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Maintenance And Care - Hitachi ML140E Handling Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Turn the motor off
1. Release the safety brake handle (
- The motor is switched off.
Caution - danger of serious cut injuries!
The motor may continue running. After switching
off, make sure the motor has stopped turning.
Wheel drive (optional)
Engage the transmission only when the motor is
Switching on the wheel drive
1. Press the transmission control handle against the
handlebar and hold it (
control handle does not lock.
- The wheel drive is switched on.
Switching off the wheel drive
1. Release the transmission control handle (
- The wheel drive is switched off.

Maintenance and care

Caution - Risk of injury!
▪ Before carrying our any care or maintenance
work, always switch off the motor and pull out
the spark plug connector.
▪ The motor may continue running. After switching
off, make sure the motor has stopped turning.
▪ Always wear working gloves when carrying out
maintenance or repair work.
„ All nuts, bolts, and screws must be tightened firmly
„ The unit must be in a safe working condition
„ Allow the motor to cool off before the machine is
shut down
„ Regularly check the grass catcher system for cor-
rect function and wear.
„ Cleaning the unit after every use
„ Do not hose down the unit with water
Water ingress can lead to malfunctions (ignition
system, carburettor)
10) – the transmission
„ Regularly check the cutter blade for damage
„ Always replace defective silencers
Tilting the lawnmower
Depending on the motor manufacturer:
„ the carburettor / air filter must be facing upward
„ the spark plug must be facing upward (
Follow the operating instructions of the motor
Resharpening/replacing the mower blade
„ Blunt or damaged blades should be
resharpened / replaced only at a service point or by
an authorised specialist
„ Resharpened blades must be rebalanced
Blades that have not been rebalanced can cause
serious vibrations, and may result in damage to
the lawnmower.
Care of the motor
Changing the motor oil
1. Have a suitable container ready to collect the used
2. Drain or suction off all the oil through the oil filler
Dispose of used motor oil in a manner that is
compatible with the environment!
We recommend to collect the used oil in a closed
container and to deliver it to a suitable recycling
or service station.
Used oil should not be
▪ disposed of with domestic rubbish
▪ poured into the sewage system or drains
▪ poured out onto the ground
Changing the air filter
„ Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the
Translation of original user instructions
Petrol lawnmower

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Table of Contents

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