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Panasonic NN-CD987W Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic microwave / convection oven operating instructions.
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Operating Instructions

Microwave / Convection Oven
Model No.
Please read these instructions completely before operating this oven and keep for future reference.
Printed in Japan


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Microwave / Convection Oven NN-CD997S Model No. NN-CD987W NN-CD997S NN-CD987W Please read these instructions completely before operating this oven and keep for future reference. A00037F40QP F0907-0 Printed in Japan...
  • Page 2 We are glad you have chosen to purchase a PANASONIC microwave/Convection Oven. Before operating this oven, please read these instructions completely. If you have only used a microwave oven for reheating and defrosting, with Panasonic’s Inverter Technology, you can be reassured of excellent results when cooking a variety of foods, as the ‘soft’...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Panasonic Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Precautions to be taken when using Microwave Ovens for Heating foodstuffs INSPECTION FOR DAMAGE A microwave oven should only be used if an inspection confirms all of the following conditions:  . The door grille is not damaged or broken . 2 .
  • Page 5: Installation And Earthing Instructions

    Safety Instructions WARNING (continuance) g) Only use utensils that are suitable for use in microwave ovens . h) When heating food in plastic or paper containers, keep an eye on the appliance due to the possibility of ignition . i) If smoke is observed, switch off or unplug the appliance and keep the door closed in order to stifle any flames .
  • Page 6: General Instructions

    Installation and Earthing Instructions Earthing Instructions This microwave oven must be earthed . In the event of an electrical short circuit, earthing reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current . This microwave oven is equipped with a cord having an earthing wire with an earthing plug .
  • Page 7: Microwaves And How They Work

    General Instructions 6 . COOKING TIMES given in the cookbook section are APPROXIMATE. Factors that may affect cooking time are preferred degree of cooking, moisture content, starting temperature, altitude, volume, size, shape of food and utensils used . As you become familiar with the oven, you will be able to adjust for these factors .
  • Page 8: Cookware And Utensil Guide

    Cookware and Utensil Guide It is important to use correct containers when cooking in a microwave oven . The following will help you to make the right selection . How to Test a Container for Safe Microwave Oven Fill a -cup glass measure with water and place it in the microwave oven along with the container to be tested;...
  • Page 9 Cookware and Utensil Guide Metal Metal cookware or utensils, and those with metallic trim, should NOT be used on microwave . Since microwave energy is reflected by metal, foods in metal containers will not cook evenly . There is also the possibility of "arcing" . Although metal utensils must be avoided in microwave cooking, some metal can be helpful when used correctly .
  • Page 10: Feature Diagram

    Feature Diagram Ceramic Tray  . Do not operate the oven without Roller Ring and Ceramic Tray in place . 2 . Only use Ceramic Tray specifically designed for this oven . Do not substitute any other Ceramic tray . 3 .
  • Page 11: Feature Diagram - Control Panel

    Feature Diagram - Control Panel The control panel of NN-CD987W has the same key layout as NN-CD997S . Display Window Menu / Temp. (Temperature) Select Dial Time / Weight Dial Start Pad One tap allows oven to begin functioning . If door is...
  • Page 12: Oven Accessories

    Oven Accessories with Roller Ring Microwave Grill Convection 2 Level Convection Combination Cooking Modes: Heating Source Microwave Convection Cook Navigator/Prompting This feature allows you to be guided through the cooking process . Once a pad has been selected, the oven will prompt you to the NEXT step until cooking starts .
  • Page 13: Let's Start To Use Your Oven

    Let’s Start to Use Your Oven! Plug In Plug into a properly grounded electrical outlet . “PANASONIC MICROWAVE/ CONVECTION OVEN WELCOME TO COOKING” appears in the display window . (This will immediately cease when any pad is pressed .) Press...
  • Page 14: Quick Guide To Operation

    Quick Guide to Operation Feature To Set Clock (page 3) 2 x press To Use To Set: Child Safety Lock (page 3) 3 x press To Use Micro Power and Time Setting (page 4 - 6) Select Power To Cook on Grill (page 20) Select Grill  or 2 To Cook on Convection...
  • Page 15: To Set Clock

    Press twice. Enter time of day using the Time / Weight Dial. NOTES:  . To reset time of day, repeat the steps as above . 2 . The clock will keep time of day as long as the oven is plugged in and electricity is supplied . 3 .
  • Page 16: To Reheat/defrost/cook By Micro Power And Time

    To Reheat / Defrost / Cook by Micro Power and Time Use of Accessory: Ceramic Tray Set Cooking Time HIGH: up to 30 minutes Others: up to  hours Time can be entered in 0 second intervals up to 5 mins then  min intervals . Micro Power: You can select different power levels for cooking foods at different speeds, refer to the chart below .
  • Page 17: To Cook Using The Time/weight Dial

    To Reheat / Defrost / Cook by Micro Power and Time Frozen Convenience Foods Item Frozen Power (pre-cooked) BREAD & BAKED PRODUCTS Bread  slice MED HIGH  loaf (700 g) MED HIGH 6 rolls MEDIUM Cheesecake (450 g) DEFROST Muffins –...
  • Page 18 To Reheat / Defrost / Cook by Micro Power and Time Defrost by Setting Time Press twice . Preparation for Freezing:  . Heavy-duty plastic wraps and bags, and freezer wraps are suitable . 2 . Freeze meat, poultry and fish in packages with only  or 2 layers of food . To aid in separating layers, place two pieces of wax paper between them .
  • Page 19: To Defrost By Turbo Defrost

