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Philips BDP7501 User Manual

4k ultra hd blu-ray player
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4K Ultra HD
Blu-ray Player
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country. User Manual • To obtain assistance, contact Philips Customer Care Center; México D.F. and Área Metropolitana; 58 87 97 36 Interior de la Republica; 01 800 839 19 89 Colombia;...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Register online at today to get the most benefits from your purchase. Registering your model with Philips makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits listed below, so don’t miss out. Register online at to ensure: * Product Safety Notification * Additional Benefits By registering your product, you’ll receive...
  • Page 3 Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly or has been dropped. replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type. ADAPTADOR AC/DC MODEL NO. : BDP7501 WARNING: Batteries (Battery pack or battery installed) 120V ~ 60Hz 0.6A ALIMENTACION : shall not be exposed to excessive heat Comercializado por : P&F MEXICANA, S.
  • Page 4: Maintenance

    For online Location and Handling reference, please visit our website at • Do not install the unit in direct sunlight, near strong magnetic fields, or in a place subject to dust or strong C Cleaning the Cabinet vibration.
  • Page 5: Notice

    For further assistance For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country. • To obtain assistance in the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, contact Philips Customer Care Center at 1-866-202-5960...
  • Page 6: Supplied Accessories

    Dolby, Dolby Audio and the double-D symbol are C End of life directives trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Philips pays a lot of attention to produce environment-friendly products in green focal areas. Your new Blu-ray Disc™ Player contains materials which can be recycled and reused.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SPECIAL PLAYBACK ........30 INTRODUCTION ..........2 Fast Forward / Fast Reverse ..........30 Safety Instruction ..............2 Slow Forward Playback ...........30 Maintenance ................4 Slow Reverse Playback ............30 Notice ..................5 Frame by frame Playback ..........30 Important ..................5 Frame Return Playback ...........30 Supplied Accessories ............
  • Page 9: Features

    Intuitive user interface and remote control Deep Color reduces posterization (color banding) effect of The Philips logical user interface allows you to easily the playback image. Refer to the setting item “Deep Color navigate through your content and settings, so you can Output”...
  • Page 10: Firmware Version Information

    Playing back contents on a USB storage device 2.2. Firmware Version Information You can play back MP3 / AAC / MP4 / FLAC / WAV / “Firmware Version Information” screen provides MPEG-2 / JPEG files stored in a USB storage device. BD- information about this unit’s software version.
  • Page 11: Functional Overview

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW 3.1. Top and Front Panel 3.2. Rear Panel DC IN jack • Connect to the included AC/DC Adapter to supply power to this unit. • Unplug the AC Power cord from the AC outlet to completely turn off the unit. 2.
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    6. K / L / 0 / 1 buttons 3.3. Remote Control • Press to select items or settings. • When playback is in pause mode, press [ 1 ] to forward the playback picture by picture. • When playback is in pause mode, press [ 0 ] to reverse the playback picture by picture.
  • Page 13: Guide To On-Screen Display

    C Installing the Batteries in the Remote Control 3.4. Guide to On-Screen Display Install 2 AAA (1.5V) batteries matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the remote C Home Menu control. When you turn on the unit, the Home Menu will appear automatically.
  • Page 14: Connections

    Connections • When you change the connections, all devices should be turned off. • When making connections with external devices, please refer to their user manuals for additional setup help. 4.1. HDMI Video /Audio Connection (Supports up to 1080i(*1), 1080p(*2), 1080p/24, 4K resolution.) No analog audio connection required.
  • Page 15: Connection To An Audio System

    Note • Do not tilt the HDMI connector when inserting it into the HDMI port, and make sure the shapes of the HDMI port and the HDMI cable's connector match. • If this unit is connected to an HDCP incompatible display device, video will not be displayed properly. •...
  • Page 16: Audio Output From Hdmi Out Jack

    C Audio Output from HDMI OUT jack  “DD/DD+/DTHD” Setting “Bitstream” “LPCM”  “DTS/DTS-HD” Setting  “BD-Video Secondary Output” Setting Media Audio Souce Which audio format can be output depends on the compatibility of the   connected device. Ultra HD Blu-ray Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Multi LPCM...
  • Page 17: Connection To The Network

