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Philips DVD763SA/001 Service Manual

Dvd-video player.
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DVD-Video Player
Copyright 2002 Philips Consumer Electronics B.V. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a
retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise without the prior permission of Philips.
Published by MW 0265 Service PaCE
Technical Specs and Connection Facilities
Directions for Use
Block-, Wiring Diagram and Testpoint Overview
Testpoint Overview AV Board
Electrical Diagrams and Print-Layouts
AV Board: SYS Clk & Control
Front Board: Display
Front Board: Standby
Printed in the Netherlands
DVD763SA /001 /021 /051
Diagram PWB
(Diagram A1) 47
(Diagram A2) 48
(Diagram A3) 49
(Diagram A4) 50
(Diagram D) 57
(Diagram S) 61
(Diagram S1) 62
(Diagram S2) 63
Subject to modification
EN 3122 785 12310


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   Summary of Contents for Philips DVD763SA/001

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise without the prior permission of Philips. Published by MW 0265 Service PaCE...
  • Page 2: Specifications

    EN 2 DVD763SA 1. Technical Specifications and Connection Facilities Specifications PLAYBACK SYSTEM DVD Video SACD multi channel and SACD stereo Video CD & SVCD CD (CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable) MP3 CD TV STANDARD (PAL/50Hz) (NTSC/60Hz) Number of lines Playback Multistandard (PAL/NTSC) VIDEO PERFORMANCE RGB (SCART) output 0.7 Vpp into 75 ohm...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions, Warnings, Notes, And Service

    2. Safety Instructions, Warnings and Notes Safety Instructions 2.1.1 General Safety Safety regulations require that during a repair: • Connect the unit to the mains via an isolation transformer. Replace safety components, indicated by the symbol , • only by components identical to the original ones. Any other component substitution (other than original type) may increase risk of fire or electrical shock hazard.
  • Page 4: Hints

    EN 4 DVD763SA Service Hints 2.3.1 Switched Mode Power Supply The power supply unit has to be replaced in case of failure. The schematic provided in the manual is only for information and no service parts will be available. 2.3.2 DVD Module This module can be repaired as follows: 1.
  • Page 5: Mechanical- And Dismantling Instructions

    EN 20 DVD763SA Mechanical- and Dismantling Instructions 4. Mechanical- and Dismantling Instructions Dismantling Instructions...
  • Page 6 Mechanical- and Dismantling Instructions DVD763SA EN 21 Figure 4-1 Exploded view...
  • Page 7: Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting And Test Instructions

    The dealer script can give a diagnosis on a standalone DVD player, no other equipment is needed to perform a number of hardware tests to check if the DVD player is faulty. The diagnosis is simply a "error" or "pass" message. No indication is given of faulty hardware modules.
  • Page 8 The player script contains all nuclei that are useful on a DVD player that is connected to a TV set and help to determine which module of the DVD player is faulty, as well as to read out the contents of the error logs.
  • Page 9: Remote Control Test

    The user can leave the keyboard test by pressing the PLAY key CL 16532162_031.eps on the local display of the DVD player for at least one full 080102 second. The result of the keyboard test is shown on local display as...
  • Page 10 In this example 23 is the hexidecimal code of the pressed RC key. The user can leave the remote-control test by pressing PLAY on the local keyboard of the DVD player. The remote control test is successful if a code was received before the user pressed the PLAY key.
  • Page 11: Cl 16532 162

    EN 26 DVD763SA Mono PCB Digital Part 5.4.1 Picture Test The picture test is performed by putting a predefined picture (colour bar) on the display (nucleus VideoColDencOn), and asking the user for confirmation. The display will show the following message: Figure 5-18 By pressing OPEN/CLOSE the user confirms the test, pressing STOP will indicate the picture was invisible or incorrect.
  • Page 12: Dvd763sa 5. En

    Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions Basic Engine 5.5.1 Version Number In the basic engine tests, the version number of the Basic Engine will be shown first, as the following example: Figure 5-22 By pressing the PLAY key, the Basic Engine tests are started. 5.5.2 Tray Test First, the tray is tested.
  • Page 13 By pressing PLAY the user can continue to the next test. Loop Test (See Table Below) At the start of the loop test, the local display of the DVD player will show the interactive player test result readout in the following display: CL 16532162_041.eps...
  • Page 14 Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions After one loop cycle: Display the 3-digit module bits together with the last error code which occured in the loop test. The 4 digits at the right side of the display (fig. 5-34) show the last error that was found during the loop test.
  • Page 15 EN 30 DVD763SA Error Code Error name Explanation 0008 SP_CONTINU Sequence of sectors coming ITYERROR from disc is incorrect. Reason: see SP_SYNCERROR 0009 DMX_CONTI Sequence of sectors is incorrect. NUITYERRO Reason: problem with buffer 000A LLD_ERROR An illegal audio format was offered to the decoder.
  • Page 16 19200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control. The free COM port must be connected via a special cable to the RS232 port of the DVD player. This special cable will also connect the test pin, which is available on the connector, to ground (i.e.
  • Page 17 EN 32 DVD763SA Table 5-1 Basic diagnostic nuclei Ref. # Reference Name Remark BasicSpAcc Serial port Access test/ initialization BasicInterconDram Data and address bus Interconnection (only for development) BasicInterconSdram Data and address bus interconnection BasicDramWrR DRAM Write Read (only for development) BasicSdramWrR SDRAM Write Read...
  • Page 18: P50 Loopback Test

    Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions Table 5-5 Video Ref. # Reference Name Remark VidPortOutAA Output the value 0XAA at the Digital Video Interfac e Port VidPortOut55 Output the value 0X55 at the Digital Video Interfac e Port VideoColDencOnPAL Colourbar (PAL) DENC VideoColDencOff Colourbar DENC Off...
  • Page 19 EN 34 DVD763SA Table 5-9 Basic engine Ref. # Reference Name Remark BeVer Version number BeFocusOn Focus On BeFocusOff Focus Off BeDiscmotorOn Discmotor On BeDiscmotorOff Discmotor Off BeRadialOn Radial control On BeRadialOff Radial control Off BeSledgeIn Sledge Inwards BeSledgeOut Sledge Outwards BeGroovesIn jump Grooves to Inside BeGroovesMid...
  • Page 20 Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions MAIN > BASIC ENGINE MENU Reset [44] Version [37] S2B... Loader Mechanism... Special Diagnostics... MAIN > PROCESSOR PERIPHERALS MENU Clock... Flash... NVRAM... SDRAM Write/Read [16] MAIN > ERROR LOG MENU Read Last Errors [31] Read Error Bits [32]...
  • Page 21: Code Error Text

    EN 36 DVD763SA MAIN > AUDIO > EXT DAC BOARD > LOW POWER STANDBY 1. Low Power Standby On [81a] 2. Low Power Standby Off [81b] MAIN > AUDIO > EXT DAC BOARD > DAC MODE MENU 1. DAC CDDA Mode [80a] 2.
  • Page 22 Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions 5.8.2 Basic Engine Nuclei Error code Error text 3900 Test successful 3901 “Parity error from Basic Engine to Serial” 3902 “Unexpected response from Basic Engine” 3903 “Communication time-out error” 3904 “Basic Engine returned error number 0xXX” 3921 “Parity error from Basic Engine to Serial”...
  • Page 23: Parity Error From Basic Engine To Serial

    EN 38 DVD763SA Error code Error text 5820 Test successful 5840 Test successful 5860 Test successful 5801 "Unexpected response from Basic Engine" 7000 "Manuf. ID: <XX>" "Device ID: <YY>" 7001 "Comm Test Failed" 7002 "Load Cmd Failed" 7003 "Load Dat Failed" 7004 "Run Cmd Failed"...
  • Page 24: Read

    Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions 5.8.5 Log Nuclei Error code Error text 3100 "Show error log" 3101 "Error log is invalid" 3102 "Error log could not be read from NVRAM" 3103 "I2C bus busy before start" 3200 "Show error bit" 3201 "Error log is invalid"...
  • Page 25: Found

