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LG LSC27931SW Service Manual

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  • Page 78: Exploded View

    #EV# 10. EXPLODED VIEW FREEZER DOOR PART SVC KIT BUCKET ICE 606B SVC KIT 606C ICEMAKER 131C 606A 600A 200A 131D 203A 201A 131B 131A 614A 244A 212J 241G 241G 241E 243A -78-...
  • Page 79 #EV# EXPLODED VIEW REFRIGERATOR DOOR 230A 241A 241C 231A 233A 241B 212G 241H 237A 244A 241H 212J 237A 241H 241D 243B -79-...
  • Page 80: Freezer Compartment

    #EV# EXPLODED VIEW FREEZER COMPARTMENT 281A 281C 120D 406A 271B 271A 330B 902B 405G 404A 332A 405A 610E 329A 149C 903E 316B 409A 301A 128C 158C 128E 128D 128F 149A 401A 281G 149B 106A 418A 136A 332B 103C 319B 136B -80-...
  • Page 81: Refrigerator Compartment

    #EV# EXPLODED VIEW REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT 140A 281B 281D 146A 406A 271B 611E 271C 611C 128G 141A 140B 128H 610E 120B 120A 903D 610E 170A 903D 409A 604H 161A 128J 158A 128K 161B 281K 151A 281H 106A 154A 409A 128A 151B 128B 158B -81-...
  • Page 82 #EV# EXPLODED VIEW ICE & WATER PART DISPENSER PARTS 625A 616F 616G 627A 627D 623A 113F 405H 282G 412A 619A 607A 280A 621B 616K 621D 276C 276B 500D 280F 501D 278G 402C 500E 279B 279A * 279C 281J 281F 501B *Only STS model -82-...
  • Page 83: Machine Compartment

    #EV# EXPLODED VIEW MACHINE COMPARTMENT SVC KIT COMPRESSOR 307B 309B 310A 410G 412D 419B 307A 314A 328A 501F 103B 411A 501A 309B 310A 103A 501K 412D 304A 316A 410G 307A 419B 314A 317A 328A 323B 318A 105A 319C 312A 329C 405F 315A 404B...
  • Page 84 #EV# SERVICE KITS Service Kits were created in order to facilitate to technician the way to replace previous components that due to changes for structure, material o improves, can not be used individually. Please refer to next table, and identify it in your exploded view. Include Loc No Part No.

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