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Huawei Straight Talk H258C User Manual

Huawei Straight Talk H258C User Manual

Wireless home phone external magnetic antenna


User Guide
TracFone part number: H02231TBA


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  • Page 1 H258C User Guide TracFone part number: H02231TBA...
  • Page 3: Top View

    Introduction Package Contents The package should contain the following items. Please contact the service provider if any of the items are missing or damaged. H258C Antenna Battery Power Adapter Top View The figures are only for your reference, the actual shape and color of the product may differ slightly.
  • Page 4 Power indicator DC 12V power port Voice mail indicator Telephone port 1 Battery indicator Telephone port 2 Signal strength indicators USB port* Power on/off button Antenna port *Never place a USB-based device into the USB port of the H258C under any circumstances.
  • Page 5: Bottom View

    Bottom View Battery cover Battery connector Battery compartment Wall-mounting brackets Installation Installing the Battery If the ambient temperature exceeds the temperature allowed for charging, the  device stops charging the battery. If connected to the power adapter, the device automatically charges the ...
  • Page 6: Installing The Antenna

    Remove the battery cover, then connect the battery cable to the battery connector, ensure that the battery terminals are not reversed, and place the battery in the battery compartment. Installing the Antenna Power the device off. Connect the indoor antenna to the antenna port as shown in the following figure, and screw on the antenna until it is securely connected.
  • Page 7: Connecting The Device To A Telephone

    Device automatically powers on when connected to power adaptor.  Use the battery only when there is a power failure or no power outlet is  available. Ensure that the battery has been fully charged before using the device without the A.C power adapter connected. Connecting the Device to a Telephone The device provides two telephone ports.
  • Page 8: Mounting The Device

    Mounting the Device Horizontal Mounting Place the device on a smooth surface with good ventilation. Place it at least 4 inches away from other objects. Vertical Mounting Fix two screws into the wall (screws not provided). Align the mounting brackets with the screws, push the device towards the wall, and connect the brackets with the screws ensuring that the device is stable.
  • Page 9: Activating The Device

    General Functions Powering on the Device Press the button to power on the device. When the device is on, the power indicator will be blue. Press and hold the button for 1 second to power off the device. Activating the Device If your device has not yet been activated, please follow the steps below: Dial * 2 2 8 9 0 from a telephone that is connected to the H258C to activate the device.
  • Page 10: Receiving Calls

    When your call is complete, hang up or return the phone to the receiver to ensure that you can receive calls. Your device features an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) chip necessary for utilizing E911 emergency location services where available. Your E911 emergency location services function ends 5 minutes after an emergency call or by placing a non-emergency call within the 5 minutes.
  • Page 11: Assistive Communication Devices

    Call Forwarding The device allows you to forward calls to another phone number, including your mobile phone or office number. Your H258C will not ring until you deactivate the service. Airtime applies to forwarded calls even if you send the call to wire line telephones.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Why am I not getting a dial tone on my handset? Ensure that the power adaptor is properly connected and that the power indicator is illuminated. Check to make sure the telephone cable is securely plugged in. Check to make sure you are not roaming outside of the wireless network. How do I check my voice messages? Dial * 8 6 to access your voice mail messages.
  • Page 13: For More Help

    VCO mode. Receive TTY characters but transmit by speaking into the speaker. n=3: HCO mode. Transmit TTY characters but receive by listening to the receiver. For more help Please visit for recently updated hotline and email address in your country or region.
  • Page 14: Safety Information

    Safety information This section contains important information about the operation of your device. It also contains information about how to use the device safely. Read this information carefully before using your device. Electronic device Do not use your device if using the device is prohibited. Do not use the device if doing so causes danger or interference with other electronic devices.
  • Page 15: Operating Environment

    boarding. Using wireless devices in an aircraft may disrupt wireless networks, present a hazard to aircraft operation, or be illegal. Operating environment Avoid dusty, damp, or dirty environments. Avoid magnetic fields. Using the  device in these environments may result in circuit malfunctions. Before connecting and disconnecting cables, stop using the device and ...
  • Page 16: Charger Safety

    so may result in damage or explosion. Observe local laws and regulations, and respect the privacy and legal rights of  others. Keep the device in a place with good reception. The distance between the  device and other metal materials (such as metal brackets or metal doors and windows) should be greater than 25 cm and, the distance between the devices should be greater than 30 cm.
  • Page 17: Cleaning And Maintenance

    metal materials. Doing so may short-circuit the battery and cause injuries or burns. Keep the battery away from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Do not place it  on or in heating devices, such as microwave ovens, stoves, or radiators. Batteries may explode if overheated.
  • Page 18: Emergency Calls

    and remove all cables connected to it. If anything unusual occurs (for example, if the device emits smoke or any  unusual sound or smell), immediately stop using it, power it off, remove all cables connected to it, and contact an authorized service center. Do not trample, pull, or excessively bend any cable.
  • Page 19: Legal Notice

    Caution: Any changes or modifications to this device not expressly approved by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. This device is intended to be attached to a receiver that is not used to receive over-the-air broadcast signals.
  • Page 20: Trademarks And Permissions

    Thus, the descriptions herein may not exactly match the product or its accessories which you purchase. Huawei reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications contained in this manual without prior notice and without any liability. DISCLAIMER ALL CONTENTS OF THIS MANUAL ARE PROVIDED "AS IS".
  • Page 21: Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy To better understand how we protect your personal information, please see the privacy policy at

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