    EN 40 DVD763SA Test Instruction Front Display and Audio/ Video Board These test instruction is designed specifically for SACD 2002 single disc models which has the following outputs: • 6 Channel Audio output • Coaxial / Optical digital output • CVBS •...
  • Page 26 5.9.9 IR Receiver Check at pin 22 of 7101 and observe if this line switches from LOW (<0.3V) to HIGH (>4.5V) when pressing a key on a philips RC5 or RC6 remote control 5.9.10 P50 Interface P50 (or Easylink) is a bi-directional serial interface for communication between video equipment.
  • Page 27 EN 42 DVD763SA Diagnostic Software, Trouble Shooting and Test Instructions Personal Notes:...
  • Page 28: Block Diagram

  • Page 29: Wiring Diagram

    Block and Wiring Diagram. Wiring Diagram DVD763SA EU BLUE Scart SCART_L C_Scart 0|6|12 GREEN Scart +5V_Powe r AMUTE SCART_R SCL_5V RED Scar t +12VSTBY SDA_5V Y Scar t CVBS_Scart 1300 22P Flex Cable Connector SCART SWITCH 1107 3139 110 36281 22p ( 80mm ) 0360 1420...
  • Page 30 Block and Wiring Diagram. AV Board Testpoint Overview I100 A3 I113 A2 I127 A7 I143 A1 I204 B14 I221 C10 I101 A3 I114 A2 I128 C8 I144 A8 I205 B13 I222 B8 I102 A3 I115 A2 I130 A7 I145 C7 I206 C15 I223 C9 I103 A3...
  • Page 31: Power Supply Unit

    Electrical Diagrams 7. Electrical Diagrams Power Supply Unit DVD763SA EU 3111 1110 VALUE F101 B57153 F102 0102 5115 6110 CU15D3 F103 F104 6114 0103 2112 6125 BZX384-C15 1N4148 F111 F112 0104 7130 TY72011P2 DEMAG DRIVE ISENSE DVD763SA 2190 5190 6270 3270 F105 BAV21...
  • Page 32 Electrical Diagrams AV-Board: Clock & Control AV_SYS CLK & CONTROL I120 1400 384 FS SEL3 3100 A2-1 100R I110 3101 2102 SDT3 A2-2 100R 3102 2103 SEL2 A2-3 100R I112 A1-15 3103 SDT2 A2-4 100R 3104 SEL1 A2-5 100R I114 3105 SDT1 A2-6...
  • Page 33: Av Board: Video Dac

    Electrical Diagrams AV-Board: Video DAC AV_VIDEO DAC +3V3_DAC +5VA 100n 2200 2201 2202 2203 100n 7200 CS4362 A1-16 RESET +3V3_DAC VOLUME CONTROL INTERPOL FILTER RST_ 2204 MIXER 43 VLS VOLUME CONTROL INTERPOL FILTER 2205 100n 9 SCLK1 7 LRCK1 A1-8 BCLK 12 SCLK2 VOLUME CONTROL...
  • Page 34: Av Board: Audio

    Electrical Diagrams AV-Board: Audio AV_AUDIO 3304 3307 AVCC_A +8VA -8VA 3305 3308 AVCC_B 3306 3309 AVCC_C I330 I200 3300 A2-27 AOUTR_POS 3301 3302 200mV / div AC 10ms / div I201 I333 3310 A2-28 AOUTR_NEG 3311 2306 3312 560p A2-25 AOUTL_POS 3314 200mV / div AC...
  • Page 35: Av Board: Video

