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Haier XPB10-LAP Service Manual

Twin tub
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  Summary of Contents for Haier XPB10-LAP

  • Page 1: Service Manual

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Model:XPB10-LAP CONTENTS 1.Contents Features 3. Specifications Safety precautions Warning and cautions 6. Net dimension Installation and accessory parts 8. Parts 9. Maintenance service and trouble shooting 10. Wiring diagram 11. Exploded view 12. List of parts...
  • Page 3: Features

    Model:XPB10-LAP FEATURES Features Super large capacity, washing more clothes; Dish-pattern big wave wheel, stronger water flow; The drain and overflow adopt straight tube structure against the blocking; Separate water injection structure, more convenient switch between the water injections for washing, rinsing and spin.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    Model:XPB10-LAP SPECIFICATIONS Model XPB10-LAP Free standi ng Built under × EAN c ode Energy efficienc y c lass — Features for use Was h capac ity Spin c apacit y Level/Vol ume High/about99L m edium/about 77L low/about65L Preset × Residual dam pness...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Model:XPB10-LAP SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please insert the power cord into special When the machine is normally using, please receptacle with rated voltage. Be sure to put the power plug at the location easily to use single-phase two pins receptacle. be inserted and extracted by hand. Be sure...
  • Page 6: Warning And Cautions

    Model:XPB10-LAP WARNING AND CAUTIONS Do not decompose, repair or alter the Do not stretch hands into the working machine by yourself. machine. It is dangerous even if the rotation is slow. Take special care of the children. Do not put any hot or heavy items...
  • Page 7: Net Dimension

    Model:XPB10-LAP NET DIMENSION Unit mm Figure 1 INSTALLATION AND ACCESSORY PARTS The drainage shall be smooth with the drain hose. 2.Do not step on or press the drain hose. 1.The height of the drain hose shall be less than 10cm. or the drainage will not be smooth enough and cause incomplete drainage.
  • Page 8: Installation And Accessory Parts

    Model:XPB10-LAP INSTALLATION AND ACCESSORY PARTS How to change the direction of the drain hoses Figure 1 indicates the ex factory installation position of the drain hose. Back Soft item Front Extend the drain hose from the side of spin tub Figure 1 Put soft items on the ground.
  • Page 9 Model:XPB10-LAP INSTALLATION AND ACCESSORY PARTS Points of Attention in After-sales Service Be sure to switch off the power during dismantling or repair. Be sure to use insulated wiring terminals and insulation box in connection of the wires, and crimp and fix to proper position with suitable tools.
  • Page 10 Model:XPB10-LAP INSTALLATION AND ACCESSORY PARTS Adjust the tension of the belt Loosen the fastening screw at the back of the base frame. Move the shift fixing gasket along the direction indicated in the figure to adjust the tension of the belt. After adjusting, fasten the screw.
  • Page 11: Parts

    Model:XPB10-LAP PARTS AND FUNTIONS Water-filling entrance Outer cover of the spin tub Water inlet selector handle Inner cover of the spin tub Buzzer Spin timer Wash selector Spin tub frame Wash timer Spin tub Control panel Filter frame Cabinet Lint filter...
  • Page 12: Maintenance Service And Trouble Shooting

    8. Analysis Of The Common Breakdown Model:XPB10-LAP MAINTENANCE SERVICE AND TROUBLE SHOOTING Insert the power plug , but the machine does not work Wash part Check if the wash timer is opened ? Open the wash timer. Switch on the power.
  • Page 13 Model:XPB10-LAP MAINTENANCE SERVICE AND TROUBLE SHOOTING Spin part Check if the spin timer Open the spin timer. is opened ? Check if the power source Switch on the power. is available? Check if the contact between Replace the plug the plug and receptacle is good? or receptacle.
  • Page 14 Model:XPB10-LAP MAINTENANCE SERVICE AND TROUBLE SHOOTING There is metal rubbing noise in braking Add the brake or replace If the brake arm the brake arm. has brake block ? The washing noise is too large Is the motor noise large? Replace the motor.
  • Page 15: Wiring Diagram

    Model:XPB10-LAP WIRING DIAGRAM purple spin timer safety switch orange purple spin grey motor brown grey blue buzzer blue wash fuse wash timer motor yellow blue Figure 13 There is overload protector installed in the motor. In case that the motor is overload or meets breakdown in working, the protector will act and stop the motor.