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Installation And Checkout; Remove Furnace Filter And Clean Blower Compartment; Connect Ductwork; Install Filter Cartridge - Honeywell F200E Product Data

Charged-media air cleaner
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When Installing this Product...
1. Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow them
could damage the media air filter or cause a hazardous
2. Check the ratings given in the instructions and on the
media air cleaner to make sure the product is suitable
for your application.
3. Installer must be a trained, experienced service
Remove Furnace Filter And Clean Blower
Before starting the installation, remove and discard the
existing furnace filter (if used). Thoroughly clean the blower
compartment. If possible, power vacuum the ductwork to
remove accumulated dust in an occupied home or remove
construction dirt in a new home. The media air cleaner cannot
remove dirt that has settled in the blower compartment and
distribution ducts.
Install The Cabinet
The following procedure describes a typical side installation
on an existing highboy furnace. Alternate procedures are
noted as appropriate. Other changes in installation
procedures may be necessary to complete your installation.
Review The Installation Plan
Temporarily place the cabinet on the floor, oriented as it will
be when installed. Insert and remove the cartridge to make
sure the plan allows adequate clearance for easy removal
and replacement of the cartridge.
Make sure that shop-fabricated sheetmetal components, such
as turning vanes, are available.
Fasten The Cabinet To The Furnace
Align the cabinet with the return air opening. Place blocks
under the cabinet, as necessary, to make sure the unit sits
securely. Create an opening in the furnace to match the
cabinet opening. Attach the cabinet securely to the furnace.
Attach the unit directly or fit a starting collar in the furnace
opening. Either drill holes and fasten with sheetmetal screws
or rivets, or use slip joints. If you are drilling holes, use a
locking pliers to help hold the unit in place during drilling.
Install Turning Vanes
Install turning vanes to help distribute air equally over the full
surface of the upstream side of the media. Install them
whenever an abrupt 90 degree elbow is installed directly
against the media air cleaner cabinet.
Fasten Cabinet To Ductwork
Fasten side of cabinet to the ductwork using sheet-metal
screws, rivets, or slip joints, as appropriate.

Connect Ductwork

Connect the vertical duct section to the elbow. If the vertical
drop of the duct is less than 7 in. (178 mm) from the side of
the furnace, shorten the horizontal trunk or attach an offset
fitting to the elbow. See Fig. 12. When ductwork is properly
aligned, connect the vertical duct to the horizontal trunk.
Seal Joints
Seal all joints in the return air system between the media air
filter and the furnace to prevent dust from entering the clean

Install Filter Cartridge

Slide the filter cartridge into the cabinet, making sure the
arrow on the cartridge points in the direction of air flow.
Replace access door. Insert the tab on the bottom of the door
into the slot in the cabinet. Swing the door closed and press it
into place.
Install RF AIRWATCH™ Indicator
The AIRWATCH Indicator provides a signal when the F200F
filter needs replacing. When the filter begins restricting airflow
because of accumulated dirt, pressure sensors in the F200E
initiate a radio frequency signal to be sent to the AIRWATCH
Indicator. The AIRWATCH Indicator also provides the
capability to track when the humidifier pad and the ultraviolet
air treatment lamps need replacing.
To set up the AIRWATCH Indicator to accept signals
from the F200E transmitter:
Push and hold the AIRWATCH Indicator button until all
four arrows come on (about five seconds).
Push the reset button on the F200E door within two
Observe that the Indicator arrows continue to flash for
about two minutes and then automatically reset.
The AIRWATCH Indicator default setting is UV Light and
Humidifier timers are disabled; the Filter indicator is always
enabled. To display active timers:
1. Press and hold the button on the AIRWATCH Indicator for
about three seconds.
2. Observe the arrow showing the active timer(s).
To activate a timer:
1. Press and release the AIRWATCH Indicator button until
the desired device is selected, as indicated with the
flashing arrow.
2. Press and hold the button until the arrow stops flashing.
3. Release the button while the arrow is on.



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