    To Defrost by Turbo Defrost Use of Accessory: Ceramic Tray Set Weight Max . weight 3 kg Weight can be entered in 0 . kg intervals . The shape and size of the food will determine the maximum weight the oven can accommodate . NOTES:  .
  • Page 20: To Cook On Convection/2 Level Convection

    To Cook on Convection/2 Level Convection Use of Accessory: 1 Level Convection: Low Rack Ceramic Tray Select the desired oven temperature 100°C to 250°C. 40°C is temperature for fermentation of yeast doughs. Press The oven begins to preheat. Do not open the door during preheating.
  • Page 21: To Set Standing Time

    To Cook on Convection/2 Level Convection Convection Cooking: Just like a conventional oven, the convection oven has a heating element to give the dry heating needed to produce crisp, browned exteriors . Convection cooking has the addition of a fan to produce conventional results with a slightly reduced cooking time .
  • Page 22: To Cook On Grill

    To Cook on Grill Use of Accessory: High Rack Ceramic Tray Set Time (up to 1 hour 30 minutes) Time can be entered 10 second intervals up to 5 mins then 1 min intervals. There are two Grill settings available. Grill 1(High) is ideal for grilling meat, chicken and fish fillets.
  • Page 23 To Cook on Combination Use of Accessory: Ceramic Tray Low Rack can be used for Combination cooking . Select Cooking Time (up to 9 hours) Press Cooking will start . NOTES:  . When selected cooking time is less than one hour, the time counts down by minutes and seconds . 2 .
  • Page 24: To Cook On Combination

    To Cook on Combination Examples of Foods to Cook by Combination Mode Combination setting COMB  Casseroles, pot roasts, meat loaves, corned meat COMB 2 Quiche, baked custards, rice pudding COMB 3 Cakes, self saucing pudding, layered slices, apple pie COMB 4 Single layer slice, light cakes, roast lamb Roast pork, roast beef, jacket potato, turkey, duck, garlic...
  • Page 25: To Reheat By Sensor Reheat

    To Reheat by Sensor Reheat Sensor Reheat (200 g - 1.2 kg) This feature allows you to reheat most of your favourite foods without having to select cooking times and power levels . The oven does it all automatically . All foods must be pre-cooked .
  • Page 26 To Cook by Auto Menu Sensor Cook (Auto Menu 1 - 9) This feature allows you to cook most of your favourite foods without having to select cooking times and power levels . The oven does it all automatically . Use of Accessory: Ceramic Tray Select Menu...
  • Page 27 To Cook by Auto Menu Sensor Cook (Auto Menu 1 - 9) continuance 1. FROZEN REHEAT (200 g - 1.2 kg) Suitable for reheating pre-cooked soups, stews,  casseroles, roast dinners, pasta dishes (except lasagne) and rice dishes from a frozen temperature . This setting is not suitable for reheating frozen ...
  • Page 28: To Cook By Auto Menu

    To Cook by Auto Menu Weight Cook (Auto Menu 10 - 18): This feature allows you to cook most of your favourite foods on combination by setting the weight. Use of Accessory: Low Rack Ceramic Tray Select Menu Select category 10 - 18. (see page 27 - 28.) Set Weight Weight can be entered in 0.1 kg...
  • Page 29 To Cook by Auto Menu Weight Cook (Auto Menu 10 - 18): continuance 10. BEEF RARE / 11. BEEF MEDIUM (0.7 - 3.0 kg) Select roasts that are even in shape, if not, tie  roasts with string to aid with even cooking . Place the beef fat side down on Low Rack, with a ...
  • Page 30 To Cook by Auto Menu Weight Cook (Auto menu 10 - 18): continuance 18. CHICKEN AND BAKED VEGETABLES • To keep poultry in shape during cooking , truss or tie the legs of the bird together . Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with herbs if desired .
  • Page 31: To Use Recipe Prompting

    Turn clockwise for the next instruction. Turn counterclockwise for the previous instruction. Instructions include operation of microwave / convection oven. For detailed information on operation, please refer to page 14-22. “ENJOY YOUR MEAL” will be scrolled across the display window at the end of each recipe.
  • Page 32: To Change The Cooking Time

    To Use Recipe Prompting NOTE: Throughout Recipe Prompting, the oven will instruct you to set the cooking time and power level at each stage of the recipe. Set the instructed power level and cooking time using the Micro Power pad and Time / Weight Dial.
  • Page 33: Before Requesting Service

    Before Requesting Service ALL THESE THINGS ARE NORMAL: The oven causes interference with my TV. The fan continues to operate after using the oven & the display shows “COOL”. Steam accumulates on the oven door and warm air comes from the oven vents. I accidentally ran my microwave oven without any food in it.
  • Page 34: Care Of Your Microwave Oven

    Care of Your Microwave Oven BEFORE CLEANING: Unplug at socket of the oven . If impossible, leave oven door open to prevent oven from accidentally turning on . Inside of the oven: Wipe with a damp cloth . Mild detergent may be used if the oven gets very dirty .
  • Page 35: Panasonic Warranty

    Panasonic Warranty  . The product is warranted for 2 months from the date of purchase . Subject to the conditions of this warranty Panasonic or it's Authorised Service Centre will perform necessary service on the product without charge for parts or labour if, in the opinion of Panasonic, the product is found to be faulty within the warranty period .

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