    Electrical Diagrams AV-Board: Video 1403 Blue_Scart A4-64 AV_VIDEO I400 A4-65 Green_Scart I401 A4-66 Red_Scart I402 A4-67 Y_Scart ONLY FOR SCART I403 SCART_L A2-42 I231 +5V_Power SCART_R A2-40 +12VSTBY I234 A4-68 CVBS_Scart +5VVID +5VVID +5VVID I407 I406 A4-69 C_Scart 0|6|12 A4-70 7422 7420 7424...
  • Page 36 Electrical Diagrams Layout AV-Board (Overview Top Side) 1100 B12 1445 A1 2207 A6 2308 C7 2322 C6 2405 B1 1200 B3 1446 D1 2209 A8 2310 C7 2323 C6 2406 D2 1400 A15 2102 A14 2210 C9 2312 B5 2324 B6 2408 D14 1401 E8 2103 A14...
  • Page 37 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout AV-Board (Part 1 Top Side) Part 1 CL 26532053_09a.eps 150502...
  • Page 38 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout AV-Board (Part 2 Top Side) Part 2 CL 26532053_09b.eps 150502...
  • Page 39 Electrical Diagrams Layout AV-Board (Overview Bottom Side) 2100 A4 2216 C9 2328 C14 2340 E9 2410 D1 2428 E13 3128 B6 2101 A4 2219 A11 2329 C15 2341 E9 2411 E8 2430 C16 3130 A8 2105 B5 2220 A9 2330 B13 2342 E10 2412 E8 2431 C16...
  • Page 40 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout AV-Board (Part 1 Bottom Side) Part 1 CL 26532053_10a.eps 260402...
  • Page 41 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout AV-Board (Part 2 Bottom Side) Part 2 CL 26532053_10b.eps 150502...
  • Page 42 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA 30521-Front Board: Display Panel DISPLAY PANEL FIL2 3100 3102 I173 I176 11-MT-126GNK 1100 10V/div DC 2V/div DC 1V/div DC 10µs/div 10µs/div 50µs/div RT-01T 7101 TMP87CH74 1135 -32V -32V -30V -32V -17V -17V RT-01T 1 1134 -32V -30V +5Vstb +5Vstb -32V...
  • Page 43 Electrical Diagrams Layout DVD763SA 30521-Front Board (Top Side) 1100 A15 1118 B20 1121 A5 1109 A6 1119 B5 1122 A1 1113 B7 1120 B22 1123 B1 Layout DVD763SA 30521-Front Board (Overview Bottom Side) 2100 C16 2107 A15 2115 A22 2124 A3 3103 A6 2101 B15 2108 C20...
  • Page 44 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout DVD763SA 30521-Front Board (Part 1 Bottom Side) PART 1 CL 26532039_21a.eps 210302...
  • Page 45 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout DVD763SA 30521-Front Board (Part 2 Bottom Side) PART 2 CL 26532039_21b.eps 210302...
  • Page 46 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA 30521-Front Board: Standby Panel STANDBY BOARD TO 1131 OF DISPLAY BOARD 1200 +5V STBY STBY LED_ctrl STANDBY STBY-KEY+ 1201 STBY-KEY- 1202 440053 SPEC CL 25632039_006.eps 260302 DVD763SA Layout DVD763SA 30521-Front Board: Standby Panel 1200 A2 1201 B1 1202 B1 3200 A1 6200 A1...
  • Page 47: Switching Panel

    Electrical Diagrams Switching Panel SWITCHING 3100 1300 470n S1-1 2116 470n S1-2 2115 7103 BC847B 470n S1-3 2114 STEREO_L STEREO_R 7104 +12VSTBY 7105 BC847B BC847B 4102 CVBS KILL S2-4 S2-5 TO 1301 of A/V BD TP5 C_ENC 200mV / DIV AC 20us / DIV TP25 TP25...
  • Page 48: Scart Panel

    Electrical Diagrams SCART Panel SCART TP25 Audio Pinknoise PM3392A 7218 BC847B 3272 CH1!2.00 V~ CH1! 200mV~ MTB 500ns MTB10.0ms ch1+ ch1+ 200mV / DIV AC 10ms / DIV If FBOUT_TV line is low C is input on the BC_TV pin 7 of TV SCART2 If FBOUT_TV line is high B is output on the BC_TV pin 7 of TV SCART2 +8VSTBY 3226...
  • Page 49 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout SCART Board (Overview Top Side) Part 1 Part 2 CL16532007_95a.eps CL16532007_95b.eps CL 16532007_095.eps 240401...
  • Page 50 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout SCART Board (Part 1 Top Side) CL 16532007_95a 240401...
  • Page 51 Electrical Diagrams DVD763SA Layout SCART Board (Part 2 Top Side) CL 16532007_95b.eps 240401...
  • Page 52: Alignments(not Applicable)

    Introduction The DVD763SA is a model from the SACD 2002 'single disc' range. It uses a 2nd generation Philips SACD mono board, based on the Furore 2 DSD/DST decoder. Below you will find a circuit description of the several modules.
  • Page 53: List Of Abbreviations

