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Product Record; Serial Plate Location; Grounding Instructions; Liquefi Ed Petroleum (Propane) Gas Conversion - Frigidaire RC30DG60PS Use & Care Manual

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Product Record

In this space below, record the date of purchase, model and
serial number of your product. You will fi nd the model and
serial number printed on the serial plate. This serial plate is
located under the cooktop. See bottom of this page for the

serial plate location.

Model No. _____________________________________
Serial No. ______________________________________
Date of purchase _______________________________
Save these instructions and your sales receipt for future
Conversion to Liquefi ed Petroleum Gas (or L.P. Gas)
This natural gas appliance is designed to allow for
conversion to Liquefi ed Petroleum (L.P.) Gas.
Only a qualifi ed service agent should perform the L. P.
conversion. Contact the local gas provider for conversion.
The L. P. Conversion Kit is supplied with this unit and
is located in the literature package. The kit contains

Grounding Instructions

For personal safety, the cooktop must be properly grounded. For maximum
safety, the power cord must be plugged into an electrical outlet that is
correctly polarized and properly grounded.
DO NOT operate the cooktop using a 2-prong adapter or an extension
cord. If a 2-prong wall receptacle is the only available outlet, it is the
personal responsibility of the consumer to have it replaced with a properly
grounded 3-prong wall receptacle installed by a qualifi ed electrician.
See the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS packaged with this cooktop for
complete installation and grounding instructions.
This appliance is equipped with a 3-prong
grounding plug for your protection against shock hazard
and should be plugged directly into a properly grounded
receptacle. DO NOT cut or remove the grounding prong
from this plug.
Serial Plate Location
Please see the illustration for exact location. Remember to
record the serial number for future reference.
Serial plate is
located under
the burner box.
installation instructions which must be read before and
followed carefully when installing the kit.
To avoid serious injury, any additions,
changes or conversions required in order for this appliance
to satisfactorily meet the application needs must be made
by a qualifi ed service agent.
type wall
Avoid fi re hazard or electrical shock. DO
NOT use an adapter plug, an extension cord, or remove
grounding prong from electrical power cord. Failure to follow
this warning can cause serious injury, fi re or death.
4 4
Grates for
purpose only
DO NOT, under
any circumstances,
cut, remove,
or bypass the
grounding prong.
Power supply
cord with 3-prong
grounding plug



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