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VQ RETRO MINI Operation Manual

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Retro Mini Operation Guide

Operation Guide

Guide d'utilisation
Guía de funcionamiento
Guia de Operação



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  Summary of Contents for VQ RETRO MINI

  • Page 1: Operation Guide

    Retro Mini Operation Guide Operation Guide Guide d’utilisation Guía de funcionamiento Gebruiksaanwijzing Betriebsanleitung Guia de Operação Bruksanvisning...
  • Page 2 Retro Mini Operation Guide...
  • Page 3: Welcome To Vq

    VQ is a unique British brand inspired by the fusion of Sound and Style. At VQ we believe that colour and design is an important part of who we are, so why should the technology we buy only be Black or Silver and lacking individuality of design? Our award winning acoustic development programme ensures all our products feature the latest technology and unbeaten sound quality.
  • Page 4: If You Love Retro Mini

    Retro Mini Operation Guide DAB | DAB+ | FM | Bluetooth An Iconic design which embodies our Sound & Style mission DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio Reception Bluetooth Connectivity Award winning British Speaker Technology...
  • Page 5 Retro Mini Operation Guide DAB | DAB+ | FM | Bluetooth Classic design, modern functionality DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio Reception Bluetooth & NFC Connectivity Optional Rechargable Battery Pack & Carry Case...
  • Page 6 Retro Mini Operation Guide DAB | DAB+ | FM Apple Lightning Dock | Bluetooth Retro Design with Modern Sounds DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio Reception Enhanced Connectivity with Apple Lightning Dock and Bluetooth...
  • Page 7 Retro Mini Operation Guide DAB | DAB+ | FM | Bluetooth Vintage style with modern functionality DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio Reception Bluetooth Connectivity...
  • Page 10 Retro Mini Operation Guide RETRO STYLE | MINI DESIGN | MODERN SOUNDS...
  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    DAB/DAB+ Radio Reception ........................... FM Radio Reception ..............................Bluetooth ..................................Auxiliary Connections ..............................MyEQ ....................................VQ Lifestyle Alarm ............................... Turn on, Tune in and Enjoy Retro Mini Sound & Style ......................Positioning ..................................Preparing ..................................Switching On .................................. DAB/DAB+ ......................................................................Bluetooth ..................................
  • Page 12: The Benefits Of Digital Radio

    Retro Mini Operation Guide The Benefits of Digital Radio When you upgrade to digital radio you get more choice than ever before – with your existing favourite stations just waiting to be experienced in digital quality but also a plethora of new digital-only stations featuring all kinds of;...
  • Page 13: Your Vq Retro Mini - Born In Britain

    Retro Mini Operation Guide Your VQ Retro Mini - Born In Britain You can be proud of your Retro Mini and rely on its quality as it’s designed and engineered in Britain featuring British acoustic development. At VQ we’re proud to be British and we’re proud to take our inspiration from quintessential British areas of excellence - Design, Fashion, Music and The Arts.
  • Page 14: Finding Your Way Round Your Vq Retro Mini

    Retro Mini Operation Guide Finding Your Way Around Your Retro Mini Front View 1. Centre button 2. Vol- button 3. MODE button 4. FAVOURITE button 5. Play/Pause button 6. Left button 7. LCD display MODE MENU 8. Vol+ button 9. MENU button 10.
  • Page 15 Retro Mini Operation Guide Back View 13. Battery Compartment 14. AUX IN socket 15. Headphone socket 16. Telescope Antenna 17. 5V/2A DC IN socket 18. 5V/1A USB charge out socket DC : 5V/2000mA 5V/1000mA HEADPHONE AUX IN USB CHARGING...
  • Page 16 (+/-). And then cover. secure the battery cover. DC : 5V/2000mA 5V/1000mA HEADPHONE AUX IN USB CHARGING NOTE: If you’re not powering your Retro Mini with batteries we recommend you remove them.
  • Page 17: What Can My Vq Retro Mini Do

    DAB / DAB+ (Digital Radio) brings a superior listening experience whether it’s music, chat or any other programming. Your Retro Mini features DAB and DAB+ the two standards in digital broadcasting which means you can listening to digital radio all across Europe. And when you find a station you love save it as one of your 30 preset favourites.
  • Page 18: Auxiliary Connections

    USB Charging: Your Retro Mini is a very useful companion as you can charge smart devices from the USB connection – perfect for a bedside table, in the office or just anywhere you need a little power boost.
  • Page 19 Retro Mini Operation Guide TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS...
  • Page 20: Turn On, Tune In And Enjoy Retro Mini Sound & Style

