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O p e r a t i n g
Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely.


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic VA-12020

  • Page 1 O p e r a t i n g Instructions PanasoniC Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely.
  • Page 2 If you accidentally drop the unit into water, unplug it first, then retrieve it by pulling it by the cord. * Do not use the telephone near sources of electric “noise” such as fluorescent lamps, air conditioner, washing machine, TV sets or radios.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Names and Function ........Symboles .
  • Page 4 (VA-824/1232 system only) Direct Station Selector (DSS) Console (VA-824/l 232 system only) Single Line Telephone (SLT) (tone dial telephone only) In Case of a Power Failure Specifications ......... .
  • Page 5 11 ON/OFF indicator Stays ON while ON/OFF key is pressed down. 12 Dialing keys Microphone Enables telephone conversations with the handset on-hook and hands-free speach. 14 Telephone number list A list for people whose numbeys convenience. are stored in the respective memory for your ..
  • Page 6: Names And Function

    Automatic dialing for any of the stored telephone numbers, extension numbers and other features. 20 Line (CO/PBX)/FF key Press to select a vacant telephone line or to answer an incoming call. You can also assign features or extension numbers to these keys. 21 LinelFF indicator Lights up or flashes green to indicate your operation mode and red for others.
  • Page 7: Dial A Number

    15 seconds elapses, ,it reverts to stand-by. If you press ON/OFF key and hang up while a conversation with handset, only your party’s voice can be heard. You can also conversation off-hook if your telephone has a speakerphone. Off-hook dial 1.
  • Page 8: Redial

    4. Press ON/OFF key or hang up when the call is completed * The line indicator goes off. You can redial the last telephone number dialed simply by pressing the REDIAL key. A telephone number of up to 16 digits can be redialed. 1. Press any available line key * listen for the outside dial tone from speaker.
  • Page 9: One Touch Speed Dial

    You can temporarily save a telephone number at any time so that it can easily be dialed again later. A number of up to 16 digits can be saved. To save a number AUTO 1. Press AUTO key while speaking 2.
  • Page 10 1. Press any .available line key * Listen for the outside dial tone. The up green. 2. Press One-touch key * The telephone number stored on this key will be dialed. 3. Lift handset and speak when answered 1. Press ON/OFF key dial * Listen for the intercom indicator will light up.
  • Page 11: System Speed Dial

    Telephone numbers of up to 16 digits including *, #, FLASH and PAUSE can be stored. If a new telephone number is stored, the old telephone number is erased and new contents are set.
  • Page 12: Hold

    The ON/OFF indicator will light up. Press AUTO key AUTO 3. Press address number (00 to 89) you wish to erase 4. Press HOLD key Press ON/OFF key * The ON/OFF indicator goes off. The telephone number stored in the address will- be...
  • Page 13: Putting Call On Hold

    If automatic answering has not programmed (system program);, ’ press the line key (and then lift the handset). To answer a call on a telephone which does not ring 1. Lift handset (if the telephone having the speakerphone, not necessary to lift the handset.)
  • Page 14: Transfer

    You can transfer an outside call to another extension. Transferrinq a call to another extension H O L E Press HOLD key to place the call on hold * The line indector 2. Dial the desired extension number 3. When answered, indicate the number of the line being transferred 4.
  • Page 15: Conference

    Three-party conference You can converse with three parties at the same time. Put the conversation initiated between two parties on hold and call the other outside number. Then by pressing CONF key when answered you can have a three-party conference. Conferences can involve two outside lines and one extension or one outside line and two extensions.
  • Page 17: Tone Call

    34.) When answering to a voice call or tone call, simply lift handset. (If the telephone having speakerphone, simply press the ON/OFF You can .answer to call without lifting handset (on-hook).
  • Page 18 You can answer an’ intercom call to your extension on another telephone. However, you cannot pick up a call for door box calls and for the telephone for which hands-free answer back is set. You can respond to zone or all zone paging on any extension.
  • Page 19 You can transfer an intercom call to another extension. When transferring, temporarily put the call on hold, dial the other extension and have a three-party conversation. Then when you hang up or press FLASH key you drop out of the conversation leaving the other two parties to continue.
  • Page 20 In the form the unit is shipped from the factory this feature cannot be programmed unless one jumper on the key service unit board is cut. When you use this feature, inform the telephone company of registration number which for the system modification.
  • Page 21: Operator Call

    Vacant line keys can be used to enable one touch access to system features. All features can be stored with the exception of the fjxed functions HOLD, FLASH, SAVE, REDIAL, CONF and ON/OFF. Up to 8 digits can be stored under edch keys. Note that even if “0”...
  • Page 22: Paging Zone Paging

    Other features: 1. Press ON/OFF key 2. Press AUTO key 3. Press FF key 4. Press a number for the feature lntecom call Zone or all Door box Call pick-up Call forward Do-not-disturb Night transfer Alarm setting SMDR account Door opener Intercom dial HOLD 5.
  • Page 23 All incoming outside and intercom calls can be routed to set extension. This feature can be set for each telephone separately and while it is set the DNDKF indicator light up. Note that this indicator also lights up when the Do-Not-Disturb feature is set.
  • Page 24: Paging

