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Brother WD-200 SERIES User Manual


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User's Guide WD-200
WD-200 Series
User's Guide
This guide contains precautions
and operation methods for use
with this product.
Read the whole guide before using
your product and keep it for later
If you have any problems
with this product, to find a
solution see
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Brother WD-200 SERIES

  • Page 1 User's Guide WD-200 WD-200 Series User's Guide This guide contains precautions and operation methods for use with this product. Read the whole guide before using your product and keep it for later reference. Troubleshooting If you have any problems Version 0...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    1. Introduction Symbols and conventions used in this document We use the following symbols and conventions throughout this User's Guide: Explains precautions that must be observed [Important] when using this product. Provides supplementary information about [Note] using this product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1.Introduction ................. 2 Symbols and conventions used in this document ..... 2 Checking package contents..........5 Names and functions of main parts ........8 2.Before you start ..............14 Assembly ................ 14 Mounting ................. 16 3.Display ................17 Turn the power on............17 Adjust the head display to suit the application ....
  • Page 4 6.Troubleshooting..............35 Appendix ................42 Li-ion rechargeable batteries .......... 42 Product specification ............44 Consumables and optional accessories ......46 Requesting repairs ............47...
  • Page 5: Checking Package Contents

    Introduction Checking package contents Before using the AiRScouter, check that package contents are complete.  Head Display kit The head display, flexible arm, head band, and Pad (M size) are pre-assembled. a Head Display Displays images sent from the control box. b Full mirror unit Projects images from the head display.
  • Page 6  Control Box Sends images from external devices to the head display. It also allows you to adjust the brightness, and to enlarge and rotate the image.  AC adapter Supplies power to the control box, and is also used to charge the internal battery.
  • Page 7  Rear Band Attach this to the head band as necessary to prevent the head band from falling off, and to help tighten the headset.  Flexible arm for right eye Replace the flexible arm for left eye with the flexible arm for right eye if viewing the head display with your right eye.
  • Page 8: Names And Functions Of Main Parts

    Names and functions of main parts Head Display a Focal length adjusting dial Adjusts the focal length of the displayed image. The adjustment range of the focal length is between 30 cm and 5 m. b Full mirror unit Projects images from the head display onto the eye. It has a lens cover attached on the inside to protect the lens inside the head display.
  • Page 9 Harness a Head Band Hold this part when placing the AiRScouter on your head. b Forehead Pad Prevents the head band from slipping down the forehead. c Cable Fix Slot Holds the head display cable along the head band. d Rear Band attachment Allows you to attach the rear band, to prevent the head band from falling off, and to help tighten it onto the head.
  • Page 10 Control Box a Control Panel Includes control buttons, status LEDs, and a battery level indicator. b AC adapter connecting socket Allows you to connect the AC adapter to power the control box and charge the internal battery. c HDMI connecting port Allows you to connect HDMI-compatible devices.
  • Page 11 a Power button Press this button to turn the AiRScouter on. Press and hold this button for two seconds to turn the AiRScouter off. The power automatically turns OFF if there is no input from a video source for one minute or more. b Mode button Press this button to select the zoom mode.
  • Page 12  LED indications flashing a Display LED (green) State Name Explanation The AiRScouter receives video, which appears on the Display ON head display, from an external device. (Slowly) Operating The control box is operating. The AiRScouter receives no (Quickly) No input video signal from an external device.
  • Page 13 d External power LED (orange) (For the AC adapter) State Name Explanation The AiRScouter is using the Working AC adapter. (Slowly) Charging The internal battery is charging. Charging An error occurred while the (Quickly) error internal battery was charging. The internal battery is fully Full charge charged.
  • Page 14: Before You Start

    2. Before you start Assembly Assemble the AiRScouter and make connections according to the following procedure: Feed the cable along the cable fix slots of the flexible arm and the head band, and then fasten it firmly. Insert the internal battery into the control box: a) Remove the cover screws from the control box, and then insert the...
  • Page 15 Connect the supplied AC adapter to the control box to fully charge the internal battery. [Note] Before you use the battery for the first time, charge it fully. For more information, see page 42. Connect the video input cable of the head display to the control box.
  • Page 16: Mounting

