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Consumption Values; Consumption Values Table; Most Efficient Programme For Cotton Fabrics - Siemens WT45N200GB Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

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Consumption values

Consumption values

Consumption values table

C o n s u m p t i o n v a l u e s
Cupboard Dry*
Iron Dry*
Cupboard Dry*
Program setting for testing in accordance with the applicable EN 61121 standard.
** The values may differ from those specified, depending on the type of fabric, composition of laundry to
be dried, residual moisture in the fabric, the degree of dryness that has been set, the amount of laundry
being loaded and the environmental conditions.

Most efficient programme for cotton fabrics

The following "standard cottons programme" (identified with ü) is suitable for
drying normal, wet cotton laundry and is most efficient in terms of its combined
energy consumption for drying wet cotton laundry.
Standard programmes for cottons in accordance with current EU regulation 932/2012
ü Cottons Cupboard Dry
Programme setting for testing and energy labelling in accordance with Directive 2010/30/EU.
Spin speed which is
used for spinning the
1400 rpm
1000 rpm
800 rpm
1400 rpm
1000 rpm
800 rpm
800 rpm
600 rpm
8 kg/4 kg
8 kg
4 kg
115 min
65 min
137 min
79 min
159 min
93 min
86 min
48 min
108 min
62 min
130 min
76 min
3.5 kg
46 min
56 min
Energy consumption
4.63 kWh/2.61 kWh
Energy consumption**
8 kg
4 kg
4.41 kWh
2.49 kWh
4.63 kWh
2.61 kWh
4.85 kWh
2.73 kWh
3.39 kWh
1.91 kWh
3.61 kWh
2.03 kWh
3.83 kWh
2.15 kWh
3.5 kg
1.42 kWh
1.75 kWh
Programme length
137 min./79 min.