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Makita GSP5500 Instruction Manual page 8

4 stroke 5.5hp petrol driven garden shredder
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After sharpening (at approximately 40° as shown in the figure below) or changing the
blades, they must be re-assembled in reverse order. We recommend fastening the blade
screws in place with LOCTITE.
Figure for sharpening ( Fig. 4 )
Sharpening angle
When re-positioning the counter-blade support pipe, make especially sure that there is a
space of no less than 2 mm between the counter-blade and the blade (Figure 5).
Fig. 5
After completing assembly, make sure that the feeder pipe rests firmly against the shred-
der body and is properly connected via the knob shown in Fig. 2 point A (position 1 to
lock) and the side hooks (Fig. 2 point B); make sure that the safety lever has automatically
sprung into its "work" position (fig. 2, point C, pos.3); then check the rotation to see
whether the machine is working smoothly. When the blades are worn due to harsh work-
ing conditions or repeated sharpening, you must install new blades.