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Kenmore 970C6047 Use & Care Manual

Double oven electric range


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Use & Care Guide
Guide d'utilisation et d'entretien
English / Français
Model/Modele: 970C6047
Double Oven Electric Range
Double Four Cuisinière Électrique
* = color number, numéro de color
P/N 808574609 Rev. A
Sears Canada Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2C3


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  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide Guide d’utilisation et d’entretien English / Français Model/Modele: 970C6047 Kenmore ® Double Oven Electric Range Double Four Cuisinière Électrique * = color number, numéro de color P/N 808574609 Rev. A Sears Canada Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2C3...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Before Setting Oven Controls ..............14 Setting Oven Controls ................15 Kenmore One Year Limited Warranty ..........2 Care and Cleaning ..................28 Parts and Repair Service................3 Before You Call ................... 32 Before Setting Surface Controls ............... 10 Oven Baking .....................32...
  • Page 3: Parts And Repair Service

    Parts and Repair Service Parts and Repair Service Sears Parts and Repair Services WE’RE THERE FOR YOU LONG AFTER THE SALE To purchase replacement parts and product accessories, call 1.800.4.MY.HOME (1.800.469.4663), visit, or visit your nearest Sears Parts and Repair store. Delivery to your home is available.
  • Page 4 Parts and Repair Service Model and Serial Plate Location To locate the model and serial plate open oven door and look for the serial plate on the left side of the oven frame. 1000 Record the date of purchase, model and serial number of your product in the corresponding space below.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. Stepping, leaning, or sitting on the This manual contains important safety door or drawers of an oven can result in symbols and instructions. Pay attention to serious injuries and also cause damage to the these symbols and follow all instructions appliance.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. When heating fat or grease, Read and follow all the warnings, cautions and important notes regarding the watch it closely. Grease may catch fire if it instructions and precautions for unpacking, becomes too hot installing, and servicing your appliance.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. • Remove the oven door from any unused • Never leave surface elements unattended. oven if it is to be stored or discarded. Boil-overs may cause smoking and greasy spills may ignite. A pan that has boiled •...
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. SELF CLEANING OVENS • Do not use a broiler pan without its insert. Do not cover the broiler insert with • Use the self clean cycle to clean only the aluminum foil;...
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS For models factory-equipped with a power cord: Avoid fire hazard or electrical shock. Failure to follow this warning may cause serious injury, fire, or death. For personal safety, this appliance must be properly grounded.
  • Page 10: Before Setting Surface Controls

    Before Setting Surface Controls Before Setting Surface Controls Using Proper Cookware Cookware Material Types The size and type of cookware used will influence the radiant The cookware material determines how evenly and quickly heat element power level setting needed for best cooking results. is transferred from the surface element to the pan bottom.
  • Page 11 Before Setting Surface Controls Radiant surface elements may appear to have Cooktop Surface Elements cooled after they have been turned off. The glass surface may The ceramic glass cooktop has radiant surface elements located still be hot and burns may occur if the glass surface is touched below the surface of the glass.
  • Page 12: Setting Surface Controls

    Setting Surface Controls Setting Surface Controls Radiant Surface Element Settings To operate the single radiant element: Place correct size cookware on single radiant surface The suggested settings below are based when cooking with element. medium-weight aluminum pans with lids. Settings may vary when using other types of pans.
  • Page 13 Setting Surface Controls Important notes: (some models) WARM ZONE • For efficient cooking, turn off the element several minutes The purpose of the warm zone is to keep hot before cooking is complete. This will allow residual heat to cooked foods at serving temperature. Use the complete the cooking process.
  • Page 14: Before Setting Oven Controls

    Before Setting Oven Controls Oven Vent Location Types of Oven Racks The oven vent is located under the left side of the control panel flat handle (Figure 6). When the oven is on, warm air passes through this oven rack vent.
  • Page 15: Setting Oven Controls

