Casio SF-5590SY Service Manual & Parts List

Casio SF-5590SY Service Manual & Parts List

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SEP. 1997


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  • Page 1 (without price) SF-5590SY/5790SY/5990SY SF-5590SY PLUS/5790SY PLUS/ 5990SY PLUS (ZX-455) SEP. 1997 SF-5590SY...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Specifications

    1. SPECIFICATIONS Model: SF-5590SY/SF-5790SY/SF-5990SY * PC LINK software and cable for data transmission (FA-128) are added to SF-5590SY PLUS/5790SY PLUS/5990SY PLUS. See to 9. PARTS LIST. Main Modes: Telephone Directory, Memo, Schedule Keeper, To Do, Expense Manager, Reminder, Calendar, Home...
  • Page 4 Current consumption: Main (Input voltage = 3.0 V): Telephone top menu (Backlight doesn't shine)- 4.3 mA (TYP.)/5.3 mA (MAX.) Telephone top menu (Backlight shine)- 27 mA (TYP.)/38 mA (MAX.) OFF (Using Mask ROM: regular)- 90 µA (TYP.)/130 µA (MAX.) OFF (Using Flash ROM: irregular)- 120 µA (TYP.)/160 µA (MAX.) Back-up (Input voltage = 3.0 V): 2.4 µA (TYP.)/10 µA (MAX.) Auto power off:...
  • Page 5: General Guide

    2. GENERAL GUIDE Mode key Memory keys Display 10-key pad Operator keys Display Change key ON/OFF key Mode keys Cursor keys Light key Scroll/Search keys Function key Alpha keyboard ESC key Display When lighting is dim, you can turn on an EL (electro-luminescent) backlight for easier viewing. To turn on the EL backlight There are two ways to turn on the backlight of the display.
  • Page 6 Display Indicators 9 0 A 1 Telephone Directory Mode C SHIFT key operation 2 Memo Mode D Upper-case input 3 To Do Mode E CODE key operation 4 Reminder Mode F NEW/EDIT screen 5 Schedule Keeper Mode G Index display 6 Calendar Mode H Data display 7 Expense Manager Mode...
  • Page 7: Turn Power Off

    When to press Y for “yes” • When this is the first time you are using the unit. • When you want to reset the unit and clear all data and settings. • When you are resetting the unit after a data error (page 18). 1.
  • Page 8 Power Supply Your Digital Diary is powered by two AAA-size alkaline batteries, and its memory is protected by a single CR2032 lithium battery. Low battery Warning Failure of anything to appear on the display after you turn on power or appearance of the low battery message, “MAIN BATTERIES WEAK! REPLACE THEM! UNIT WILL NOT TURN ON AGAIN!”...
  • Page 9 To replace the main batteries Important! • Do not remove the main batteries from the Digital Diary while the back-up battery is removed. • Be sure to replace both batteries with two new ones. Do not mix an old battery with a new one. •...
  • Page 10 3. Insert a thin, pointed object into (A) and remove the old battery. 4. Load a new battery into the compartment, making sure that its positive side is facing up (so you can see it). 5. Replace the battery compartment cover and secure it with its screw. •...
  • Page 11 Key Input Sound When the key input sound is turned on, your Digital Diary emits a beep each time you press one of its keys. To turn key input sound on and off 1. Press SHIFT FUNC and then select “Key tone.” Currently selected setting 2.
  • Page 12: Data Communications

    You can transfer data between two CASIO SF-5590SY,SF-5790SY, or SF-5990SY units, or between your Digital Diary and a personal computer only. You cannot exchange data with any other CASIO Digital Diary model. Data communications can be performed while in the Telephone Directory, Memo, Schedule Keeper, Calendar, To Do, Reminder, or Expense Manager Mode.
  • Page 13: Data Transmission From A Unit To Another Unit

    3. You can not transfer the data converted from FA-127 file into FA-128 file to SF-5590SY/5790SY/ 5990SY. 4. The data of another old CASIO Digital Diary can be transferred to PC using FA-128. But these data can not be transferred to its Digital Diary again.
  • Page 14 2 Open FA-128 PC LINK software. 3 Select Options in Menu Bar, then Default Digital Diary..4 Select available Digital Diaries (for example, SF-5590SY), then OK. 5 Select Casio, then Synchronization Setup..6 Perform Setup for Synchronization in accordance with User's Guide.
  • Page 15: Operation Check

