Siemens HQ738256E ZA Instruction Manual

Siemens HQ738256E ZA Instruction Manual

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Free standing cooker
HQ738256E ZA
[en] Instruction manual



  Summary of Contents for Siemens HQ738256E ZA

  • Page 1 Free standing cooker HQ738256E ZA [en] Instruction manual Register your product online...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Saving energy with your oven ............19 Saving energy with the hob ............19 Environmentally-friendly disposal..........19 Acrylamide in foodstuffs ............19 Produktinfo Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at and in the online shop
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    : Important safety information Read these instructions carefully. Only then Close the safety valve on the gas supply will you be able to operate your appliance line if the cooker will not be used for a safely and correctly. Retain the instruction prolonged period.
  • Page 5 Risk of fire! Risk of burns! A draught is created when the appliance The appliance becomes very hot. Never ■ ■ door is opened. Greaseproof paper may touch the interior surfaces of the cooking come into contact with the heating compartment or the heating elements.
  • Page 6 Risk of injury! Burn-Back (Fire in burner tube or chamber)! Scratched glass in the appliance door ■ may develop into a crack. Do not use a In the event of a burn-back, where the flame glass scraper, sharp or abrasive cleaning burns back to the jet, immediately turn off aids or detergents.
  • Page 7: Causes Of Damage

    Causes of damage Oven Caution! Accessories, foil, greaseproof paper or ovenware on the ■ Caution! cooking compartment floor: do not place accessories on the cooking compartment floor. Do not cover the cooking Only use the burners when cookware has been placed on ■...
  • Page 8: Your New Appliance

    Your new appliance Get to know your appliance. You will find information about the Explanation control panel and hob, as well as the oven, types of heating and accessories. Splatter guard Depending on the appliance model, individual details may differ. Control panel Oven Storage compartment...
  • Page 9: The Hob

    The hob The oven In order to operate the oven, you require two operating knobs: The function selector and the temperature selector. Control knob for oven Function selector You can use the function selector to set the operating mode. Symbol Description Off position Top/bottom heating*...
  • Page 10: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Description The accessories can be inserted into the cooking compartment Baking and roasting shelf at 4 different levels. Always insert them as far as they will go so For ovenware, cake tins, joints, that the accessories do not touch the door panel. Ensure that grilled items, frozen meals.
  • Page 11: Cleaning The Burner Caps And Cups

    Cleaning the burner caps and cups Heating up the oven To remove the new cooker smell, heat up the oven when it is empty and closed. Turn the temperature selector to the maximum temperature. Switch off the oven after 45 minutes. Recleaning the oven Clean the cooking compartment with hot soapy water.
  • Page 12: How To Operate Your Oven

    How to operate your oven Operating the rotary spit You have the option of adjusting your oven to a range of different settings. You can control the oven using the electronic The rotary spit can be used with excellent results to cook joints, clock.
  • Page 13: Setting The Time-Setting Options

    Pull the rotary spit shelf halfway out of the oven. Removing the rotary spit Hold the rotary spit in place on the left-hand side with an oven Risk of burns! glove and screw the handle onto the rotary spit. Never touch the hot surfaces of the cooking compartment or the heating elements.
  • Page 14: Cooking Time

    Cooking time End time The cooking time for your dish can be set on the oven. When You can change the time at which you wish your dish to be the cooking time has elapsed, the oven switches itself off ready.
  • Page 15: Clock

    Use the button to set the clock. Checking the time settings If several time-setting options are set, the relevant symbols are After a few seconds, the time that has been set is adopted. illuminated on the display. The time-setting options symbol is in the foreground and preceded by the arrow.
  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning With good care and cleaning, your oven will remain clean and Area Cleaning agents fully-functioning for a long time to come. Here we will explain Gas hob and pan Hot soapy water. how to maintain and clean your oven correctly. supports Use very little water.
  • Page 17: Removing And Fitting The Appliance Door

    Removing and fitting the appliance door Removing and inserting the hook-in racks You can remove the appliance door to clean it more You can remove the hook-in racks for easier cleaning. thoroughly. Removing the hook-in racks Removing the appliance door Unscrew the right and left-hand screws on the hook-in rack.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Malfunctions often have simple explanations. Refer to the table Risk of injury! before calling the after-sales service, as you may be able to Incorrect repairs may cause serious hazards. Repairs to the remedy the fault yourself. appliance may only be performed by a qualified technician. If repairs are required, contact the after-sales service.
  • Page 19: After-Sales Service

    After-sales service Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance needs Please be aware that a visit by an after-sales engineer will be to be repaired. We will always find the right solution in order to charged if a problem turns out to be the result of operator error, avoid unnecessary visits from a service technician.
  • Page 20 BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34, 81739 München, GERMANY *9001062893* 9001062893 914776045 ZA 950623...

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