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    User Guide...

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    HP End User License Agreement (EULA). If you do not accept these The information contained herein is subject to license terms, your sole remedy is to return the change without notice.

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    Safety warning notice WARNING! To reduce the possibility of heat-related injuries or of overheating the computer, do not place the computer directly on your lap or obstruct the computer air vents. Use the computer only on a hard, flat surface. Do not allow another hard surface, such as an adjoining optional printer, or a soft surface, such as pillows or rugs or clothing, to block airflow.

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    Safety warning notice...

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    Processor configuration setting (select models only) IMPORTANT: Select computer models are configured with an Intel® Pentium® N35xx/N37xx series or a Celeron® N28xx/N29xx/N30xx/N31xx series processor. If your computer is configured as described, do not change the processor configuration setting in msconfig.exe from 4 or 2 processors to 1 processor. If you do so, your computer will not restart.

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    Processor configuration setting (select models only)

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Using the action keys ............................12 4 Power and Battery ............................13 Factory-sealed battery ............................13 Charging the Battery ......................... 13 5 More HP resources ............................14 More HP resources ............................... 14 6 Electrostatic Discharge ..........................15 Index ................................16...

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  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Computer

    Getting to know your computer Right side Component Description USB 2.0 ports Connect optional USB devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, external drive, printer, scanner or USB hub. AC adapter light White: The AC adapter is connected and the battery is ●...

  • Page 10: Left Side

    Left side Component Description Security cable slot Attaches an optional security cable to the computer. NOTE: The security cable is designed to act as a deterrent, but it may not prevent the computer from being mishandled or stolen. HDMI port Connects an optional video or audio device, such as a high- definition television, any compatible digital or audio component, or a high-speed High-Definition Multimedia...

  • Page 11: Display

    Component Description Off: The computer is off. ● Display Component Description Internal display switch Turns off the display and initiates Sleep if the display is closed while the power is on. NOTE: The internal display switch is not visible from the outside of the computer.

  • Page 12: Top

    TouchPad Component Description TouchPad zone Moves the on-screen pointer and selects or activates items on the screen. Chapter 1 Getting to know your computer...

  • Page 13: Buttons

    Buttons Component Description Power button When the computer is off, press the button to turn on the ● computer. When the computer is in the Sleep state, press the button ● briefly to exit Sleep. When the computer is on and you want to lock the screen, ●...

  • Page 14: Bottom

    Bottom Component Description Speakers (2) Produce sound. Chapter 1 Getting to know your computer...

  • Page 15: Labels

    Labels The labels affixed to the computer provide information you may need when you troubleshoot system problems or travel internationally with the computer. IMPORTANT: All labels described in this section will be affixed to the bottom of the computer. For help finding these locations, refer to Getting to know your computer on page NOTE: Your label may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.

  • Page 16: Using Touchpad Gestures

    Using TouchPad gestures A TouchPad allows you to control the pointer on the screen using your fingers. Using TouchPad gestures The TouchPad supports a variety of gestures that let your fingers tap and scroll to manipulate items on the desktop Tapping To make an on-screen selection, use the Tap function on the TouchPad.

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    Tap two fingers on the TouchPad zone to bring up a context-sensitive menu. ● Using TouchPad gestures...

  • Page 18: Scrolling

    Scrolling Scrolling is useful for moving up, down, or sideways on a page or image. Scrolling to the left or the right with two fingers will scroll the screen, if there is more content viewable to either side, or will move back and forth through web browser history.

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    To scroll between open tabs in Chrome, slide three fingers left or right on the TouchPad. Using TouchPad gestures...

  • Page 20: Using The Action Keys

    Using the action keys Using the action keys For more information on action keys and keyboard shortcuts, go to answer/183101?hl=en. Icon Description is a key that interacts with other keys to activate the computer's functions. Back Go to the previous page in your browser history. Forward Go to the next page in your browser history.

  • Page 21: Power And Battery

    Power and Battery Factory-sealed battery The battery in this product cannot be easily replaced by user themselves. Removing or replacing the battery could affect your warranty coverage. If a battery is no longer holding a charge, contact support. When a battery has reached the end of its useful life, do not dispose of the battery in general household waste.

  • Page 22: More Hp Resources

    *You can find the expressly provided HP Limited Warranty applicable to your product located with the user guides on your computer and/or on the CD/DVD provided in the box. In some countries/regions, HP may provide a printed HP Limited Warranty in the box. For countries/regions where the warranty is not provided in printed format, you may request a printed copy from

  • Page 23: Electrostatic Discharge

    Electrostatic Discharge Electrostatic discharge is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact—for example, the shock you receive when you walk across the carpet and touch a metal door knob. A discharge of static electricity from fingers or other electrostatic conductors may damage electronic components.

  • Page 24: Index

    Index serial number, computer 7 AC adapter light jacks service labels identifying 1 audio-in (microphone) 2 locating 7 action keys 12 audio-out (headphone) 2 slots back 12 memory card reader 2 brightness down 12 security cable 2 labels 7 brightness up 12 speakers, identifying 6 regulatory 7 esc 12...

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