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Safety Instructions - Hitachi ML140E Handling Instructions Manual

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Safety instructions

Use the equipment only if it is in correct operating
Caution - Risk of injury!
Safety/protection devices should not be disabled!
Caution - risk of fire!
After fuelling, do not store the machine in
buildings where the petrol fumes might come into
contact with naked flames or sparks!
Keep the area around the motor, exhaust, battery
case, and fuel tank clear of grass cuttings, petrol
and oil.
Warning - risk of fire!
Petrol and oil are highly flammable!
„ Keep other persons away from the danger area.
„ Never mow while persons, especially children or
pets are nearby.
„ The unit operator or user is responsible for acci-
dents involving other persons and their property.
„ Children or persons who are not familiar with these
operating instructions are not permitted to use the
„ Observe the local regulations governing the mini-
mum age of the operator.
„ Do not operate the unit when under the influence of
alcohol, drugs or medication.
„ Wear suitable work clothing.
Long trousers
Firm and slip-resistant footwear
Hearing protection
„ When working on slopes
Always make sure the unit is in a safe position.
Always mow across slopes, never up or down.
Never mow slopes with a gradient of more
than 20°.
Take special care when turning.
„ Only work when there is adequate daylight or prop-
er artificial lighting
„ Keep body, body parts and clothing away from the
cutter area.
„ Observe country-specific ordinances for operating
„ Never leave the unit unattended when it is ready for
„ Mow only with a sharp cutting blade
„ Never operate the unit with damaged safety de-
vices/safety grilles
„ Never operate the unit without completely installed
safety devices (e.g., baffle plate, grass catchers)
„ Prior to each use, check the unit for damage and
have damaged parts replaced before using again.
„ Only replace used or damaged blades and mount-
ing bolts as a set to prevent imbalance
„ Before starting the motor, disengage all blades and
„ Shut down the motor, wait until the unit comes to a
standstill, and remove the ignition key and pull the
spark plug connector
When leaving the unit
When inspecting, cleaning or working on the
After faults occur
Before loosening blockages
Before eliminating stoppages
After contact with foreign bodies
Before refuelling
If malfunctions or unusual vibrations occur on
the unit (immediate inspection required)
Check the lawnmower for damage, and carry out
the necessary repairs before restarting or using
the lawnmower again.
„ Attach the spark plug connector and start the motor
After rectification of the malfunction (see trou-
bleshooting table) and inspection of the unit
After cleaning the unit
„ Do not start the motor if you are standing in front of
the discharge chute
„ Check the terrain to be mowed completely and
carefully and remove all foreign bodies.
Translation of original user instructions
Petrol lawnmower

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Table of Contents

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