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Makita GSP5500 Instruction Manual
Makita GSP5500 Instruction Manual

Makita GSP5500 Instruction Manual

4 stroke 5.5hp petrol driven garden shredder


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Summary of Contents for Makita GSP5500

  • Page 1 for authorized workshops...
  • Page 2: Using This Manual

    Instruction manual for authorized workshops SING THIS ANUAL The instructions provided in this manual are intended for and delivered solely to authorized workshops recognized by the manufacturer, and are intended to complete the Instruction and Maintenance manual supplied with each garden shredder. All specialized personnel must therefore carefully read the aforementioned Instruction and Maintenance Manual as well, before performing any type of diagnostics or intervention on the shredder.
  • Page 3 GARDEN SHREDDER Fig. 1...
  • Page 4: Special Maintenance

    PECIAL MAINTENANCE Special maintenance must be carried out by trained personnel This includes: - working on worn, defective or broken parts; - replacement of the vertical blades (fig. 1 point O), since they are located in a position that requires complete disassembly of the cutting unit and subsequent adjustments for repositioning;...
  • Page 5: Sharpening The Blades

    HARPENING THE BLADES At least one complete set must be sharpened to avoid problems with imbalance, especially notable when rotation is fast. Each set of blades is made up of: - qty. 3 horizontal blades positioned on the cutting disk (Fig. 1, point P) - qty.
  • Page 6 GARDEN SHREDDER Fig. 2...
  • Page 7 GARDEN SHREDDER Fig. 3...
  • Page 8 After sharpening (at approximately 40° as shown in the figure below) or changing the blades, they must be re-assembled in reverse order. We recommend fastening the blade screws in place with LOCTITE. Figure for sharpening ( Fig. 4 ) Sharpening angle WARNING When re-positioning the counter-blade support pipe, make especially sure that there is a space of no less than 2 mm between the counter-blade and the blade (Figure 5).
  • Page 9 7. R EPLACING THE SPRING THAT IMMEDIATELY STOPS THE BLADES If a fault occurs on the spring, thereby interfering with the immediate stop of the blade disk when the feeder pipe is opened, it is necessary to replace the spring itself (Fig. 6 Point A) To replace the spring, we recommend that you follow the instructions below: stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire.
  • Page 11 8. S AFETY RULES FOR THE MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN • After each maintenance intervention or adjustment, make sure that you have left no tools or foreign objects among the moving parts of the machine, to avoid damaging the machine and/or injuring personnel. •...