    Mounting Fit the head band to the head. [Note] If the pads do not fit, replace them with pads  of the right size. (See page 21) If the head band feels loose, use the rear band.  (See page 22) If you wear glasses •...
  • Page 17: Display

    3. Display Turn the power on Press the power button to turn the AiRScouter on (the LED below the power button lights in green). Adjust the head display to suit the application Adjust the flexible arm to put the head display in a position that is easy to view.
  • Page 18: Adjust The Focal Length

    Adjusting the Head Display to suit the application Display the image at your preferred position, to match your working posture. If the mirror is positioned outside the range that can be reached by eye movement, it may appear that the image is missing. •...
  • Page 19: Settings

    4. Settings Adjust brightness Press the brightness button on the control box to adjust the brightness of the image. Lock the control panel To lock the panel (the key lock function), preventing unintentional operation, press the mode button and the rotate button on the control box at the same time.
  • Page 20: Enlarge The Centre Of The Screen

    Enlarge the centre of the screen You can enlarge the centre of the screen by using Central Enlarge Mode. Each time you press the mode button, the display toggles between enlargement of the centre and normal display of the whole image. Rotate the image You can rotate the image by 180°...
  • Page 21: Replace The Pads

    Replace the pads The pads are optional accessories. Remove the left and right pads from the head band. Align the pads with the mounting holes in the head band and attach the pads. [Note] There are three pad thickness sizes: S, M, and L.
  • Page 22: Attach The Rear Band

    Attach the rear band Press the circled area and slide the head band cover to remove it. a) Attach the end of the rear band inside the head band, as shown in the illustration. b) Feed the rear band through the opening on the head band.
  • Page 23 Press the circled area and slide the head band cover back into place. After attaching the head band cover, make sure the rear band sticks out through the hole in the head band. Attach the opposite side in the same way. Use the rear band length adjuster to adjust the rear band to the length you want.
  • Page 24: Replace With The Flexible Arm For Right Eye

    Replace with the flexible arm for right eye Press the power button on the control box to turn the AiRScouter off, and then disconnect the head display cable from the control box. If the head display cable runs along the head band slot, remove the cable.
  • Page 25 Rotate the ball joint dial between the flexible arm and head display, and remove the head display from the flexible arm. Turn the head band upside down so that the logo faces the other way. Remove the left and right head band covers by pressing the highlighted area and swap them around.
  • Page 26 Rotate the ball joint dial between the flexible arm and head display, and then attach the head display to the flexible arm. [Note] You can increase the arm stiffness during operation by rotating the dial anticlockwise. Rotate the ball joint dial between the head band and flexible arm, and then attach the flexible arm to the head band.
  • Page 27 Run the cable along the flexible arm and head band cable fix slot, and then secure the cable to prevent it from coming loose. Connect the head display cable to the control box, and then turn the power on. Next, press the image rotation button to rotate the image 180°.
  • Page 28: Replace The Mirror Unit

    Replace the mirror unit A replacement mirror unit is an optional accessory. Follow the instructions below to replace the mirror unit with a new one, or to change it to a different type of unit. a) Raise the mirror unit from the head display.
  • Page 29 When holding the sides of the mirror unit, slide it parallel into the head display so that the non-reflective side of the mirror faces the front of the head display. [Important] You may break the mirror unit if you attach it in an incorrect orientation.
  • Page 30: Power Supply

    Power supply [Important] The AiRScouter can use the following power  supplies: - The supplied AC adapter. - The supplied internal battery of the control box. - An external battery (a third-party USB battery supplying the voltage of DC 5 V and the current of at least 1 A).
  • Page 31: Use External Batteries

    Use external batteries You can use a third-party USB battery as an external battery. If the capacity of the internal battery is too low, use an external battery that allows for a longer operation of the AiRScouter. [Important] Only use a third-party battery that supplies ...
  • Page 32: Set Power Saving Mode

    The external power LED (orange) on the control box lights • The external power LED (orange) lights when power is being supplied. • When the charge level of the external battery is depleted, the external power lamp (orange) switches off. •...
  • Page 33: Maintenance

