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JVC KW-AV51 Installation & Connection Manual

6.1-inch wvga touch panel monitor.
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Installation/Connection Manual
การติ ด ตั ้ ง
การต ิ ด ต ั ้ ง
This unit is designed to operate on 12 V DC, NEGATIVE ground electrical systems. If your
vehicle does not have this system, a voltage inverter is required, which can be purchased at JVC
car audio dealers.
• DO NOT install any unit or wire any cable in a location where;
– it may obstruct the steering wheel and gearshift lever operations, as this may result in a traffic
– it may obstruct the operation of safety devices such as air bags, as this may result in a fatal
– it may obstruct visibility.
• DO NOT operate any unit while manipulating the steering wheel, as this may result in a traffic
• The driver must not watch the monitor while driving. It may lead to carelessness and cause an
• If you need to operate the unit while driving, be sure to look around carefully or you may be
involved in a traffic accident.
• If the parking brake is not engaged, "Parking Brake" appears on the monitor, and no playback
picture will be shown.
To prevent short circuits, disconnect the battery's negative terminal and make all electrical
connections before installing the unit.
• Be sure to ground this unit to the car's chassis again after installation.
• Be sure any cable is not caught on the car's chassis or under seats.
Notes on electrical connections:
• Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. If the fuse blows frequently, consult your JVC
car audio dealer.
• It is recommended to connect speakers with maximum power of more than 50 W (both at the
rear and at the front, with an impedance of 4 Ω to 8 Ω).
• To prevent short circuits, cover the terminals of the
UNUSED leads with insulating tape.
• At the time of installation, be sure to fix all wires (wires
both from this unit and from the car itself) in a way
that no wires can come into contact with heat sinks on
the rear and side of the unit.
CAUTION: Install this unit in the console of your vehicle. Do not touch the metal parts of this
unit during and shortly after the use of the unit. Metal parts such as the heat sink and enclosure
become hot.
PRECAUTIONS on power supply and speaker connections:
• DO NOT connect the speaker leads of the wiring harness to the car battery;
otherwise, the unit will be seriously
• BEFORE connecting the speaker leads of
the wiring harness to the speakers, check the
speaker wiring in your car.
Parts list for installation and connection
Main unit
Monitor panel
Extension wire
Only for KW-AV61BT
Bluetooth adapter
Bag for storing the adapter
• The fuse blows.
* Are the red and black leads connected
• Power cannot be turned on.
* Is the yellow lead connected?
• No sound from the speakers.
* Is the speaker output lead short-circuited?
• Sound is distorted.
* Is the speaker output lead grounded?
* Are the "–" terminals of L and R speakers
grounded in common?
ม ่ ู ค
อ ื ม ่ ู
ก อ ื
า ก
ร า
ต ร
ด ิ ต
ั ต ด ิ
้ ง ั ต
้ ง
Heat sink
Flat head screws
(M5 x 8 mm)
Round head
Wiring harness
(M5 x 8 mm)
Remove the metal protection plates from the
unit before installation.
• Keep the round head screws (M5 x 8 mm)
used to attach the metal protection plates. You
may need to use the screws for installation.
• Noise interfere with sounds.
* Is the rear ground terminal connected to
the car's chassis using shorter and thicker
• This unit becomes hot.
* Is the speaker output lead grounded?
* Are the "–" terminals of L and R speakers
grounded in common?
• This unit does not work at all.
* Have you reset your unit?
The following illustration shows a typical installation. However, you should make adjustments corresponding to
your specific car. If you have any questions or require information regarding installation kits, consult your JVC
car audio dealer or a company supplying kits.
• If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed by a qualified technician.
Before installing the unit
• When mounting the unit, be sure to use the screws provided, as instructed. If other screws are used, parts could
become loose or damaged.
• When tightening screws or bolts, be careful not to pinch any connection cord.
• Make sure not to block the fan on the rear to maintain proper ventilation when installing the unit.
Remove the audio system originally installed in the car, together with its mounting brackets.
• Be sure to keep all the screws and parts removed from your car for future use.
Attach the mounting brackets (removed from the car) to this unit (see below).
• Use flat head screws or round head screws, depending on installation location.
• When you need to use round head screws, use the supplied screws and the screws used to attach the metal
protection plates to the unit when shipped.
Do the required electrical connections.
• See "ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS" on pages 1 and 2.
Install this unit using the screws removed in step
Attach the monitor panel (see below).
The following example is for installation in a Toyota car. For more details, consult your JVC car audio dealer.
Mounting bracket removed
from the car
Select the type of
screws appropriate
for the mounting
Supplied screws
Monitor panel
• When you use screws other than those
supplied, use 8 mm-long screws. If
longer screws are used, they could
damage the unit.
• Tighten the screws firmly to prevent
the unit from falling off.
Connecting the parking brake lead
Parking brake
Parking brake switch
(inside the car)
Connecting the reverse gear signal lead (for rear view camera)
Locate the reverse lamp lead in the trunk.
Purple with
white stripe
© 2012 JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Screws removed from the car in step
When installing the unit in a Nissan car
If your Nissan car needs a plate, purchase the plate separately.
Plate for use with a
Nissan car (not supplied)
Install the unit at an angle of
If necessary, restore the
protruding tabs.
less than 30˚.
Extension wire (supplied)
Extension wire (not supplied for this unit)
Reverse lamp lead
Reverse lamps
Parking brake lead
(light green)
To metallic body or
chassis of the car
To reverse lamps


