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Before Calling For Service; Handling Precautions - Sharp AN-W9Z Operation Manual

Wide conversion lens for projector


Adjust the picture size and focus
Refer to the "Zooming and Focusing" section in the Projector
Operation Manual for details about adjusting the picture size
and focus.

Before Calling for Service

1) Is the lens in focus? (See the "Zooming and Focusing"
section in the Projector Operation Manual.)
2) Is the projection distance within the range of focus?
(Check the projection distance charts).

Handling Precautions

• Do not disassemble this lens.
Please refer any maintenance and inspections, requiring
an open cabinet to your authorized dealer.
• Care
1) Mounting of the wide conversion lens should be
2) When cleaning the lens, use compressed air or lens
3) Avoid cleaning the lens with abrasive materials as
• Do not pack and transport the projector with the wide
conversion lens still attached.
• Do not expose the projector to shock while the wide
conversion lens is still attached.
conducted in a dust free environment to avoid
dust particles entering the optical path between
the lens and projector.
cleaning material.
this may scratch the lens surface.
01.12.27, 1:12 PM