect drives as shown in the previous diagram. When attaching the IDE connector, make sure the connectors are oriented properly. Connecting To The Motherboard The red stripe on the connection ribbon should connect nearest the Pin 1 indicator Pin 1 Indicator...

  • Page 12: Compatible Hard Drives

    3.7 Compatible Hard Drives The following is a list of hard drives that are compatible with the DVAA series disk array. Maxtor Drives Model Vulcan Vulcan Romulus Galaxy Galaxy IBM Drives Model Part Number 4W030H2 4W100H2 4D120J6 4K040H2 4K080H2 Part Number...

  • Page 13: Warranty

    Factory Service Refer all Service to qualified personnel. Contact the local Philips representative for service. Service Centers: USA: Ph: 800-366-2283 Central & S. America: 805-967-7917 (fax: 800-366-1329) (e-mail:

  • Page 14

    © 2002 by Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 3935 890 41711 02-19 All Rights Reserved. Philips ® is a registered trademark of Philips Electronics N. A. Corp. Data subject to change without notice...

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