    5. Maintenance Clean the mirror unit If the mirror unit gets dirty, the image will not be projected clearly from the head display. If the image becomes unclear, clean the mirror unit using the following procedure: [Important] Use ethanol for cleaning the mirror unit. Never use organic solvents such as benzene or thinner, alkaline detergents, or organic chemicals such as fluorochemical solvents instead of ethanol.
  • Page 34: Clean The Head Band

    [Note] The mirror unit  Lens cover consists of a mirror (with reflective and non-reflective Mirror sides) and a lens (non-reflective side) Mirror cover. (reflective side) Always wipe the  reflective side gently because strong rubbing may cause it to peel off. Clean the head band If the pads attached to the head band are dirty, wipe them with a dry cloth.
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    6. Troubleshooting If a problem occurs while you are using this product, resolve it by using the following methods: Problem Check Action Page The screen Is the cable Check that the cable is blank. connected is connected correctly? correctly, and that the connector is fully inserted.
  • Page 36 Problem Check Action Page The screen Is the Check the product is blank. resolution of specification and set the input the resolution of the device set to input device to the the input input resolution of resolution of the AiRScouter. AiRScouter? Is the cable Disconnect the cable...
  • Page 37 Is the internal If the internal battery battery over- is left for a long discharged? period, it gets over-discharged and cannot be charged. Use a new battery. For information about buying new batteries, contact your Brother dealer.
  • Page 38 Does the The internal battery almost internal has finished its imme- battery service life. Use a diately. discharge very new battery. quickly after it For information was fully about buying new charged? batteries, contact your Brother dealer.
  • Page 39 Problem Check Action Page The edges Has the mirror Move the flexible position been arm and head corners of adjusted? display to adjust the the display mirror to a position screen are when you can see not visible. the whole screen. Is the focal Turn the focal length display...
  • Page 40 Use a new pad and the head band. rear band? For information about buying a head band, contact your Brother dealer. The head Does the head If possible, use band does band touch glasses with curved not fit well.
  • Page 41 Problem Check Action Page Has the Turn the dials of the movement tightness of Ball Joints between of the the Ball Joint the flexible arm and flexible been the head band, and arm is too adjusted? between the flexible tight or too arm and the head loose.
  • Page 42: Appendix

    Appendix Li-ion rechargeable batteries  Key points for using Li-ion rechargeable batteries • Charge the Li-ion rechargeable battery before using it. Do not use it without charging it. • Li-ion rechargeable batteries can be charged in an environment with temperature between 10 and 35 °C. We recommend charging them within that temperature range.
  • Page 43  Inserting the Li-ion rechargeable battery into the Control Box If the Li-ion rechargeable battery was removed, reverse the process to insert it again.  Charging Li-ion rechargeable batteries The Li-ion rechargeable battery can be charged while it is connected to the control box. Use the following procedure to charge.
  • Page 44: Product Specification

    Product specification Model name WD-200B External Head dimensions Display kit 266 mm (H) × 182.9 mm (W) × 28.8 mm (D) Cable 2 m Control Box 115 mm (H) × 84 mm (W) × 28.8 mm (D) Weight Head Approx. 145 g (including cable) Display kit Control Box Approx.
  • Page 45 Model name WD-200B Environmental Operating Between 0 and 40 °C performance temperature Operating Between 20 and 80% humidity (no condensation) Operation and adjustment Brightness (5 levels)/ functions screen rotation (horizontal flip)/ Key lock/Central Enlarge Mode Power supply AC supply, internal battery Internal battery operation Approx.
  • Page 46: Consumables And Optional Accessories

    Consumables and optional accessories  Head Band Set (including pads) Model name: HB-20PD Includes head band, pads (S, M, L sizes), and rear band.  Li-ion (lithium ion) rechargeable battery Model name: BT-200 The internal battery for the control box. ...
  • Page 47: Requesting Repairs

    • Problem occurrence frequency (for example, always or intermittently) Important Notice Note: For FAQs, troubleshooting and more, visit the Brother Solutions Center at Part retention period: The minimum part retention time of functional parts for repair of this product is five years from the end of...

Table of Contents