    However, the line indicators flash in the case of outside incoming calls. By using this feature you will not be disturbed by the telephone ringing while you are having a meeting. While this feature is set, DNDKF indicator lights up.
  • Page 25: Hold

    Pressing a one-touch key allows you quick access to a system feature. For example the one-touch keys can be employed for features which are frequently used, such as extension numbers, door be stored under each key. As with the storing operation, if new contents are set Storing 1.
  • Page 26 One-touch operation To erase stored number HOLD 1. Lift handset or press ON/OFF key * Listen for the inter&m dial tone. 2. Press One-touch key 1. Press ON/OFF key dial * Listen for the intercom tone from 2. Press AUTO key 3.
  • Page 27 The pause time can be system programmed to 2 or 3 seconds. For example, a pause can be inserted between, MCI or Sprint access number 123-4567 and telephone number 201-392- 4382 and stored for speed dialing or on a one-touch key as follows.
  • Page 28 9. Press the telephone number 201-392-4382 for storing 10. Press HOLD key H O L E ON/OR 11. Press ON/OFF key * ON/OFF indicator will go off. When dialinq 1. Press any available line key 2. Press the address number or One-touch key where the access number is stored (e.g.
  • Page 29 FLASH key and dial. When you want to answer a call waiting which rings, press FLASH key. Even if the telephone line is a rotary dialing system (dial pulse), you can send out DTMF tone signals. By pressing the * key after dialing telephone number, call is transmitted by tone signals.
  • Page 30 1. Press the line key (or for an extension press ON/OFF key) * Listen for the outside or intercom dial tone from the speaker. M/C indicator will flash. 2. Dial the telephone number 3. Speak when answered 4. Press ON/OFF key when call is completed 1.
  • Page 31 When you are not using the telephone, the display indicates the time. When you are making a call, it shows the telephone number you are dialing. During a call it indicates the length of time for the conversation. In addition, alarm setting or a stored number can be shown on the.
  • Page 32 Settinq alarm An alarm sounds from the telephone at the desieard time. The alarm is stopped simply by lifting the handset. Once the alarm has sounded, the alarm setting is automatically released. Example : Setting for noon 1. Press ON/OFF key 2.
  • Page 33 Dial number display When making an outside or intercom call, the telephone number dialed is displayed. Also, when a call is made from another extension, that extension number is displayed. For example, telephone number 03-123-4567 is shown on the display as...
  • Page 34 The warning tone only sounds during hold if the telephone is on-hooked. Each telephone can be ranked so that its use may be restricted, for example, to local calls or long distance calls. The ranking is of four types: intercom calls only, local calls only, local calls and 41 1, 976 and 555 calls, and no restriction.
  • Page 35 If there is a door box call while you are talking with the other door box, the calling tone will be heard only by you. Note that with a telephone which rings, answer the call from door box within 15 seconds, dial door box number to call door box.
  • Page 36 The alarm of a fire sensor, gas leak sensor, telephone at times of emergency. You can silence the alarm either on the sensor or on the telephone and you can select either by system programming. If two or more telephones are sounding an alarm and one - of them is silenced, the alarm stops sounding for all the telephones.
  • Page 37 You can install a printer, for recording information about outside calls. When you finish a call, the date and time of the call, your party’s telephone number, the line used and other recorded information are output. Account numbers of up to 10 digits can be used. As an example of use, if you set an account number for each customer, you can ‘bill the total...
  • Page 38 An extension is busy An extension is called Do-not-disturb is set A station indicator will flash when An extension is called with an intercom telephone rs m 1. Lift handset Z O N E 2. Press ZONE key for zone number to be paged 3.
  • Page 39 * Listen for the outside dial tone. 3. Dial the telephone number 4. Speak when answered With a single line telephone you can take advantage of the following features Making and answering intercom calls Door box call (75 or 76)
  • Page 40 Telephone Direct station selection console Door box Power failure unit Power consumption Date when purchased: Model No.: Store where purchased: Dimensions (Inch) (Heigh x Width x Depth), Weight (Pound) VA-30920 6.7.x 2.4 x 8.5 VA-l 2020: - 6.7x2.4x8.5 VA-12021: 6.7 x 2.4 x 815 VA-12022(B): 6.7 x 2.4 x 8.5...
  • Page 42: Flexible Feature Key

    (Press key you with to confirm) detasls of operation. please consult manual (Only extension assigned by system program) (Outside telephone number dialed is stored for later use) (Hour 00-12) (Minute 00-59) (Phone No. or any feature Nos.) REOl i L Call forward No.: ma SP.“E Your extension No.:...
  • Page 43: Display

    1 WA-824NA-1232 system only) (Making an outside call) (When you using the line, just press REDIAL) (Saved telephone number is dialed) (Line No. for callins or picking UP held line) ( A c c o u n t N o . )

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