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Sharpening The Blades - Makita GSP5500 Instruction Manual

4 stroke 5.5hp petrol driven garden shredder
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At least one complete set must be sharpened to avoid problems with imbalance,
especially notable when rotation is fast.
Each set of blades is made up of:
- qty. 3 horizontal blades positioned on the cutting disk (Fig. 1, point P)
- qty. 3 vertical blades positioned on the outer edge of the cutting disk (Fig.1, point O).
- qty. 3 slanted blades positioned on upper rotor (Fig. 1, point Q)
The horizontal blades and the slanted blades on upper rotor will be delivered as separate
parts, removed from the machine directly by the user.
The vertical blades must be disassembled by trained personnel, who will replace and
adjust them after sharpening.
To remove the vertical blades from the cutting disk, we
recommend that you follow the instructions below:
stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire.
set the knob (Fig. 2, point A) to position 2
place the safety lever on "machine stop" (fig.2, point C, pos.4)
release the feeder pipe from the shredder body using the two hooks provided (Fig. 2
point B), and disassemble;
- unscrew and remove the four screws (visible from outside the shredder body) holding
the support pipe of the counter-blade (Fig.3, point C) ;
- remove the counter-blade support pipe (Fig.1, point E);
- unscrew the central screw holding the rotor (Fig. 3 point A)
- remove the blade disk (Fig. 1 point C). If it is stuck in position, you must use an
extractor, using leverage against the two holes on either side of the central disk hole;
- unscrew the holding screws of the vertical blades, then remove the blades.