    1. Executing this check, the data stored in this Digital Diary are deleted. So if you won’t delete this important data, you should store its data in another Digital Diary (SF-5590SY/5790SY/ 5990SY) referring to the item 3. Data communications in this manual.
  • Page 16 7 Wait about 45 ~ 50 seconds. In case of SF-5590SY, LCD display ROM TEST ROM OK RAM TEST 1 2 8 K OK In case of SF-5790SY, ROM TEST ROM OK LCD display RAM TEST 1 2 8 K OK...
  • Page 17 C Press 2 button on any unit (A). This unit’s LCD display 2 ECHO (OK) D Then press 1 button on another unit (B). Another unit’s LCD display 1 COMM 2 ECHO In case of NG, LCD displays a letter “FAIL”. If “OK”...
  • Page 18: Error Messages

    5. ERROR MESSAGES Data Error Message The data error message appears whenever the Digital Diary’s internal check discovers a problem with data stored in memory. Appearance of the data error message indicates that you must perform the all-reset procedure to correct the problem.
  • Page 19: Schematic Diagrams

    6. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS 6-1. MAIN PCB ASS’Y (A342054)-(1/4) — 19 —...
  • Page 20: Main Pcb Ass'y (A342054)-(2/4)

    6-1. MAIN PCB ASS’Y (A342054)-(2/4) — 20 —...
  • Page 21: Main Pcb Ass'y (A342054)-(3/4)

    6-1. MAIN PCB ASS’Y (A342054)-(3/4) — 21 —...
  • Page 22: Main Pcb Ass'y (A342054)-(4/4)

    6-1. MAIN PCB ASS’Y (A342054)-(4/4) — 22 —...
  • Page 23: Keyboard Pcb Ass'y (A342055)-(1/3)

    6-2. KEYBOARD PCB ASS’Y (A342055)-(1/3) — 23 —...
  • Page 24: Keyboard Pcb Ass'y (A342055)-(2/3)

    6-2. KEYBOARD PCB ASS’Y (A342055)-(2/3) — 24 —...
  • Page 25: Keyboard Pcb Ass'y (A342055)-(3/3)

    6-2. KEYBOARD PCB ASS’Y (A342055)-(3/3) — 25 —...
  • Page 26: Lsi Pin Function

    7. LSI PIN FUNCTION CPU (LC868016A): U1 Pin No. Name I / O Function Power supply for this CPU 2~65 S1~48,C1~16 O Common signals to LCD O Bias power supply to LCD VLCD O Power supply to LCD — Ground for this CPU O Clock for LCD driver LSI(U2, U3:LC868900) O Signal to LCD driver LSI(U2, U3:LC868900)(AC voltage is supplied to LCD by this signal.)
  • Page 27: Disassembly

    8. DISASSEMBLY 1 Remove two screws then remove the battery cover. 2 Remove three screws. 3 Open the unit and remove two screws behind the display plate. Display plate — 27 —...
  • Page 28 4 Remove Lower cabinet (keyboard) and keytop. Keytop Lower cabinet (keyboard) Rubber key 5 Remove Rubber key, knob and jack cover. Jack cover 6 Desolder the wire connected Knob to the buzzer on the Lower cabinet (keyboard) from key- board PCB ass’y. 7 Remove Lower cabinet (display).
  • Page 29 8 Remove screws on PCB shown above then remove PCB ass’y. Main PCB (9 screws) Keyboard PCB (11 screws) 9 Separate upper cabinets. REMARK: Heat seal and wires must be placed inside of the hinge in order for the Lower cabinet (keyboard) to fit into place.
  • Page 30: Parts List

    6421 4170 RUBBER/KEY(24-KEY) KEY-04-ZX455A-0 Common 6421 4190 COVER/PHONE JACK JCK-02-ZX455 Common E: SF-5590SY PLUS (include PC Link Floppy disk & Cable) Notes: N-New parts R-Rank F: SF-5590SY PLUS (B.O.S.S. for E) G: SF-5590SY (not include PC Link Floppy disk & Cable) H: SF-5590SY (B.O.S.S.
  • Page 31 3719 5396 CABLE/COMMUNICATION WIR-07-ZX491 E, F, I, J, M, N Parts prices will be informed separately by Parts Price List. E: SF-5590SY PLUS (include PC Link Floppy disk & Cable) Notes: N-New parts R-Rank F: SF-5590SY PLUS (B.O.S.S. for E) G: SF-5590SY (not include PC Link Floppy disk &...
  • Page 32: Exploded View

    10. EXPLODED VIEW — 32 —...
  • Page 33 MA0900571A...

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