    Setting Oven Controls Setting Oven Controls UPPER OVEN SETTINGS 6. Delay Start - Used to set the desired start time for baking. May be used with cook time to program a delayed timed Bake - Used to enter the normal bake feature. bake or clean cycle.
  • Page 16 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Clock Setting Continuous Bake or 12 Hour Energy Saving The Timer ON/OFF and Self Clean keys control the continuous bake or 12 hour energy saving features. The oven control has a is used to set the clock. The clock may be set for 12 or 24 factory preset 12 hour energy saving feature that shuts off the hour time of day operation.
  • Page 17 Setting Oven Controls Setting Oven Timer Setting Oven Lock The Timer ON/OFF controls the timer and serves as an extra key controls the oven lock feature. The oven Lock timer that does not start or stop cooking. The timer feature can automatically locks the oven door and prevents the oven from be used during any of the other oven control functions, except being turned on.
  • Page 18 Setting Oven Controls Setting Silent Control Operation Setting Temperature Display for Fahrenheit or Celsius The Self Clean and Delay Start keys control the silent control The Broil and Self Clean keys control the Fahrenheit or Celsius feature. The silent control operation allows the oven control to temperature display modes.
  • Page 19 Setting Oven Controls Setting Bake Setting Convection Bake (upper oven only) Use the bake feature whenever the recipe calls for baking using The Convec Bake key controls the convection bake feature. Use normal temperatures. A reminder tone will sound indicating convection bake when cooking speed is desired.
  • Page 20 Setting Oven Controls Setting Cook Time To set the oven for convection bake and temperature to 350°F: Arrange interior oven racks and place food in oven. The Cook Time key controls the cook time feature. The 2. Press Convec Bake. automatic timer of this feature will turn the oven off after cooking for the amount of time selected.
  • Page 21 Setting Oven Controls Setting Delay Start 8. Enter the desired start time using the numeric keypad. The delay start feature is available only in the lower oven. The Delay Start key controls this feature. The automatic timer of the feature will turn the oven on at the time you select in advance. Note: If the clock is set for normal 12 hour display mode the Figure 24: Oven set to start cooking at 5:30 delayed timed bake or delayed timed convection bake cycle...
  • Page 22 Setting Oven Controls Setting Broil To set the oven to broil at 550°F. Place the broiler pan insert on the broiler pan. Then place The Broil key controls the broil feature. When broiling, heat the food on the broiler pan insert. radiates downward from the oven broiler for even coverage.
  • Page 23 Setting Oven Controls Setting Warm & Hold™ To set Warm & Hold to turn on automatically: Arrange oven racks and place food in oven. The Warm & Hold key turns on the Warm & Hold feature and will maintain an oven temperature of 170°F (77°C). 2.
  • Page 24 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Sabbath Feature (for use on Jewish Sabbath 5. The oven will turn on and begin heating. If you need to set and Holidays) both ovens for the Sabbath, both should be set at this time. 6.
  • Page 25 Setting Oven Controls Adjusting Oven Temperature Self Cleaning Oven When first using the oven be sure to follow recipe times and A self cleaning oven cleans itself with very high temperatures temperatures. The temperature in the oven is pre-set at the (well above cooking temperatures) which eliminate soils factory.
  • Page 26 Setting Oven Controls Self Clean Starting Self Clean During the self cleaning cycle, the outside of the The Self Clean key controls the self clean feature. Use a 2 hour range can become very hot to the touch. Do not leave small self clean cycle for light soils, a 3 hour cycle for average soils, children unattended near the appliance.
  • Page 27 Setting Oven Controls Setting Delayed Start Self Clean (Lower oven only) When the self clean cycle is completed: HOT will appear in the display. The time of day, the DOOR Important: The Delay Start key only activates this feature in the LOCKED and CLEAN icon will remain in the display.
  • Page 28: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Before cleaning any part of the oven, be sure all controls are turned off and the oven is cool. Remove spills and any heavy soiling as soon as possible. Regular cleaning will reduce the difficulty of major cleaning later. Surface Type Recommendation Aluminum and Vinyl...
  • Page 29 Care and Cleaning Cooktop Maintenance Cooktop Cleaning Consistent and proper cleaning is essential to maintaining your Do not use a cooktop cleaner on a hot cooktop. ceramic glass cooktop. The fumes can be hazardous to your health, and can chemically damage the ceramic-glass surface.
  • Page 30 Care and Cleaning Care and Cleaning (cont) Aluminum Foil and Utensils Cooktop cleaning instructions Never cover any slots, holes or passages in the oven bottom or cover an entire oven rack with materials such as • Do not use abrasive cleaners and scouring pads, such as aluminum foil.
  • Page 31 Care and Cleaning Removing and Replacing the Oven Door The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the door flat with the inside of the door facing down. Oven door To remove the oven door: hinge locations Open oven door completely, horizontal with floor (See Figure 41).
  • Page 32: Before You Call

    Before You Call Oven Baking For best cooking results, heat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc. There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles. The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance.
  • Page 33: Solutions To Common Problems

    Before You Call Solutions to Common Problems Before you call for service, review the following list. It may save you time and expense. Possible solutions are provided with the problem listed: Problem Solution Poor baking results • Many factors affect baking results. Use proper oven rack position. Center food in the oven and space pans to allow air to circulate.
  • Page 34 Before You Call Surface element does not heat or • Be sure the correct surface control is turned on for element needed. does not heat evenly • Lightweight or warped pans used. Use only flat, evenly balanced, medium or heavy- weight cookware.
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