    4.3. Connection to the Network By connecting this unit to the Internet, you can update the software via the Internet or access BD-Live™, Netflix, and YouTube™ services. • For a stable connection, wired connection is recommended when using following features. (Using following features with Wireless LAN connection can be affected by other devices using radio frequencies.) –...
  • Page 18 C Wireless LAN Connection Networking equipment (modem, etc.) Internet Wireless LAN router LAN cable (not supplied) Note • After you made the Wireless LAN connection, set up necessary network settings. (For the network setting of Wireless LAN connection, refer to “Wireless” on page 46.) •...
  • Page 19: Before You Start

    3. The “Quick start” screen will appear. Use [ K / L ] to • If the TV is connected by an HDMI cable, it may take a while for the Philips splash screen to come up. select “On” or “Off”, then press [OK].
  • Page 20: Information On Playback

    C Recommended Specifications INFORMATION ON PLAYBACK AVCHD This unit cannot play back standalone AVCHD files (*.m2ts, 6.1. Information on Playback *.mts or *.m2t) written to a DVD. The DVD containing AVCHD files must have a proper file and folder structure Before you start playing back a disc, read the following meeting AVCHD format specifications.
  • Page 21: Unplayable Discs And Files

    • video CD Caution • HD DVD • SVCD • Philips is not responsible if the USB storage device is • unfinalized disc not supported nor is it responsible for damage or loss of • BD-RE (ver.1.0) data from the device.
  • Page 22: Hint For Disc Playback

    C Hint for Disc Playback The contents of a disc are generally divided into sections or folders (groups of titles / files) as shown below. Ultra HD Blu-ray, BD-video, DVD-video, AVCHD title 1 title 2 chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 Audio CD...
  • Page 23: Guide To File List

    6.2. Guide to File List C Video File List C Music File List VIDEO \xxxxx\xxxxx \xxxxx\xxxxx MUSIC \xxxxx\xxxxx Parent Folder Parent Folder Parent Folder Parent Folder Folder_1 Folder_1 Folder_1 Folder_1 Folder_2 Folder_2 Folder_2 Folder_2 Video_01.mkv Video_01.mkv 12.12.2015 12.12.2015 9:00 9:00 Music_01.mp3 Music_01.mp3 Video_02.mp4...
  • Page 24: How To Insert A Disc

    C Title/Play/Chapter List (VR) How to Navigate through the Track / File List • Use [ K / L ] to move the highlight up and down in the Title List (VR) list. Video Menu \xxxxx\xxxxx DVD-R(VR) • To access the files in a group (folder), select the desired group (folder), then press [OK].
  • Page 25: Basic Playback

    C Resume-On-Stop Mode BASIC PLAYBACK Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc™ / Blu-ray Disc™ / DVD / AVCHD / DVD-VR / MP4 / MPEG2: 7.1. Playing Back a Disc When you press [ B (play)] next time, the playback will start from the point where it has been stopped. 1.
  • Page 26: Playing Back An Ultra Hd Blu-Ray™ Disc

    Note 7.2. Playing Back an Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Disc • If this unit is connected to a non-HDCP 2.2 compatible device, HDR signals will be dynamicly converted and [UHDBD] output in 2K resolution. Some discs may not be played This unit can play back Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ discs. In order correctly.
  • Page 27: Playing Back A Blu-Ray 3D™ Disc

    Caution 7.3. Playing Back a Blu-ray 3D™ Disc • Watching 3D videos may cause headache, dizziness or tiredness. To avoid such consequences, do not watch [BD Video] VIDEO VIDEO 3D videosfor a long period of time. This unit can play back Blu-ray 3D™ discs which contain •...
  • Page 28: Playing Back Contents On A Usb Storage Device

    It may result in malfunction or loss of the device data. • Philips cannot be held responsible if your USB storage device is not supported, nor will Philips accept any liability for damage or loss of stored data.
  • Page 29: Playing Back From The File List

    DLNA DLNA 7.6. Playing back from the File list [DLNA M] MUSIC MUSIC In stop mode: If [ B (play)] or [OK] is pressed while the File list is [ B (play)] / [OK]: displayed, this unit will operate as follows: Starts playing from the beginning of the Track/File FLAC FLAC...
  • Page 30: Special Playback

    8.4. Frame by frame Playback SPECIAL PLAYBACK [UHDBD] [DVD Video] [DVD Video] [BD Video] [AVCHD] AVCHD AVCHD VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO 8.1. Fast Forward / Fast Reverse [ 1 ] 1. In pause mode, press repeatedly. [UHDBD] [DVD Video] [DVD Video] AVCHD AVCHD [BD Video]...
  • Page 31: Repeat Playback