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  • Page 1: Electrical Connections

    • Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. If the fuse blows frequently, consult your JVC The following example is for installation in a Toyota car. For more details, consult your JVC car audio dealer. car audio dealer.

  • Page 2: Usb Devices

    Video cord (not supplied for this unit). KV-CM10 / KV-CM20 is not sold in some areas. For details, consult your JVC car audio dealer. When using the cable, you need to change the setting on the unit (see page 25 of the INSTRUCTION MANUAL).

  • Page 3

    • 當您需要使用圓頭螺絲時,請使用配備的螺絲和出廠時就已用來將金屬保護框安裝至本機的螺絲。 為防止短路,在安裝本機之前,拔開電池的負極,並把所有電路都連接好。 • 安裝完畢後務必將本機的地線重新接至車身。 執行必要的電路連接。 • 確定沒有任何電纜纏繞在汽車底盤上或座位下方。 • 參閱第 3 和 4 頁的“電路連接”。 進行電路連接時注意: 使用在步驟 拆卸的螺絲安裝本機。 • 把保險絲更換為額定負荷值的保險絲。如果保險絲經常燒壞,請向 JVC 汽車音響分銷商 安裝顯示器面板(參閱下列內容)。 詢問。 • 後置和前置揚聲器的最大輸入功率應大於 50 W, 其阻抗為 4 Ω – 8 Ω。 散熱片 以下以豐田(Toyota)汽車安裝為例。請聯絡您的 JVC 汽車音響分銷商有關更多細節。 • 為防止短路,請用絕緣帶包住未使用電線的端子。 • 安裝的時候請務必固定住所有電線(本機和汽車本...

  • Page 4

    至電池。 切勿將導線連接至除 OE 遙控轉換器以外的任何裝置。這可能會引起故障。 麥克風 如需要,使用固定 更改 OE 遙控轉換器的接線,將其連接至方向盤遙控導線。 線箍(另購)固定 聲音導線(不隨本機提供)。 麥克風導線。 將地線與金屬車體或者汽車底盤緊密連接,連接處應該沒有被油漆覆蓋(如果已塗上油漆,在連接電線 膠帶 前,將油漆刮去)。如果不這樣做,可能會損壞本機。 KW-AV61BT 影像線(不隨本機提供)。 KV-CM10 / KV-CM20 在某些地區不銷售。關於詳情,請與 JVC 汽車音響分銷商聯系。 使用電纜時,您需要在本機上切換設定(參閱使用說明書的第 25 頁)。 連接藍牙轉換器(僅對應 KW-AV51) 接至附帶配線束的藍色帶 KS-BTA100 有白色條紋的導線 5 藍色帶有白色條紋 KW-AV51 接地 黑色 接至附帶配線束的褐色 導線 7 褐色...

  • Page 5

    สี เ ขี ย วอ่ อ น เบรค KW-AV61BT สาย ขยาย ต่ อ มี ให้ KW-AV51 สำหรั บ รุ ่ น เท่ า นั ้ น KW-AV61BT สำหรั บ ตั ว เครื ่ อ ง ที ่ เป็ น โลหะ...

  • Page 6

    สำหรั บ รุ ่ น เท่ า นั ้ น ขั ้ ว ต่ อ สายดิ น ด้ า นหลั ง Bluetooth ( KW-AV51 สี ฟ ้ าแถบเหลื อ ง สำหรั บ อะแดปเตอร์ ร ี โ มท OE * สี ข าวที ่ ม ี แ ถบสี ด ำ...

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