    FURORE 2 Audio Figure 9-3 Block Diagram Loader/Mono board The SD4.00_SA_CH (SACHI_4) is the 2nd generation Philips Architectural Standard Design of SACD mono board based on Furore 2, and will be used in the new generation of SACD players. It is designed in a multi-task way so that it can support the following optional main functions: •...
  • Page 54 Circuit Descriptions and List of Abbreviations • The Interface/Program Memory The Loader Interface The TZA1033HL/K2 (or DVDALAS2plus, item 7105) is an analogue pre-processor and laser supply circuit. It contains data amplifiers and several options for radial tracking and focus control. It is possible to optimise the dynamic range of this pre-amp/ processor combination for the LF servo and RF data paths.
  • Page 55 EN 70 DVD763SA Signal Processing For video, the input data stream is decoded to the appropriate MPEG, Sub Picture, and OSD data streams, after which they are fed to the PAL/NTSC encoder. This cell will convert the digital MPEG/Sub Picture/OSD stream into a standard base band signal and into RGB components.
  • Page 56 Circuit Descriptions and List of Abbreviations – Stereo PCM data output. Two possible stereo sources can be selected as stereo PCM output: 1. Stereo PCM coming from the STi55xx via the PCM input on Furore. 2. Stereo or down-mix-PCM derived via a decimation filter from the SACD-DSD signal.
  • Page 57 DVD generations. Flashing of the application-SW is not possible with the ComPair cable, except with a CD-R disc. For sets with Mask-ROM software, replace it with a programmed Flash (available via your Philips Service organisation). Power Supply (diagram M7)
  • Page 58 Circuit Descriptions and List of Abbreviations The SACD DSD/DST decoder Furore 2 uses 1.8V for its core and analogue portion, and 3.3V for its interface. The on-board 1.8V linear regulator LF18ABDT and 3.3V linear LD1117DT33 are used to generate 1.8V and 3.3V power supply respectively. The back-end section mainly uses the 1.8V or 2.5V and 3.3V, which depend on which back-end processor is used.
  • Page 59 EN 74 DVD763SA Control and Display 9.5.1 Control The key component on this board is the (slave) microprocessor (item 7101). It runs on an 8 MHz system clock generated with a ceramic resonator (item 1128) and has a reset circuit that is triggered by the +5VSTBY voltage.
  • Page 60 Serial Clock I2C SCLK Audio serial bit clock Serial Data I2C SDRAM Synchronous DRAM Shared Memory Interface S/PDIF Sony Philips Digital InterFace DVD763SA SRAM Static RAM STBY Standby SVCD Super Video CD Software Total Harmonic Distortion...
  • Page 61: Ic Data

    EN 76 DVD763SA IC Data In this paragraph, the internal block diagrams and pinning are given of ICs that are drawn as 'black box' in the electrical diagrams (with the exception of 'memory' and 'logic' ICs). 9.7.1 Diagram Power Supply TY72011P2 Block Diagram (item 7130) Over Voltage Protection (Vcc >...
  • Page 62: Spare Parts List

    10. Spare Parts List Various Various 0001 3139 247 55711 ASSY FRONT DVD763EU 0095 3139 247 55591 ASSY TRAY COVER DVD763 0098 3139 243 10101 FILTER FTD DVD870L 0120 3139 247 55421 BUTTON NAVI DVD743 PPT 0148 3139 247 55751 ASSY FRAME DVD763 EU 0250 3139 247 55621 BACK PLATE DVD763EU PNT PRT...
  • Page 63 EN 78 DVD763SA 3343 4822 117 12706 10k 1% 0.063W CASE0603 RC22H 3344 5322 117 13033 15k 1% 0.063W 0603 RC22H 3345 5322 117 13028 12k 1% 0.063W 0603 RC22H 3346 5322 117 13028 12k 1% 0.063W 0603 RC22H 3347 4822 117 12706 10k 1% 0.063W CASE0603 RC22H 3348...
  • Page 64 3110 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3112 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3113 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3114 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3115 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3116 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3117 4822 051 30472 4k7 5% 0.062W 3118...

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