    8.6. Repeat Playback 8.7. Slide Show Available repeat function varies depending on the disc. JPEG JPEG [JPEG] 1. During playback, press [ OPTIONS U ]. 1. Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Playing Back a Disc” on page 2. Use [ K / L ] to select “Operaion Menu”, then press [OK].
  • Page 32: Pip (Bonusview™) Setting

    8.8. PiP (BONUSVIEW™) Setting 8.9. Enjoying BD-Live™ Discs Using the Internet [BD Video] VIDEO VIDEO [BD Video] Some BD-videos have the PiP function which enables you VIDEO VIDEO to display the secondary video in the primary video. You can enjoy BD-Live™ which enables you to use interactive features when the unit is connected to the Internet.
  • Page 33: Title / Chapter Search

    8.10. Title / Chapter Search 8.11. Track Search [UHDBD] [DVD Video] [DVD Video] FLAC FLAC [BD Video] [AVCHD] AVCHD AVCHD [CD] [MP3] [MP4] [FLAC] [WAV] [AAC] VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO JPEG JPEG [JPEG] C Using [ S (previous)] / [ T (next)] 1.
  • Page 34: Switching Audio Soundtrack

    Note 8.13. Switching Audio Soundtrack • The secondary audio will not be output when the When playing back video material recorded with two secondary video is not displayed or when “BD-Video or more soundtracks (these are often in different audio Secondary Audio”...
  • Page 35: Jpeg Status

    8.15. JPEG Status 8.17. Playback Information Window [UHDBD] [DVD Video] [DVD Video] JPEG JPEG AVCHD AVCHD [JPEG] [BD Video] [AVCHD] VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO You can confirm the status of the JPEG file being You can confirm the information on the video displayed.
  • Page 36: Reception

    C Closed Caption Type 8.18. Reception Configures the Closed Caption Type. DLNA DLNA DLNA DLNA DLNA DLNA [DLNA P] [DLNA P] [DLNA M] 1. During playback, press [ OPTIONS U ] VIDEO VIDEO MUSIC MUSIC PHOTO PHOTO You can confirm the wireless network status. [ K / L ] 2.
  • Page 37: Luminance/Color Adjustment

    8.20. Luminance/Color Adjustment 8.22. Reset to Default Picture Settings [DVD Video] [DVD Video] [UHDBD] [DVD Video] [DVD Video] [UHDBD] JPEG JPEG AVCHD AVCHD [BD Video] AVCHD AVCHD [BD Video] [AVCHD] [AVCHD] [JPEG] [MP4] VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO MPEG2 MPEG2...
  • Page 38: Network Services

    9.2. Information on Network Services NETWORK SERVICES For detailed information on 3rd party Internet services, please visit the service providers website: 9.1. Before Using Network Services Netflix: Please follow the instructions below before using network features. YouTube: 1. Connect this unit to the Internet. •...
  • Page 39: List Of Settings

    10. LIST OF SETTINGS In the setup menu, you can customize various kinds of settings as you prefer. Refer to the following instructions to navigate through the setup menu. 1. Press [ Q (home)] to access the home menu. 2. Use [ K / L / 0 / 1 ] to select “Setup”, then press [OK]. 3.
  • Page 40 Category Menus / Oprions Language Audio Language English / French / Spanish / Original / Other Subtitle Language Atuo / English / French / Spanish / Other Menu Language English / French/ Spanish / Other On-screen Language English / French / Spanish Closed Caption Closed Caption Display On / Off...
  • Page 41 Category Menus / Oprions System Easy Setting Yes / No Display Settings Status Message Auto / Off EasyLink On / Off Quick Start On / Off Firmware Update Automatic Update Check On / Off Update Now System Information License & Digital Rights Mgmt Firmware Version Information Main Version: Wireless LAN module:...
  • Page 42: Setups

    Copyright protection system SETUPS To play back the digital video images of a BD-video or DVD-video via an HDMI connection, it is necessary 11.1. HDMI Video that both the player and the display device (or an AV receiver / amplifier) support a copyright protection ...
  • Page 43: Network Installation

    C Wired 11.3. Network Installation Easy Network Setting Select “Easy Network Setting” to set the network setting “Player     Q (home) “Setup” “Network” “Network Settings” Settings” automatically. Set up network connection settings in order to use the ...
  • Page 44 7. After completion of value entry, press [OK]. [ K / L / 0 / 1 ] : Move the highlight. 8. A confirmation screen will appear. Select “Yes”, [OK] : Enter the highlighted number / letter. then press [OK]. *[Red] : Switches the Software Keyboard to Symbol mark mode.
  • Page 45 5. “Encryption Key” screen will appear. Enter the Note for “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask”, “Default Gateway”, “Primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS” Encryption Key of the selected Wireless LAN • The range of input numbers is between 0 and 255. network using cursor buttons, number buttons and •...
  • Page 46 Network Settings Easy Connect Set up the connection to the Wireless LAN network You can set up the Wireless LAN connection quickly. (Easy manually by entering the Wireless LAN network name Connect is only available when your router supports it. For (SSID).
  • Page 47: Easylink Setup

