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Panasonic DVD Recorder User Manual

Panasonic dvd recorder user manual.
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    Go Smart,Go DVD-Recorde Meet simpler operation and even higher picture quality with the latest Panasonic DVD Recorders. Boasting the specifications to deliver images at a high definition resolution (DMR-EH65), these new models offer anyone various easy ways to even more entertainment. What's more, they feature a full range of Panasonic's unique networking functions.

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    Easy to Use Anyone Can Record and Play Images Comfortably and Easily. Capture all the Beauty Anyone Can Automatically Record and Play Images of Beauty. Record and Store your Memories Anyone Can Easily Record Memorable Scenes.

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    DVD-Recorder Product Line-Up DMR-EX85 DVD Recorder with 250GB Hard Disk Drive, DVB Digital Tuner, SD Slot & HDMI EASY OPERATION Viera Link HDMI Simple Connection Super Multi-format Recording & Playback 1 Sec. Quick Start for Recording* Universal Design GUI (Graphic User Interface)

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    DMR-EH55 DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Disk Drive & SD Slot EASY OPERATION Super Multi-format Recording & Playback 1 Sec. Quick Start for Recording* Universal Design GUI (Graphic User Interface) HIGH PICTURE QUALITY 2x LP Horizontal Resolution (500 Lines) VCR Refresh Copying with TBC & DNR...

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    Operating your DVD recorder is easier and smarter too. You can use the same remote controller you use with your home theatre. When you select Play on the DVD recorder, VIERA's video input automatically switches itself for DVD playback.

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    Flexibility in Recording & Playback Super Multi-format Recording & Playback All Panasonic DVD-Recorders offer the ease and convenience of Super Multi-Format Recording and Playback, which lets users play all of their DVDs, regardless of the recording format. DIGA models can record and...

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    Don’t Miss Recording the Decisive Moment 1 Sec. Quick Start for Recording Thanks to high-speed quick start, both the hard disk drive and the DVD-RAM are ready to record just one second after switching on the power. Being able to record almost immediately means you'll never miss the scenes you want to catch.

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    Capture all the Beauty High Definition (1080i/720p) Connect an HDMI cable to your TV and you can enjoy a beautiful, high quality picture with High Definition resolution when playing DVDs and DVD software (DMR-EX85/EX75/EH65). You can also convert other non-HD signals to the same HD resolution for playback with improved picture quality.

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    High Picture Quality Anyone Can Automatically Record and Play Beautiful Images. SP Mode Horizontal Resolution in the LP Mode 2x LP Horizontal Resolution Virtual Multi Encode System The Virtual Multi Encode System enables LP mode recording with the same 500 lines (D1) of horizontal resolution as that in the SP and XP modes.

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    • Real-Time Variable Bit Rate Control Panasonic DVD Recorders feature original quality rate control to achieve the bit rate that most effectively improves picture quality. By varying the compression rate to match image data volume and scene complexity, this helps assure both high picture quality and efficient recording.

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    Memories ARCHIVE a Treasure Chest of Memories Panasonic DVD-Recorders can be a treasure chest of important family memories. Photos of your child’s birthday, videos of trips together…. You can store images of these and many other wonderful events. And because the images are digital, there is no loss in quality and editing is easy.

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    ARCHIVE Anyone Can Easily Record Memorable Scenes.

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    DMR-EX85/EX75/EH65/EH55, they will cancel all settings (except for the number of prints) that were made by any other equipment. SD Memory Card View Digital Camera Photos with a Panasonic DVD-Recorder Loading an SD Memory Card into the DVD-Recorder’s SD slot lets you easily view shots taken with a digital camera.

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    Time Slip Functions Chasing Playback You set the DVD Recorder to start recording at 6:00 PM, when your favorite show begins. The problem is that you get home at 7:00 PM, while the program is still in progress. With the handy Chasing Playback function, you don’t have to wait till recording is finished to watch the show.

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    Recording Mode Conversion Playlist Playback Playlist Recording from Hard Disk Drive CPRM Recording Capability The Panasonic DVD Recorder is ready for future "CPRM* required programs" that permit the recording of only first generation copies. * CPRM: Content Protection for Recordable Media. DMR-EH65...

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    • Viera Link* • Slim & Compact Design • 2-Way 2-Speaker System • 2 x HDMI Input/1 x PC Input *This feature available when connected to Panasonic Viera Link Compatible products. Home Theatre DVD-Audio Ready Slim Home Theatre Speaker System SB-TP100 •...

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    Video Camera SD Video Camera SDR-S100 (Included) Digital Video Camera NV-GS500 NV-GS27 Digital Camera DMC-FZ7 Media Lineup DVD-RAM Disc LM-AB120LE 4.7GB LM-AD240LE 9.4GB LM-AF120LE 4.7GB 3x Speed, Single Sided 3x Speed, Single Sided 3x Speed, Double Sided Cartridge Type Cartridge Type 120min DVD-R Disc LM-RF120ME...

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    Specifications Playable Discs* DVD-RAM / -R / -R (DL) / -RW +R / +R (DL) / +RW DVD-Video, DVD-Audio CD-Audio (CD-DA) SVCD* Video CD MP3 / CD-DA / Video-CD / SVCD/ JPEG on CD, CD-R/RW* DivX* on CD, CD-R / RW, DVD-R Recordable Discs* DVD-RAM Ver.2.0...

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    DMR-EH55 3x Speed DVD-RAM Revision1.0 5x Speed DVD-RAM Revision2.0 4x Speed DVD-R Revision1.0 8x Speed DVD-R Revision 3.0 16x Speed DVD-R Revision 6.0 4x Speed DVD-R for DL Revision 1.0 2x Speed DVD-RW Revision 1.0 4x Speed DVD-RW Revision 2.0 6x Speed DVD-RW Revision 3.0 4x Speed DVD Video Recording Format...

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    Ph: (02) 9986 7400 Fax: (02) 9986 7600 Visit our website at: or email our Customer Care Centre on Specifications are subject to change without notice. While every effort has been made to represent product colours accurately, slight variation may occur due to the printing process.

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