    - If not using mains power, ensure new batteries are correctly fitted. Your Retro Mini can be powered by four type ‘ A A’ alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not supplied). When using batteries to power the unit, function and operation are the same as using the mains, except that in standby mode, the LCD will shut down and can not charge out for any device .
  • Page 21: Dab/Dab

    2. To switch to DAB/DAB+, press MODE button repeatedly until the display shows DAB. a. First time use, or after Factory Reset : Your Retro Mini will automatically begin to quick scan for DAB/ DAB+ stations. A progress bar will show the progress of the scan, and multiplex information is shown.
  • Page 22 1. For best reception, make sure the aerial is fully extended vertically. 2. To switch to FM, press MODE button repeatedly until the display shows FM. a. First time use, or after Factory Reset: Your Retro Mini will tune to and display 87.50MHz, the lowest point of the FM spectrum.
  • Page 23: Bluetooth

    Retro Mini Operation Guide Storing and Selecting Favourite Stations The Retro Mini can store up to 30 stations DAB radio and 30 stations FM radio stations. Follow the steps below to store and select your favourite stations To store a Favourite station: 1.
  • Page 24 NOTE: Adding a Bluetooth Device varies on different smart devices, if in doubt please refer to your device manufacturers manual. 4. Start the pairing on your device. Do this by selecting “Retro Mini” from the list of available devices shown on your device. This will connect automatically and once paired, your Retro Mini display will show “Connected”.
  • Page 25: Auxiliary Connections

    3. To control the playback of the auxiliary device you need to use the device’s own controls. You may need to adjust the volume on your Retro Mini and the auxiliary device for optimum volume and clarity. 4. Press Play/Pause button if you want to mute the music playback.
  • Page 26 AA batteries. Setting the clock The time and date on Retro Mini is automatically set by the DAB or FM radio signal. If the time/date does not update automatically, you can manually set it by using this option.
  • Page 27: Vq Lifestyle Alarm

    2. Press Left and Right to choose 12 or 24 hour. Press Centre button to confirm. Setting the VQ Lifestyle alarm The alarm in Retro Mini switches the radio on (if in standby) and tunes to a DAB or FM radio station or sounds a tone.
  • Page 28: Sleep Timer

    Setting the Sleep Timer The Sleep Timer can be set to switch Retro Mini off after a period of time. 1. Press Menu button to enter into the menu list. 2. Press Left and Right button to choose “Sleep”, press Centre button to confirm your selection.
  • Page 29: Other Functions

    4. Press Centre button to confirm the selection. WARNING: Factory Reset Resetting your Retro Mini removes all favourites, stored stations, alarms and resets all other options to the default settings. 1. Press Menu button to enter into the menu list.
  • Page 30: Important Safety & Environmental Information

    Retro Mini Operation Guide Important Safety Information – please read Please read this guide before using your unit – it contains guidance and recommendations that can help ensure long-lasting, trouble-free, safe operation. Please keep this guide for future reference. Be careful. Avoid: •...
  • Page 31 Retro Mini Operation Guide Always: • Operate all controls as instructed in the manual. • Ensure that all electrical connections (including the mains plug, extension leads and inter-connections between the pieces of equipment) are properly made and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 32 Retro Mini Operation Guide Battery safety guidelines - Be sure to insert batteries of the correct type and ensure correct polarity (+/-). - To insert batteries, remove the battery compartment cover and insert batteries observing polarity. - Ensure the cover is secure and remove batteries in a safe manner without the use of metallic or other conductive objects.
  • Page 33: Specification

    Check with your Local Authority for your nearest recycling centre. VQ hereby declares that this VQ Retro Mini is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 34: Support

    Support We’re sure you’re going to have a long and happy relationship with your new Retro Mini. How can we be so sure, well, we’ve designed, engineered and loved this product from the pages of a concept book through to the gorgeous product you have in your hands.
  • Page 35 World Know We take great pride in all our products and we hope you love your Retro Mini, if you do we’d love to hear about it. So why not share your experience and your own sense of sound & style with us via social media or reviews with our retailers.
  • Page 36 Retro Mini Operation Guide SHOW US YOUR #MyVQ /MyVQ Facebook – /ViewQuest @MyVQ @MyVQ /MyVQUK Instagram – @ViewQuest 0333 1234 601 +44 (0)1792 704 452 +44 (0)1792 704 452

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