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Cleaning, Maintenance And Ordering Of Spare Parts; Disposal And Recycling - EINHELL Taurus Titanium TT-DH 1600 Instruction Manual

Demolition breaker.
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9. Cleaning, maintenance and
ordering of spare parts
Always pull out the mains power plug before starting any
cleaning work.
9.1 Cleaning
Keep all safety devices, air vents and the motor
housing free of dirt and dust as far as possible.
Wipe the equipment with a clean cloth or blow it
with compressed air at low pressure.
We recommend that you clean the device
immediately each time you have finished using it.
Clean the equipment regularly with a moist cloth
and some soft soap. Do not use cleaning agents
or solvents; these could attack the plastic parts of
the equipment. Ensure that no water can seep into
the device.
9.2 Carbon brushes
In case of excessive sparking, have the carbon brushes
checked only by a qualified electrician. Important! The
carbon brushes should not be replaced by anyone but a
qualified electrician.
9.3 Servicing
9.3.1 Check the oil level (Fig. 6)
Check the oil level before using the machine.
Place the machine on the floor with the tool mounting
pointing downwards. The oil must be at least 3 mm
above the bottom edge of the inspection window (6).
Changing the oil: The oil should be changed after around
40-50 hours of use.
Recommended oil: 25ml SAE 15W/40 or an alternative of
the same quality.
9.3.2 Oil change (Fig. 7)
Switch off the machine and pull the mains plug out of the
Undo the hexagonal head screw with the inspection
window (6) using the wrench (7) and drain the oil. To
prevent the oil from running out in an uncontrolled
manner, hold a small metal chute under the opening and
collect the oil in a vessel until it has fully drained out of
the machine.
Important: The waste oil must be disposed of in
the appropriate collection point for waste oil.
Add new oil (approx. 25 ml) through the oil filler opening
(6) until the oil level reaches the required level. Tighten
the hexagonal screw again.
Re-check the oil level after a short period of operation.
9.4 Ordering Spare Parts
Contact our After Sales Support on 1300 922 271 and
quote the following data when ordering spare
After Sales Support
TEL: 1300 922 271
Type of machine
Article number of the machine
Identification number of the machine
Replacement part number of the part required

10. Disposal and recycling

The unit is supplied in packaging to prevent its being
damaged in transit. This packaging is raw material
and can therefore be reused or can be returned to
the raw material system.
The unit and its accessories are made of various
types of material, such as metal and plastic.
Defective components must be disposed of as
special waste.


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