    This unit supports Philips EasyLink, which enables your TV [OK]. (limited to Philips brand EasyLink TV) to act in conjunction 3. Use [ K / L ] to select “Wireless Settings”, then press with this unit, or vice versa. Compliant TV must be [OK].
  • Page 48: Bd-Video Ratings

    11.5. BD-Video Ratings 11.6. DVD-Video Ratings For the first time only:     Q (home) “Setup” “Player Settings” “Ratings” “BD-Video Ratings” 1. Use [ 0 / 1 ] to select “Setup” in the home menu, Some BD-videos support parental lock which prevents then press [OK].
  • Page 49: Software Update

    New software can be downloaded Parental Guidance suggested from our website at using the General Audience model number of your Blu-ray Disc™ Player (e.g. BDP7501) 0 Lock All Suitable for children to find information. C Network Update To cancel parental lock temporarily: Some discs allow you to cancel parental lock temporarily.
  • Page 50: Restore Default Settings

    11.8. Restore Default Settings 12. OTHER FUNCTION     Q (home) “Setup” “Player Settings” “System” “Default Settings” 12.1. Special mode This unit can be reset to its factory defalut state. In Special mode, BD/DVD-Video Ratings (Parental Lock settings), Progressive settings, and 4K (60p) Output settings 1.
  • Page 51: Troubleshooting

    13. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem No reaction to the remote control. Connect the product to the power outlet. Point the remote control at the product. Insert the batteries with the correct polarity. Insert new batteries in the remote control. No video signal on the display Turn on the TV.
  • Page 52 Problem Cannot play back MP3/WAV/AAC/ Make sure that the disc was recorded in the ISO9660 or JOLIET format. FLAC files from a disc. Refer to “Recommended Specifications” on page 20 Cannot find a JPEG file. Make sure that the selected group (folder) does not contain more than 10,001 files for Blu-ray Disc™, DVD, CD, and USB storage device.
  • Page 53: Downloading An Electronic Copy

    5. Under Product support, click “User manuals”. 13.2. Contact Us • If you cannot resolve your problem, refer to the FAQ for this Blu-ray Disc™ Player at If the problem remains unresolved, contact the Customer Support Center in your country.
  • Page 54: Glossary

    DNS Server 14. GLOSSARY A server which translates Internet domain names into IP addresses. Aspect Ratio Dolby Audio - Dolby Digital The width of a TV screen relative to its height. Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words, the TV screen is The system to compress digital sound developed by almost square);...
  • Page 55 LAN (Local Area Network) Title A group of computer networks covering a small area like a A collection of chapters on BD-video or DVD-video. See company, school or home. also “Chapter”. Local Storage Track A storage area of sub contents for playing virtual packages Audio CD uses tracks to divide up the content of a disc.
  • Page 56: Language Code List

    15. LANGUAGE CODE LIST    In order to change the Language, select Q (home) “Setup” “Player Settings” “Language”, then select “Other” from “Audio Language” / “Subtitle Language” / “Menu Language”. Use [ K / L ] to select a number and use [ 0 / 1 ] to select a digit for the Language Code.
  • Page 57: Specifications

    16. SPECIFICATIONS General Signal System NTSC Color Power requirements 120 V AC, 60 Hz Power consumption 26 W (standby: 0.2 W) when using included AC/DC Adapter (N1070UH) Dimensions (width x height x depth) 220 x 59.5 x 220mm (8.7 x 2.4 x 8.7 inches) Weight 3.53 lbs.
  • Page 58: Important Health And Safety Information For 3D Televisions

    17. IMPORTANT HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION FOR 3D TELEVISIONS Read the following information before viewing 3D television images. CAUTION NOTICE: 1. Ambient fluorescent lighting may cause a flickering effect and direct sunlight may adversely affect the operation of your 3D glasses. 2.
  • Page 59 P&F Mexicana, S.A. de C.V., and P&F Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. is the warrantor in relation to this product. The Philips trademark and the Philips Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. EGA21MH used under license.