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Rechargeable Batteries And The Environment - Black & Decker dustbuster hc400 User Manual

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Accessories (may be supplied)
Accessories, a crevice tool and upholstery brush, fit the 'nose' of
the Dustbuster and may be stored in the base of the product.
These may be purchased from any Black & Decker service centre.

Rechargeable batteries and the environment

Black & Decker cordless products use nickel cadmium
(NiCad) batteries or battery packs which can be charged
many times to give long life and repeatedly full power.
This symbol indicates the NiCad batteries contained
within this unit must be disposed of properly and not
discarded in everyday household waste which may be
disposed of in an incinerator or landfill site.
NiCad batteries can be harmful to the environment and
can explode when exposed to fire. Do not incinerate.
Therefore, when your product or battery pack needs
replacing, think of the protection of our environment.
Black & Decker recommends the following:
Note: You as a customer are responsible for proper
disposal or recycling of the battery pack.
To remove the battery pack for disposal, prise open the
cover on the underneath of the unit using a screwdriver
or similar. Remove the dust bowl and strike the front of
the product firmly on a suitable surface to dislodge the
battery pack. It may take a number of strikes before the
battery pack falls out (be careful where it falls). Once
removed, the battery pack cannot be refitted.
Black & Decker after sales service
All Black & Decker products are scrupulously tested before
leaving the factory. However, in the case of your product being
defective, please take it to your nearest Black & Decker service
centre. All household products, as well as the fittings we
recommend, are guaranteed for 12 months parts and labour.
If a Black & Decker product becomes defective due to faulty
materials or workmanship during the guarantee period following
purchase, we guarantee to repair it free of charge, provided that:
The product has not been misused.
Repairs have not been attempted by persons other than our
own service staff or the staff or authorised repairers.
Proof of purchase date is produced.
This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and is additional to
consumers' statutory rights.
Discharge batteries completely by running the unit
until the energy is completely discharged and then
remove from the product.
Take the battery pack to a Black & Decker service
centre, your local dealer or your local recycling
station. If necessary, contact your local council for
disposal information. The collected batteries will be
disposed of properly and/or used for recycling
purposes whilst protecting the environment.