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Lenovo BKC800 Quick Start Manual


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Summary of Contents for Lenovo BKC800

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  • Page 4: Bluetooth Pairing

    The Bluetooth Keyboard Cover can be used to control a tablet using distinctive orange combination keys (for details, see special function keys) . The keyboard and the tablet can be combined for easy carrying. Status indicator Charging port BKC800 Power switch Pairing switch BKC900 Status indicator...
  • Page 5: Status Indicator

    When not in use, carefully place the tablet screen face down onto the Bluetooth Keyboard Cover. The magnetic clip will hold the tablet in position. When using the tablet, ip open the tablet cover to the standing position. BKC800 BKC900 Downloaded from
  • Page 6 A prompt indicating that the keyboard is searching is displayed in the center of the tablet screen. Step 4: Select BKC800 or BKC900 from the list of available devices on the tablet screen. When the prompt indicating that the BKC800 or BKC900 has been connected is displayed, the keyboard has successfully connected to the tablet.

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